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Scores, Sounds & Sources

Scores, Sounds & Sources

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MusiXTeX MusiXTeX Library [ to Japanese page ] This is the library of MusiXTeX, a set of TeX mactos to typeset orchestral or polyphonic music. You can obtain some scores in MusiXTeX source files, PostScript graphic image and MIDI file. The files in this library are free to use personally, but if you change the source or use them commercially, you have to take care about the copyright rule. Score Library All the World's a Stage Here's the latest update for our annotated list of REED-related web resources. I've reduced the number of separate pages to 10 and added some new resources, chiefly in the expanded Local History section. The REED Anglo-Latin Wordbook (linked on in the Mediaeval and Early Modern Theatre page), has been expanded to include the collections from Cambridge through Inns of Court. And we have also added PDFs of the revised REED Handbook and the Palaeographic checking guidelines. The need for annotated lists, that is, meta-bibliographies of sites, has never seemed greater. In the course of this update, a search engine returned 9,910,000 'hits' for the phrase 'medieval English theatre' and 99, 400,000 hits for the phrase 'early music'!

Cantigas de santa maria The Cantigas de Santa Maria Database is now back in service, after a hacking attack. The Centre for the Study of the Cantigas de Santa Maria Events and Publications "Putting the Cantigas in context: tracing the sources of Alfonso X's Cantigas de Santa Maria". Free Sheetmusic from Johan Tufvesson [Parent][FAQ][Site History] Here you can find modern editions of a lot of music from the 17:th and 18:th century, many of them not available in any other modern form. If you would like to print all music (including all versions and parts) on this page, you would currently need 7271 pages.

Early Music Network > An International Early Music Society Early Music Links by Early Music Network To Submit Your New Or Update Your Current Listing Please Click Here Early Music Organizations & Societies Alte Musik Alternativ Network for german early music on period instruments with many links and services (German language). AGO - American Guild of Organists Composer List If you arrived here other than by way of my Home Page, I suggest you go there first Straight to Page End, and Back to Site Homepage Here is a List of all the Works I have keyed in, and which you can download as Midi Files in one form or another (that is, either voice-emphasized or not!).

La Trobe University - Library: Medieval Music Database - Annual cycle of feasts of liturgical chant, liturgical polyphony and secular music of the late middle ages. Browse by Text This revision of the Medieval Music Database, first mounted on the Internet in 1994 and expanded in 1996 has now further expanded the range of works which can be browsed from 7,800 to 70,000. Its current scope covers all of the music of the fourteenth century and all liturgical chant currently electronically indexed, adding to these links transcriptions with modern music notation (where melodic information is available),original manuscripts where possible and links to the electronic editions themselves. Browse by Composer All of the named composers of the fourteenth century are listed, along with the alternate forms of their names. All of the manuscript sources of their works, biographical literature and recordings are identified and cross-linked to details of each individual work, genre and manuscript. New composers are progressively being added, working backwards from the fourteenth century.

Huapango <div id="JSCookieError" class="ui-state-error"><p class='errorHeading'>Problem detected! (Javascript disabled)</p><p>Your web browser appears to currently have javascript disabled. This means that there are many elements of our website, such as previewing music and the shopping cart function, that will not work as intended. England Through 1635 English music flourished under Henry VIII, owing in no small measure to his interest in it, and also under Edward VI and Mary, to reach, at the end of Elizabeth's reign, a level rarely approached thereafter. As the English grew in riches and power and acquired an increasing knowledge of the art products of the continent through the importation of foreign talent and through travel, they abandoned their temporary insularity in cultural matters and eagerly assimilated, though at a late date, the ideas and ideals of the Italian Renaissance. Tudor church music was remarkable, but it is the secular forms of English music--the madrigal, lute ayre, virginal music, and fancies for viols--that embody most richly the spirit and power of the English Renaissance. The same accumulation of intellectual and artistic force that produced Sidney, Shakespeare, Bacon, Donne, and Inigo Jones also produced Morley, Weelkes, Dowland, and Orlando Gibbons.

Individual Instrument Pages Instrument Pages: Keyboards Some organ pages: History of Organs (Zzounds retailer)Pipe Organs Related Topics (Ben Chi of PIPORG-L mailing list)Osiris Archive (organ database)Orgelforum, GermanySome harpsichord pages: History of the Piano Plucked Strings Selected lute pages: Harp Page (Henry Houh)Early Gaelic Harp (Simon Chadwick)Saxon Lyre (Dofinn-Hallr Morrisson & Thóra Sharptooth)Mandolin Cafe (Scott Tichenor) Bowed Strings