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The Curator 09 Nov, 2012 Dear BFF, The ‘forever’ part is starting to feel like a real hassle. Proverbs says there’s a friend who sticks closer than a brother. The problem with siblings, though, is that they stick around. I’d really rather just be smug in my judgments. Or, I’m thinking I could find some fresh meat, some new friends. See, I’m getting a little older and it’s becoming more and more important to me to be comfortable. What I’m saying is that I’d be fine if you would just give me a little space. April Schmidt April Schmidt teaches writing at Bethel University in St.

Vintage Menswear Cabbagerose Tumblr Inspiration Best of Yanko Design 2011 & Yanko Design Best of Yanko Design 2011 Steve Jobs hired designer Hartmut Esslinger as the modern-day Snow White for his projects code-named after the seven dwarfs. The vision was to infuse Apple products with “born-in-America gene” and DNA inspired by “Hollywood and music, a bit of rebellion and natural sex appeal.” Hartmut’s mantra was simple, “Form follows emotion,” a twist on the maxim that form follows function. Yanko Design respects both these aphorisms but believes that we should not limit creativity within the realms of form, function and emotions; thus we follow Form Beyond Function. 2011 has been a significant year in terms of historical uprisings, financial stability, nature’s rebuke and the loss of visionaries. As a tribute to the great visionaries of 2011, who dared to think different and follow their inner guidance, Yanko Design presents the Best of 2011, Top 50 Designs that were most read and appreciated by our readers from the world over. 50) Complete Me, Please!

Interior Design « cabbagerose …dream a little dream for me…Float House by one of my favorite firms…Pitsou Kedem Architect… via …it’s Monday morning and time to get to work making a difficult choice…fab kitchens by raad studio, NYC…both complete with blackboards…one with a ladder and mega counter…one with a bench and a view…which would you choose? via …working alone is great for short bursts of creativity…but because we are social beings, it sometimes can feel isolating…so consider these tips… …make your phone calls first thing in the morning so you are immediately connected… …Skype…. …use social media… …bring home a friendly goldfish or pup… …work outside the home for short periods…starbucks or the local park… …go on…get out of the house for a brisk walk…make sure you stop to chat with a neighbor… …attend events… all images via villa kanousan, bousou peninsula mountains of japan/yusuke karasawa via …with order and intention… via …oh my goodness…time to pour a pisco sour…this is going to be an amazing adventure. via via via

Shopper Culture Donald Trump ouvre un nouvel hôtel dans le quartier de SoHo à New York Voir les diaporamas liés Crédit photo : DRCrédit photo : DRCrédit photo : DRCrédit photo : DRCrédit photo : DRCrédit photo : DR Le Trump SoHo New York, propriété du milliardaire américain Donald Trump, ouvrira le 9 avril. Cette tour de 46 étages offrant une vue panoramique sur New York et ses monuments emblématiques, proposera 391 chambres. Ce nouvel établissement de luxe viendra compléter le parc des hôtels Trump, déjà au nombre de quatre uniquement aux Etats-Unis. Se présentant comme un hôtel contemporain à l'allure design, le Trump SoHo New York proposera 12 chambres par étage. Les suites offriront une vue panoramique sur tout New York grâce aux baies vitrées prévues dans chacune d'elles. Au registre de la gastronomie, le Quattro Gastronomia Italiana régalera la clientèle, avec, comme son nom l'indique, une cuisine italienne, à la fois classique et contemporaine.

étapes: design & culture visuelle HAPPY SEXY WEEKEND! Blue Frog Acoustic Lounge :: Serie Architects Mumbai, India Planning a hot date? Or looking for a sexy night out on the town? La strategie du design - Le blog de la stratégie du design sous tous ses aspects. Rejuvenation | Classic American Lighting and House Parts