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Writing Exercises Meredith Sue Willis Author and Teacher More Free Writing Exercises below and here : Exercises 1- 20 Exercises 21- 40 Exercises 41 - 60 Exercises 61-80 Exercises 81-100 Exercises 101 - 120 Exercises 121 - 140 Exercises 141 - 160 Exercises 161 - 180 Exercises 181 - 200 Exercises 201 - 240 Exercises 241 - 260 Point-of-View Characters Whose Gender Is Not Yours We had a discussion in my Advanced Novel Writing Class at NYU about the difficulty of capturing a character who is of a different gender from yourself. Writing about people unlike yourself– by race, ethnic group, age, and certainly gender or sexual preference– is always a big challenge, but also of great interest to a creative writer. One class member spoke of an excellent contemporary novel written by a woman and narrated by a man. The class member said he admired the book but that it was only about 98% believable as a male narrator. That is, of course, pretty darn good. Exercise #261 Exercise #262 Exercise #263 Exercise #264 Exercise #265 Exercise #266 Exercise #267

Life Management клуб | В Контакте Интересные истории, интересные люди. Меня всегда удивляет насколько мы разные и насколько неожиданные решения находятся для преодоления любых затруднений.Expand text.. На встрече life management Клуба «Ключ Успеха» у вас есть 5-20 минут рассказать о такой проблемной ситуации из которой вы успешно нашли выход. Почему life management клуб, а не психологический клуб? Аудиозаписи есть в нашей подкаст ленте ( Встречи со второго сезона (02.2009-07.2009) имели каждая свою определенную тему.Архив статей сообщества (500 Кб). 30 Useful (and Unknown) Web Apps You Need to Bookmark - Page 2 FillAnyPDF FillAnyPDF is a fairly simple web app which allows you to upload a PDF file, then easily write on it wherever you want. This allows you to easily fill out any form, even if they’re not in an editable PDF form. You can also share your blank form with others, so you can collect forms from a group easily. FillAnyPDF also supports electronic signatures and has a repository of free forms. Google Wave “What is Google Wave?” That was the question a lot of people asked when Google launched its email-replacement-slash-collaboration platform Wave, and to a large extent, the question remains unanswered. SpeedTest Everyone wonders sometimes why their ISP’s claim of Blazing Fast Internet doesn’t seem to translate to faster downloads or lower pings. Grooveshark What makes Grooveshark special enough that we recommend it over the dozens of other music streaming web apps? Vuvox Vuvox is a rich media creation app that allows you to quickly turn your photos and audio into a moving web collage.

Chaotic Shiny - RPG-Related Generators Главная - Занятия Хатха-йогой и Айкидо в Москве Free alternatives to Macromedia and Adobe : Design - Tutorials - Applied Technology - Alternatives Sponsored by: Dreamhost Private Server: $15/mo. Free alternatives to Macromedia and Adobe A lot has happened since I wrote this article, so PLEASE READ THE UPDATED VERSION HERE We all know Adobe is going to acquire Macromedia, and you’ve probably also read blogs guessing as to why Adobe suddenly felt the need to pay 3.4 billion dollars to secure their monopoly. Comments are piling up, some positive and some negative. If I were to comment on the deal, it would be on the negative side. For editing webpages, be it html, css or php Macromedia Dreamweaver and Adobes GoLive could be replaced by Bluefish it’s out in version 1.0. and is a very promising editor. Macromedia Flash is a bit tougher to find a replacement for, but there is a project call Flash 4 Linux but I would say that the software is FAR from being mature enough to actually be a replacement (ex. For creating fonts, Macromedias Fontographer is replaceable by this linux software: FontForge AND there is a nice tutorial to go with it ;)

Seventh Sanctum Фокусы от Олега Степанова Современная Энциклопедия фокусов Переводы зарубежных статей по фокусам c сайта All Magic. Полный Курс Фокусов Марка Вилсона Марк Вилсон. Современная Магия Профессор Хоффман. Все секреты фокусников открыты Герберт Беккер (Кардин). Слейтинг это серьезно Это единственная статья о слейтинге в России, о которой я знаю. Заметки о России. Тасовка Хейнстейна Журнал Genii, апрель 2001. Фокусы с близкого расстояния Гарри Лорейн. 1962. Эффектные карточные фокусы Билл Саймон (Хугард). 1952. Карточные фокусы Скарна Джон Скарни. 1949. Королевская Дорога в Карточную Магию Хугард и Бровей. 1947. Невидимый Вольт Хугард и Бровей. 1946. Справочник по Магии Йохен Цмек, 1977. Лучшая книга знаменитых фокусов. Тайны знаменитых фокусников. Гудини. Фокусник против Шерлока Холмса В. Школа Карточных Фокусов В.В. Азбука фокусов. Даю уроки волшебства. Фокусы от Амаяка Акопяна. Иллюзии без иллюзий. Гарри Гудини — покоритель оков. Последний трюк Гудини. Карточные фокусы. Последний факир России. Basic Card Technique. Я шулер. » Dark Room Dark Room is a full screen, distraction free, writing environment. Unlike standard word processors that focus on features, Dark Room is just about you and your text. Basically, Dark Room is a clone of the original WriteRoom that is an OS X (tiger) exclusive application. It is a child of necessity, as there were no viable alternatives in Windows to produce the same behavior. The goal of the project is to capture the essence of WriteRoom, while keeping it simple and just as free. Windows XP / 2000 / 2003 .NET Framework 2.0 File Menu Clear Document: Ctrl+N Open Document: Ctrl+O Save Document: Ctrl+S Quit: Ctrl+Q Edit Menu Undo: Ctrl+Z Redo: Ctrl+Y Cut: Ctrl+X Copy: Ctrl+C Paste: Ctrl+V Select All: Ctrl+A Find: Ctrl+F Find Next: F3 Preferences: Ctrl+, View Menu Statistics: Ctrl+/ Toggle Fullscreen: F11 or Esc If you like Dark Room, and have some money burning a hole in your bank account, feel free to drop it in mine. Dark Room RSS Feed 0.8b ( report bugs ) ADDED: Neutral highlighting FIXED: Wordcount RegEx