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Healing Boo-Boo Salve - aka Homemade Natural Neosporin

Healing Boo-Boo Salve - aka Homemade Natural Neosporin
All of us get ‘boo-boos’. Right? Some of us get them more often than others. Having something at home at all times to take care of all the minor boo-boos (minor cuts, scrapes, & minor burns) can be a real life saver. I use this for all the standard boo-boos – minor cuts, scrapes, minor burns. (note: please do not use this on severed fingers, broken or protruding bones, or other extreme boo-boos. And, don’t hold this exclusively for the boo-boos. Another great thing – it’s not hard to make at all. All of these ingredients work together to create a really powerful healing salve. You can purchase the herbs from my Etsy store already measured out for this recipe, if you like In a medium saucepan – combine the coconut oil, olive oil, comfrey, & calendula. Strain the mixture using a cheesecloth (my favorite method) or coffee filter. Toss the herbs & wipe out any remaining herbs from your saucepan. Next is to add the beeswax. Stir in the essential oil, if using, at this point. Ingredients

19 Homemade Remedies for Headache PainOne Good Thing by Jillee The other day the hubster came home from work with a pounding headache. He usually takes Excedrin for headache relief, but apparently that wasn’t cutting it on that particular day. He actually asked me if I would make up one of my “voodoo essential oil cures”. lol. Well, I am no expert, but my SISTER is, and I remembered her posting something on her blog, Camp Wander, about Peppermint and Lavender being effective in getting rid of headaches. That “magic” consisted of putting a couple of teaspoons of fractionated coconut oil into a little roll-on bottle, and then adding a few drops each of the Peppermint and Lavender EO’s. I got distracted with something else after that, but about a half hour later I remembered to ask him how his head felt. After that experience (and numerous others) we have become BIG believers in the power of essential oils in this house….AND in the idea that it’s not always necessary to reach for the pill bottle when you have a headache. Relaxation Techniques

How to Make Homemade Soda - Are We Crazy, Or What? Guest Post by Bill Osuch Let’s say it’s a hot summer day, and you’d like a nice refreshing glass of ginger ale. Looking at the two ingredient lists below, which would you rather drink? Number 1: Carbonated Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Natural Flavors, Caramel Color (notice the lack of the word “ginger”?) Number 2: Water, Cane Sugar, Fresh Ginger, Fresh Lemon Juice, Yeast Personally, I’d go with number 2. People have been making homemade soda for hundreds of years – it is incredibly easy and fun to make, and in many cases it’s even cheaper than the commercial versions. The main difference between store-bought and homemade sodas (other than the chemicals, of course) is the way they are carbonated. Homemade soda is mixed, and then yeast is added. Speaking of yeast, you’ll need to get some! The only hardware you’ll need to start, other than some normal kitchen items, is a few plastic bottles. Add the yeast liquid to your other liquid. Now for the recipes.

Top 20 Tips to Improve Memory Have you ever been in the middle of a conversation – and forgot what you were going to say seconds after you thought of saying it? Or you get up, walk into another room, and can’t remember for the life of you what you were looking for? (If it were me, I would have been looking for my cell phone/shoes/organic bits of white chocolate I all too successfully hide from myself. Cuz that’s how I roll.) Luckily, our sometimes lack of memory does not mean we are 1) going crazy, 2) have a terrible disease, or 3) going crazy with a terrible disease. Chillax. Pay attention. Keep a positive attitude. Write things down. Organize the things you wrote down. “Here’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance.” Make a joke about what you want to remember. Say it in song. Chunk it out. Use the method of Loci. DO. Teach and you shall see. Get plenty of sleep. Think in pictures. Speak with your hands. Talk it out. Draw it out. Exercise. Eat your fruits and veggies. Drink in moderation.

How to make Mead (Honey Wine) Mead or honey wine is the oldest alcoholic drinks known to man. It is made from honey and water via fermentation with yeast. It may be still, carbonated, or sparkling; it may be dry, semi-sweet, or sweet. Unlike beers and cider, meads (being wines) are drunk in small quantities. Therefore, we make them as strong as we can. The amount of alcohol we can make in meads is limited by the capacity of the yeast we add to withstand alcohol. Depending on local traditions and specific recipes, it may be brewed with spices, fruits, or grain mash. Mead is independently multicultural.

Herbs For Menopause Herbs For Menopause - image to repinHerbs background photo - © viperagp - Please share this page: Google + StumbleUpon Reddit What Is Menopause? The term menopause is used to describe the time in a woman's life when menstruation stops naturally as the result of hormonal changes. What Causes Menopause? The onset of menopause is associated with decreases in the production of estrogen and progesterone - the hormones that regulate menstruation. What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Menopause? Menopause is said to officially begin once a woman has experienced a full year without a menstrual period. Irregular periods: During the peri-menopausal years, irregular periods are often experienced. Decreased fertility: Due to the drop in estrogen levels that occur during the peri-menopausal stage, the chances of becoming pregnant are reduced significantly. “Hot flashes”: A sudden feeling of heat in the face, neck or chest, sometimes accompanied by redness and swelling of the skin in those areas.

