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le blog Art & Déco myninjaplease -> The Curator 09 Nov, 2012 Dear BFF, The ‘forever’ part is starting to feel like a real hassle. We’ve got kids now, houses, husbands. More things to disagree about and less time to disagree about them out loud. Which, of course, builds more closets for assumption and judgment, more need for the Lysol of talk-time. Proverbs says there’s a friend who sticks closer than a brother. The problem with siblings, though, is that they stick around. I’d really rather just be smug in my judgments. Or, I’m thinking I could find some fresh meat, some new friends. See, I’m getting a little older and it’s becoming more and more important to me to be comfortable. What I’m saying is that I’d be fine if you would just give me a little space. April Schmidt April Schmidt teaches writing at Bethel University in St.

Urban Lab Global Cities (ULGC) Vintage Menswear Yanko Design Top 10 of Green Design Never one to let a trend pass without jumping on the bandwagon ourselves, here is Yanko Design’s top 10 list of the most impactful green designs of recent memory. Given so many criteria available to judge the concepts, ordering the list was tough, but in the end we shot from the hip as well as flipped a lot of coins. Without further ado, hit the jump for your daily dose of feeling good about Mother Earth. 10) Com-bat: A solar powered, robotic spy plane, the 6″ wide Com-bat uses hair trigger sensors to navigate the battlefield and relay data back to base. 9) Lotus Eco-Elise: Drawing on friendly materials like “eco wool”, sisal and hemp, the new Elise stands apart from its hybrid brethren by also incorporating solar roof panels to power its electrical systems. 8 ) River Plant Aquarium: Like a self contained bio-dome (less the Pauly Shore), the aquarium uses fish and water to provide nutrients to the plants, while the plants oxygenate the water for the fish.

Werarchitects | Chacun a son mot à dire Cabbagerose Tumblr Inspiration Eikongraphia Best of Yanko Design 2011 & Yanko Design Best of Yanko Design 2011 Steve Jobs hired designer Hartmut Esslinger as the modern-day Snow White for his projects code-named after the seven dwarfs. The vision was to infuse Apple products with “born-in-America gene” and DNA inspired by “Hollywood and music, a bit of rebellion and natural sex appeal.” Hartmut’s mantra was simple, “Form follows emotion,” a twist on the maxim that form follows function. As a tribute to the great visionaries of 2011, who dared to think different and follow their inner guidance, Yanko Design presents the Best of 2011, Top 50 Designs that were most read and appreciated by our readers from the world over. 50) Complete Me, Please! 49) Samsung Galaxy Skin Concept Phone by Haeyon You | Permalink Hits: 76004 48) Racer Bike by Allen Chester G. 47) The Magic Spoon by Ivan Erkic | Permalink Hits: 76823 46) Biz Café by Youri Hong, Moonhwan Park & Hyoshin Kim | Permalink Hits: 77940 45) Switch Plug by Gonglue Jiang | Permalink Hits: 83241


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