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Le Saviez-Vous ?

Le Saviez-Vous ?

Internet Memes Timeline Trololololololololololo man Feb 28, 2010 6:00 PM Added to Youtube in November of 2009 the Video "Я очень рад, ведь я, наконец, возвращаюсь домой" had only few views until it was posted into several music blogs in march of 2010. In a week more than 1 million people watched the Trololololololololololo man sing his song. The title translates into 'I am very glad, because I’m finally back home'. The Singer is called Eduard Anatolyevich Khil born in 1934 who performed this song at a TV-Show in 1976. Seeking 360 ideas from historic cities in Asia & Europe Asia, Europe, ASEF News, Culture News, Open Calls, OpportunitiesContributed by: Anupama Sekhar Date Posted: Thursday, 14th June 2012 | Comments: Do you live in a heritage city or historic urban area? Then the Asia-Europe Foundation would like to hear from you…

Histoire de l'Europe - Atlas historique périodique Euratlas Periodis Web - atlas historique de l'Europe et table alphabétique, an 1 à 2000 Europe en l'an 2000 Europe en l'an 1900 Europe en l'an 1800 Europe en l'an 1700 Le Guichet du Savoir - Page d’index Hacker Typer #ComparteCultura En 1980 la industria discográfica británica realizó una campaña antipiratería con el slogan “Home Taping Is Killing Music“. 30 años más tarde la música está más viva que nunca y lo que está muriendo es la industria, que reclama el ‘lucro cesante’ de un negocio de intermediación descaradamente obsoleto. Hay que meterse en la cabeza: Compartir no es delito. Descargar no es delito. maison blanche Ground Floor of the Residence The ground floor of the White House Residence connects to the first floor of the West Wing and the first floor of the East Wing because the Residence sits on on a small hill. This floor has 10 rooms, 1 main corridor, 6 lavatories. For its first century, this floor was thought of as the "basement." In the nineteenth century, many servants, particularly those who had come with the family, were housed here. When, amid the growing sectional tensions over abolition, Zachary Taylor brought slaves to serve his family in the White House, they were hidden from public view, living instead in the cramped attic space.

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