Honey Spice Throat Drops | …made with doTERRA OnGuard Essential Oils. And oh, my goodness, I’m feeling very clever right now. What do you think about a cough drop that has anti-viral properties and still tastes incredible? Hmmm? I’ll tell you, you’ve never had anything like this. I just hit me one night–while I was sound asleep–maybe I dreamed it, I don’t know. I have recently become an enormous fan of doTERRA Essential Oils–I know, I know, I was a bit slow to catch that train. In exchange, I’ll give you my brand new secret recipe… for your very own. Honey Spice Cough Drops Ingredients: 2 cups sugar 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup honey 1/4 cup butter 3-5 drops doTERRA *OnGuard Essential Oil Put all the ingredients except OnGuard Essential Oil in a heavy pan and cook slowly over medium heat until it reaches the “hard crack stage.” Pour into a buttered cookie sheet. Working quickly, pull and roll into long strips… and cut into nickle size pieces. Allow to cool completely and harden. If you play your cards right, it’ll be true.

Herbs for Energy Please Share This Page: Top 10 Herbs For Energy image to repin / shareHerbs photo © Africa Studio, Athlete photo © Stefan Schurr - Feeling your energy quickly being drained even before the day ends? Perhaps you, like many others, need energy boosting solutions. Kicking your energy with coffee tends to strain your brain's adrenal cortex by causing it to work harder than normal to boost energy - and we all know about the "crash" effect afterwards. [2] A 2010 study has also found caffeine-based energy drinks to be typically loaded with sugar and carbohydrates and are even erroneously marketed as reversing alcohol related impairments such as motor coordination and visual reaction time, providing consumers a false sense of control. [3] [4] Whether to boost your immune system and fight infection or improve mental alertness and cognitive performance or fight signs of ageing and even depression, herbs are reported to be a natural source for restoring your energy. Ginseng Green tea Garlic

Pink Cookies with Sprinkles: Rhubarb + Strawberries = Sweetness! Tis the Season in our neck of the woods for Rhubarb! Tracy and I went to visit an elderly couple in our ward and Ethan came with us. Ethan commented on their large rhubarb plants and wondered what they tasted like, so she pulled off a stock and he proceeded to eat it while we chatted with them. She then kept pulling off stocks and filled up an entire plastic bag until you couldn't fit one more piece of rhubarb in it. Monday we made up Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp and we also made a batch of homemade ice cream. Rhubarb CrispCrust...1 cup flour1 cup rolled oats1 cup brown sugar1/2 cup melted butterMix all together until well blended. Line 9x13 pan with 4 cups of cut up rhubarb2 cups sliced strawberries (I have a freezer full of strawberries).Evenly sprinkle crust mixture on top of cut up rhubarb/strawberries and bake in 375 degree oven for 1 hour. Delicious warm or cold and extra delicious topped with ice cream! On Tuesday, I still had SO much rhubarb left, I didn't want it to go to waste.

Six natural alternatives to ibuprofen - Phoenix Alternative Medicine The saying used to be, “Take two aspirin and call me in the morning,” but many people turn to ibuprofen to relieve inflammation, pain, and fever. This nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), available both over the counter and by prescription, is commonly used to treat arthritis, menstrual symptoms, headache, general aches and pains, and various inflammatory conditions. Side effects of ibuprofen Although many people think of ibuprofen as being rather benign, it is associated with an increased risk of heart and circulation problems, including stroke and heart attack, as well as gastrointestinal problems, such as bleeding or perforation of the stomach or intestinal tract. Curcumin Natural alternatives to ibuprofen Many studies have been done on various natural pain killers and anti-inflammatories that can be used as alternatives to ibuprofen. Boswellia: This anti-inflammatory remedy comes from the Boswellia serrata tree that grows in India.

DIY Spice Jar Labels - DIYdiva It might seem a little strange that even though I don’t have a working kitchen (or even really the hope of having a working kitchen anytime soon) I just had to do something about my spice rack situation. And technically it’s less of a “rack” and more of a “bunch of stuff in a box or maybe on a pantry shelf” which looked kind of like this. I actually really liked the glass bottles with corks when I got them years ago, but the corks make horrible lids, and the labels I hand wrote for most of them were either crappy or gone. The rest of the spices were in mismatched jars or containers, and the whole thing was basically one big mess. I’m the kind of person who likes to have things I use often out in the open, and this just wasn’t going to do. Luckily I stumbled on some inexpensive clamp-top glass jars at Crate & Barrel (12 for $15) and instead of putting it off any longer I bought some jars, made some labels, and ended up with this… A slight improvement, right? Use with wild abandon in sauces,