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Zamzar - convert document, eBook, image, audio and video - free online file conversion

Zamzar - convert document, eBook, image, audio and video - free online file conversion

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This gets stranger I put the page in my file covert pearltree conected to the Zamzar pearl . In the page image it shows the area with the ad blank ! An empty space where the ad is suposed to be. But when I load the page the ad is back ! Here's the pearls permalink with the ad by mirlen101 Sep 18

So far the best free software I've found for video conversion is QUICK MEDIA CONVERTER I've tested it many times over a couple years using several file types it covers about everything you would need and does a fair job . It's not 100% perfect though . But works right most of the time . And there is no problems with malware or ads ect.It gets good reviews . by mirlen101 Sep 17

I just converted a video file using the free online service at Zamzar . 52.MB file in mov format took about 3 minutes to upload . Took a short time to do the one video ( mov to mpg4 ) Video output was about 1/4th the pixel width and Height of the original ! Making the output video useless to me ( too small ) Not sure if this was a file type issue.Never ran into this issue on other conversion software . After the file uploads it gets converted online then is sent to your e-mail within 24 hours ( could be longer ) You are auto subscribed to a newsletter which can be un-subscribed to at any time The free Video converter program from ( ) listed on the Zamzar site has had numerous complaints about being unable to unistall . Seems to be because it doesn't install like most programs where it is listed as a program . So it has to be deleted as a set of files instead . All of their software converters seem to have this unistall issue . No spam or malware detected . by mirlen101 Sep 17

Oh my, what a devastating retort. Maybe you should have just read CNET's reviews a little more thoroughly, before attempting to use it to make your point. by dvoss41 Sep 5

Oh dear! My goodness gracious! You mean the people who claim that they recieved spam after entering their email addy? Or the fool who thinks Zamzar put malicious software on his computer? If you read any more than that you would see that they were countered with proof of their own ignorance and stupidity. Anyone who does read the reviews on CNET (AND I URGE YOU TO) would find a significant number of very positive reviews. by dvoss41 Sep 5

The conversion is "implied" in my statement. After all it is a CONVERSION site. Hello! Before you blame me for getting "HUFFY", remember what they say about the pot and the kettle. Yeah! Exactly! by dvoss41 Sep 5

Before you get huffy maybe you should re-read your statement ! Quote " I Have never had any problem converting music or video. " It doesn't say " I Have never had any problem converting music or video WITH ZAMAR !" I guess I better try it out since it is magical ! by mirlen101 Sep 4

Like I said - NO! I have never had ANY problem converting video with Zamzar! Geez.... And yes, I have converted lots of video. Mostly FLV to MPEG4. by dvoss41 Sep 3

You have never had any problem with video conversion with Zamzar ? I have yet to find any converter for video that has even an 80% rate and I've converted a lot of video, with many converters ! by mirlen101 Sep 2

Others I've used only get the conversion correct on video about 80% of the time at best . by mirlen101 Aug 29

I have tried it a few times. It worked decently enough for my purposes. On occaision the format can be mis-translated. by suntzutao Aug 29

I didn't try it. I just thought that it could be useful. Have you tried it before commenting ? by _ecorce Aug 25