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jQuery UI Download Builder Quick downloads: Release Candidate (Themes) (1.12.0-rc.2: for jQuery1.7+) | Stable (Themes) (1.11.4: for jQuery1.6+) | Legacy (Themes) (1.10.4: for jQuery1.6+) | Legacy (Themes) (1.9.2: for jQuery1.6+) All jQuery UI Downloads Version Components UI Core A required dependency, contains basic functions and initializers. Interactions These add basic behaviors to any element and are used by many components below. Widgets Full-featured UI Controls - each has a range of options and is fully themeable. Effects A rich effect API and ready to use effects. Theme Select the theme you want to include or design a custom theme If you're having trouble downloading a custom package or theme, please report the issue on GitHub. Related:  Archive for ' Tools ' & Web Appzan_dz

10 Best jQuery and HTML5 WYSIWYG Plugins HTML5 WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) is all the rage now! But there is now so many of them around it’s hard to find the best ones. In today’s post we are going to present you what we think 10 of the very best jQuery and HTML5 WYSIWYG plugins just to save your time finding your plugin. Enjoy! Related Posts: 1. It is the most fantastic yet beautiful and easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor on jQuery. Source + Demo 2. wysihtml5 Is an open source rich text editor based on HTML5 technology and the progressive-enhancement approach. Source + Demo 3. Mercury is a full featured HTML5 editor. Source + Demo 4. It is a simple JavaScript WYSIWYG editor that is both lightweight (8KB) and standalone. SourceDemo 5. elRTE Is an open-source WYSIWYG HTML-editor written in JavaScript using jQuery UI. SourceDemo 6. Lets you experience a whole new way of editing. Source + Demo 7. Source + Demo 8. bootstrap-wysihtml5 Source + Demo 9. jQrte A wysiwyg editor. Source + Demo 10. SourceDemo AUTHOR: Sam Deering.

CSS Sprites: Image Slicing’s Kiss of Death Back when video games were still fun (we’re talking about the 8-bit glory days here), graphics were a much simpler matter by necessity. Bitmapped 2-dimensional character data and background scenery was individually drawn, much like today’s resurgent pixel art. Hundreds and later thousands of small graphics called sprites were the building blocks for all things visual in a game. Article Continues Below As game complexity increased, techniques developed to manage the multitude of sprites while keeping game play flowing. And what does this have to do with the web? Everything old is new again, and though the rise of 3D games has made sprite maps obsolete, the concurrent rise of mobile devices with 2D gaming capabilities have brought them back into vogue. Specifically, we’re going to replace old-school image slicing and dicing (and the necessary JavaScript) with a CSS solution. How do CSS Sprites work? Let’s start with the master image itself. On to the HTML. Applying the CSS#applyingcss

Pangea Search Engine Marketing: Resultados de búsqueda para bajo rendimiento Siguiendo con nuestro examen y nuestra certificación facilitamos las preguntas 11 - 15 para ser trabajadas y generemos discusiones al respecto. Para capacitaciones y estrategias digitales no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros. 11. Puede lograr una posición del anuncio más alta en la subasta con un costo por clic (CPC) lo más bajo mediante: A. B. C. D. 12. A. B. C. D. 13. A. B. C. D. 14. A. B. C. D. 15. A. B. C. D. jQuery UI Demos jQuery UI offers a combination of interaction, effects, widgets, utilities, and themes designed to work well together or on their own. Play with the demos, view the source, build a theme, read the API documentation and start using jQuery UI today. Interactions Interactions add basic mouse-based behaviors to any element. You can create sortable lists, resizable elements, drag & drop behaviors and more with just a few lines of code. Widgets Widgets are full-featured UI controls that bring the richness of desktop applications to the Web. Effects Effects add support for animating colors and class transitions, as well as providing several additional easings. Utilities Utilities used by jQuery UI to build interactions and widgets.

How to change the pop-up position of the jQuery DatePicker control : Create and share your digital world D3.js - Data-Driven Documents jQuery TweetSlider | Horizontal Tweet Slider | jQuery Plugin | Small Coders <strong>IMPORTANT:</strong> a commenter recently led me to find a problem with the plugin, whereby setup.php enters an incorrect location for the get_tweets.php file. This will be fixed with a new release soon, but in the meantime you can ammend the js yourself, or if you contact me I will make the change and send you a revised file. As always any problems just comment and I will reply. TweetSlider is a jQuery Plugin that pulls in Tweets for a given username or hashtag (as of 2.5 for hashtags) and displays them in a horizontal slider. Full details on how the plugin can be configured using options are found below. V3 Changelog *NEW FEATURE* PHP Caching: The Plugin now calls get_tweets.php which is part of the package. IMPORTANT: The plugin now calls a local url for the tweets, it’s default is ‘/tweetslider/get_tweets.php’ meaning that if you upload the plugin directory to the web root it is good to go. V2.5 Changelog V2 Changelog Plugin Features: Plugin Options: < Twitter Usage Usage:

Visual Packing List Rails Internationalization (I18n) API The Ruby I18n framework provides you with all necessary means for internationalization/localization of your Rails application. You may, also use various gems available to add additional functionality or features. See the rails-i18n gem for more information. 1 How I18n in Ruby on Rails Works Internationalization is a complex problem. providing support for English and similar languages out of the boxmaking it easy to customize and extend everything for other languages As part of this solution, every static string in the Rails framework - e.g. 1.1 The Overall Architecture of the Library Thus, the Ruby I18n gem is split into two parts: The public API of the i18n framework - a Ruby module with public methods that define how the library worksA default backend (which is intentionally named Simple backend) that implements these methods As a user you should always only access the public methods on the I18n module, but it is useful to know about the capabilities of the backend. 1.2 The Public I18n API

John Resig - JavaScript Programmer Making jQuery work Found some jQuery code that's perfect for your site, but can't make it work? Don't worry, here's a small tutorial to lead you through. Let's start with an example. Suppose, on a good day, you read somewhere on the Internet something like ‘I found this cool way to prevent the current page in RapidWeaver from being a link. Here's the code:<script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){ $('#current]').click(function(event){ event.preventDefault() });</script>Isn't that awsom?’ Want to use it on your site, but don't know how; or you can't get it to work? 1. 2. 3. If you can't find it, you will have to add it yourself. This way, you will link to a server from Google where the jQuery library is hosted. 4. If so, check what is says between var and =. 6. 7. 8. In the unlikely case non of the solutions above work, it's time to seek some help, e.g. on the RapidWeaver forum or here in the comments.