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Nebezial on deviantART

Nebezial on deviantART
okay, so a slew of questions that i am pummelled with made me do this. so here we go. i am stjepan sejic, a comic and videogame artist designer 3d modeller illustrator, and a comic writer. yeah... i have a few hobbies XD in my career i have drawn the following comics arcana comicskade sun of perdition, my first comic book outing

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'Man of Steel 2' Mash-up Trailer Features Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston (VIDEO) Warner Bros. Since patience is one of many virtues the Internet lacks, a YouTuber has already cobbled together a makeshift "Man of Steel" sequel trailer. Because waiting for the real thing obviously isn't an option. Pairing clips from "Man of Steel," "Daredevil," "The Dark Knight," "Breaking Bad," and 16 other movies and TV shows with a Hans Zimmer soundtrack, SoylentBrak1 has created a teaser starring Henry Cavill's Superman, a suit-wearing Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman, and a menacing Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor (earlier this week the Emmy-winning actor was rumored to have nabbed the supervillain role). While a bit rough around the edges, considering the many entertainment properties referenced, this homebrewed preview is impressive in its attempt to forecast the epic action to come.

Moonhead Press 32.《fruit punch》黄水斌 Works1.0 香港天下 - 空芜的日志 - 网易博客 黄水斌于1993年加入天下担任写画助理,同年晋升为漫画主笔,之后主笔过不少天下出版的作品,像《黑豹列传》、《倚天屠龙记》、《雪山飞狐》、《天下画集》等,今年最新主编的作品是短篇《神王Ⅱ》。2006年黄水斌由于受到Blog文化的影响,在见识到不少画画猛人在Blog发表充满个人色彩的作品后,便开始通过雅虎Blog发表个人作品(现在已经全部删除)去表达漫画世界的另一个我,一个真实的我。之后在马荣成的支持下于2009年的香港动漫节发售了黄水斌的第一本画集《fruit punch》,这本画集集结了黄水斌过去两年在Blog以及未在Blog发表的作品。 在香港能够出版个人漫画作品的不多,而个人画集就更少了,这本画集还有别于某部漫画作品的画集,完全是个人风格的展现,这里还突出在以Girl为主打。香港主流薄装漫画几乎都是男性为为主角,一般的香港漫画人都不善于画女角,但在这本画集里黄水斌可谓大展身手了一番,85%都是以女性为主的插图(书中有的图参照过照片),他也可以算是天下主笔里除了马荣成外画功最好的了。 supersebas on deviantART Comicdom Art of Akihiko Yoshida maribelhearn: Bravely Character Palettes: Edea Lee (イデア・リー) ► Bravely Second & Bravely Default Designs terracosmonaut: I FINALLY GOT IT!!

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