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Mind mapping gratuit (et types connexes) logiciel

Mind mapping gratuit (et types connexes) logiciel
There are regular inquiries on Twitter and in forums about free mind mapping software, so to provide answers, InformationTamers have put together this list. We built this article, with permission, using the most complete source for details of information mapping software on the Web: Hat tip to Vic Gee who put together and kept it up to date for years. [Update: I took over that site in August 2013.] has a good capability for selecting software by map type and operating system (click on the 'Refine software list' tab at the top right of its web page), and shows the price. "Free" here is as in beer, not in freedom, though some of the software listed is open source, so is free in both senses. Of course a pencil and paper is always free - or almost. 3D concept and mind maps Concept maps *Some people find navigating the Cmap site idiosycratic -- the interface is a little unusual -- so here's the skinny: Development platforms for map forms Treemaps Related:  pavg

Mind42 - Mind mapping can be Free, Fast and Simple » Business Planning with PersonalBrain Whether you are juggling multiple projects, managing your department or starting a new business you need to understand key projects and market factors instantly. PersonalBrain helps you concretize business relationships and see otherwise invisible factors that will affect your company’s success. With PersonalBrain you can: Visualize your business strategy and proceduresConnect key departments, people and responsibilitiesTrack and organize marketing projects and operational domainsIntegrate all information sets and resourcesBrainstorm and generate new ideasPlan and start a new business Resources for Building your Business Brain Webinar Recording Thanks to everyone who explored this subject on yesterday’s webinar. Here is a link to our recording. Business Brain Templates Use these three examples to get started on your own business Brain. Marketing Plan Template New Example This example covers 10 key steps for any marketing plan. Browse this Brain Online Download this Brain Browse this Brain Online

Intelligence économique - EGE - Accueil Les 7 règles de base pour réaliser une carte heuristique Voici les règles fondamentales pour concevoir et réaliser une carte heuristique efficiente 1 La feuille de papier est utilisée dans le format paysage. La feuille de papier sera orientée dans le sens panoramique, car nous avons une vision plus large que haute. Nos écrans de cinéma, de TV et d’ordinateur ont adopté depuis longtemps ce format. Il s’agit de ne pas contrarier notre fonctionnement naturel. Un dernier point, elle est de préférence sans lignes et sans carreaux. 2 Le cœur est beaucoup plus qu’un titre simplement informatif. Il doit posséder un pouvoir évocateur puissant. Il n’est pas enfermé dans un cadre ou un cercle, il inspire l’ouverture Une image est préférable à un mot. Pour des raisons pratiques, le cœur est bien au centre de la feuille pour que les branches puissent être ramifiées tout autour de façon équilibrée, ni trop sur un côté, ni trop en haut ou en bas. 3 Les branches sont par défaut de forme organique (qui s’inspire de la nature). 4 Un seul mot par branche.

Multiple Intelligence Institute - MII Competitive Intelligence - A Selective Resource Guide - Updated and ... [Note: The accuracy and reliability of data and information published on the Web is subject to continuous verification. It is recommended that you use multiple sources, cross-check data and routinely perform due diligence reviews on sources and publications to which you cite and from which you source data. The Web is a dynamic entity - sites often change URLs, content focus, and ownership. Selected Search Engines, Web Archives, Open Data Repositories - facilitate locating information, data and analytics via: Web, Blogs, News, Video and specialized alerts. Web and Data Search - searching and locating relevant, reliable and actionable information will benefit from consistently using a range of search engines, sources, applications and strategies in your research process. bing from Microsoft - has moved to a social media focus with the tagline and associated links - "Explore" - Search with friends. From InfoSpace, a reliable metasearch engine is dogpile. Yahoo! Federated Search Yahoo!

8-Circuit Model of Consciousness The eight-circuit model of consciousness is a theory proposed by Timothy Leary and expanded on by Robert Anton Wilson and Antero Alli. The model describes eight circuits of information (eight "brains") that operate within the human nervous system. Each circuit is concerned with a different sphere of activity. Leary, Alli and Wilson have written about the model in depth and how each circuit operates, both in the lives of individual people and in societies. The term "circuits" came from the first wave of cybernetics research and development in the United States in the 1970s. (Others[weasel words] have proposed that the term "systems" should be substituted for "circuits" to reflect both a systems theory approach and also the changing anatomy of an entity as it goes through a neurological change). The eight circuits[edit] 1. This circuit is concerned with nourishment, physical safety, comfort and survival, suckling, cuddling etc. A positive imprint sets up a basic attitude of trust. 2. 3. 4.

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