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Online Mind Mapping and Brainstorming - MindMeister - StumbleUpon Snorkel #6: About Snorkel Snorkel is an online literary magazine with a special interest in bringing together the creative writings of Australians and New Zealanders, while also welcoming submissions from the wider international community. Snorkel is published twice yearly, with Snorkel #7 due for launch in April 2008. Snorkel #1 appeared in April 2005, Snorkel #2 appeared in October 2005, Snorkel #3 appeared in April 2006, Snorkel #4 appeared in October 2006, and Snorkel #5 appeared in April 2007. Snorkel Search Submission Guidelines Submissions to Snorkel are by email. Submissions to Snorkel #7 close on 15 February 2008. Please allow 8 weeks from the closing date for notification of acceptance or rejection. The Book Room In our book room, you can snorkel the Amazon for books by Snorkel contributors, and other new/recommended poetry and short fiction titles from Australia, New Zealand and beyond. Staff Links Snorkel Find l n k s r r e s l e o l k l l k e l r s r o n n o k e o r e n s o r n r s r o l n k

Writing Without Words: Visualizing A Book by Maria Popova Literature as a canvas, a book as a living organism, and rhythm as a texture. London-based artist Stefanie Posavec has a gift for words. The project uses Jack Kerouac’s iconic On The Road and takes a number of different approaches in dissecting its content visually. Another visualization technique looks at sentences, representing them by lines organized according to the number of words per sentence and color-coded to the theme. Finally, there’s an exploration of rhythm textures — visualizing sentences by using their punctuation to create circular diagrams. So if you fancy yourself a fan of the written word and an advocate of visual literacy, now’s your chance to nail both — to your wall, that is: The work is available as on-demand posters here. More about Stefanie and her work from NOTCOT. Donating = Loving Bringing you (ad-free) Brain Pickings takes hundreds of hours each month. You can also become a one-time patron with a single donation in any amount: Share on Tumblr

Download Youtube Videos | Youtube Video Downloader - StumbleUpon Writing Guidelines Submitting Your Stories To Glimmer Train Things You Should Know: We two sisters genuinely welcome new writers, and are happy to consider any original short story (no novels, poetry, or stories written for children, please) that has not appeared in a print publication. One of our greatest pleasures is being the first to publish a great story by an emerging voice. We pay writers generously for accepted stories and publish them in a highly regarded physical publication where great short stories persist in the real world and beyond the next post. Every online submission in every category is read by us (12 pt font is appreciated), and we don't stop reading for a competition just because we've found a good story. We will always maintain three Standard (no-fee) reading months a year, so no one is prevented from submitting their work for lack of funds. If you read Glimmer Train, you know that we go to some lengths to honor and support our contributors and their writing. Submission Categories

Data Visualizations: 5 Beautiful Social Media Videos Data visualizations are a wonderful way to display the interactions between large groups of people within a network. Virtual places like Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr can be easier understood when you see a visual representation of their inner workings. We've chosen five fresh videos that visualize various social media ecosystems. 1. If all Twitter searches were this fun, I'd probably do little else than stare at them all day. 2. This project displays a visualization of digital photos publically shared on the web by people visiting Spain. 3. Amazon's Mechanical Turk is a service that harnesses the power of an on-demand human workforce. 4. One of the sponsoring companies of the Edinburgh Twestival, which happened on February 12th, used Twitter to track the networking and socializing at the event. 5. This fascinating visualization video uses data from music social network to display the popularity of music genres in certain parts of Europe. The video is available here.

Adding #Pinterest Pins to a Blog Post: A Tutorial & Moana Saves I love Pinterest! I’m the kind of girl who would like to be more creative than I actually am so Pinterest really feeds my inner artist through the various pins people share. It is a social media tool that allows people to add aesthetic value and the gorgeous images of food, crafts, places, spaces and people keep me coming back for more. Pinterest is my creative crack! I recently learned how to add pins to blog posts because I wanted to share some of my pins with a larger audience (that has yet to fall in love with Pinterest). It’s easy to add Pinterest pins to a blog post once you know how and I’m going to show you right now. Pinterest Embedding Tutorial 1. 2. 3. 4. Voila! Pinterest Anna Anna lives on the North shore of Oahu with her husband, daughters, ages 14 and 9, and a little dog.

Chris Harrison - Word Spectrum Using Google's enormous bigram dataset, I produced a series of visualizations that explore word associations. Each visualization pits two primary terms against each other. Then, the use frequency of words that follow these two terms are analyzed. For example, "war memorial" occurs 531,205 times, while "peace memorial" occurs only 25,699. A position for each word is generated by looking at the ratio of the two frequencies. To better achieve a even distribution, I normalized the frequencies of bigrams based on total primary term frequency. A new visualization looking at the same dataset has been posted. Jeff Clark has created interactive versions for Twitter and news. Warning: the visualizations use actual word frequencies from the web - foul language is present! Each thumbnail links to a PDF version.

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