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Coursera, edX, and MOOCs Are Changing the Online Education Business

Coursera, edX, and MOOCs Are Changing the Online Education Business
If you were asked to name the most important innovation in transportation over the last 200 years, you might say the combustion engine, air travel, Henry Ford’s Model-T production line, or even the bicycle. The list goes on. Now answer this one: what’s been the single biggest innovation in education? Don’t worry if you come up blank. You’re supposed to. The question is a gambit used by Anant Agarwal, the computer scientist named this year to head edX, a $60 million MIT-Harvard effort to stream a college education over the Web, free, to anyone who wants one. Agarwal believes that education is about to change dramatically. Online education isn’t new—in the United States more than 700,000 students now study in full-time “distance learning” programs. These ideas affect markets so large that their value is difficult to quantify. In Christensen’s view, disruptive technologies find success initially in markets “where the alternative is nothing.” Digital instruction faces limits.

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Moodle Security Overview - Super Moodle Moodle security is a major concern to everyone that uses this open source online Learning Management Software. Like all other web application software, it tends to be complex and each feature may be prone to security attacks in the future or from time to time with a combination of strings that the programmers had not anticipated. Below are some of the simple to complex security threats and measures that every site developer should put in place to ensure that the site is not compromised. Simple Security Initiatives No matter how secure a site may be, it might be prone to attacks and security threats.

KOMO News Radio talks online safety with Christopher Burgess 0 Share-Compartir00000×0 Share-Compartir Christopher Burgess on KOMO News Radio Voice of Senior Online Safety, Christopher Burgess talks to KOMO’s Jennifer Harriman on the topic of Online Safety. On Sunday, 4 May 2014 I had the pleasure of appearing on KOMO News Radio 1000AM/97.7FM of Seattle, Washington and visited with KOMO NewsRadio’s Jennifer Harriman. The visit was thoroughly enjoyable and I delighted in providing online safety tips useful for all ages. We thank Jennifer and the entire KOMO News Radio staff for their hospitality.

On site learning, elearning, online learning blended learning : what is it all about ? - Lingua Franca Academy What are we talking about ? Maybe, as many people around you, you have heard something about elearning and blended learning . And, like everybody, you have a rough idea of what it is... But do you know that elearning and blended learning could save your business a lot of money ? And still give you the competitive advantage that knowledge brings to any company in the world ?

To Monitor Online Testing, Western Governors U. Gives Students Webcams – Wired Campus - Blogs Welcome packets for students at Western Governors University now include a free Webcam, part of an extensive monitoring program used by the online university to make sure test-takers are who they say they are. At Western Governors, the average student is 36 years old, has a family, and takes a full course load on top of holding a full-time job. Because it’s convenient for them to be able to take tests from home, students have embraced the technology, says Janet W.

How Technology Is Empowering Teachers, Minting Millionaires, And Improving Education Thanks to the rise of in-classroom technology, the focus in education tends to be on student engagement and how to improve learning. It becomes easy to forget the importance of great teachers. Startups, entrepreneurs, businesses (and the rest) need to remember that technology doesn’t have to put teachers in jeopardy; it can help them lead the education evolution, even if their traditional role in the classroom becomes obsolete. Today, in spite of the significance and potential long-term value of the job they do every day, teachers (especially in K-12 and public education) tend to be underpaid. In May, we wrote about a few platforms that are looking to change that — to empower the world’s under-salaried educators. TeachersPayTeachers, a platform that enables teachers to buy, sell, and share their original content and lesson plans, hit a big milestone this week which is sure to catch the attention of educators around the country: It minted its first millionaire.

ExamTime Reviews Our aim is simple; we want to change the way you learn. Maybe you’re happy with the way you learn, it’s just that we feel there are ways we can help you engage fully with your subjects, understand more and enhance your learning experience! We’ve done exams too, loads of them – in fact our development team is full of Phd’s (we always have a doctor on call!) – and the thing is, the more you do the better you get. But we also learned how to be smarter at studying for exams. So we’ve gathered all the lessons we’ve learned over the years and built tools to help you study smarter too.

Learning level This article or section is incomplete and its contents need further attention. Some sections may be missing, some information may be wrong, spelling and grammar may have to be improved etc. Use your judgment! 1 Definition Bloom’s Taxonomy Re-imagine & Digital Blooms: different ways to approach learning I’ve long been a fan of Bloom’s Taxonomy…not necessarily for all the ways it has been pushed into different fads throughout the years, but instead for the way that it helps me (and my students) think about the learning process. It helps me approach the learning process in a more holistic way, ensuring that I don’t camp out in one way of thinking and evidencing learning for too long. I think it is human nature to get excited about one way of thinking and suddenly everything we do falls into that.

iED Europe Summit 2012 KEYNOTE: Prof. Chris Fowler, University of the West Indies Immersive Education Europe announced that Chris Fowler, Professor in the School of Education at the University of the West Indies, will be keynote at the 2nd European Immersive Education (iED) Summit on November this year. Prof. Chris Fowler, amongst other things, is responsible for the development and implementation of the Blended Learning Policy at the University of the West Indies. His first degree and doctorate are in Psychology. Before joining UWI in Oct 2010, he was Professor and Coordinator for Research & Evaluation at the Institute of Distance Education, University of Swaziland. Between 2002 and 2009 he was the Professor and Director of Chimera, the Institute of Social and Technical Research at the University of Essex.