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Logo design blog by 38one

Logo design blog by 38one

LogoMoose - Logo design inspiration gallery and showcase - logo inspiration gallery | Logo inspiration gallery. RELIC Logoed Tako-ashi blog Kites HOME 25 affiches retraçant la culture graphique en France de 1910 à 2010 - graphisme Le BlogDuWebdesign vous propose un retour aux sources du graphisme avec une sélection d'affiches qui ont marquées la culture française, des premiers affichistes à nos jours découvrez leurs travaux et l'évolution des styles au fil des décennies (MARIUS ROSSILLON) créateur de bibendum michelin 1920 - Benjamin Rabier La vache qui rit 1925 - Cassandre L'intransigeant 1927 - Paul Colin Bal Negre 1928 - Charles Loupot Van Heusen 1930 - Mourgue Pneu Manjou 1931 - Cassandre Grand Sport 1935 - Cassandre Normandie 1953 - Villemot Orangina 1957 - Hervé Morvan Banania Affiches de Mai 1968 1971 - Jacques Auriac Societe Generale 1976 - Villemot Perrier 1980 - Villemot Bally 1983 - Jacques Auriac Loto 1987 - Philippe Apeloig Musee D'Orsay 1989 - Michel Bouvet Francais encore un effort 1995 - Philippe Apeloig Octobre 1996 - Michel Bouvet La Tragedie du roi Christophe 2001 - Catherine Zask MacBeth 2002 - Catherine Zask Cap Vert 2002 - Laurent Fétis Beck 2004 - Michal Batory Kabuki 2007 - Philippe Apeloig 2010 Chaumont Des Changements ?

Artists Beware! Roy Torres of Grey Advertising "If we had money for this, we'd be going after real artists…who paint on real canvases. Not the digital fake stuff." When I received the original Email from Roy of a famous New York Advertising Agency asking me to work for 'exposure' for one of his multimillion dollar clients, I was going to just let it go and chalk it up to another day, another non-paying offer in the life of an artist. We get this kind of nonsense all the time. After considering it for a couple of days, I decided that I didn't have to just accept this. I decided to reply to Mr. Hey Travis, My name is Roy and I'm an Associate Creative Director at a respected global ad agency in New York called ****. I really love your work and believe you would be perfect for this assignment, the only downfall is that because it is proactive, our budget is very slim to none. If you are interested in the project, please let me know and I'll send you a PDF of the idea. Hope to hear from you. Sincerely, Roy And, my reply; Hey Roy, Best regards,

iotacons Process Junkie Lovely Package® . The leading source for the very best that package design has to offer. Just Say AH! :: The Official Adam Hughes Website industrial design magazine + resource / Articles Archive Core77 Design Awards 2012: Congratulations to All 200+ Awardees! From Paris to Brasília, Seoul to San Francisco, Chengdu to Brooklyn, we hope you enjoyed tuning into our global celebration of design excellence! Thanks to all those who participated in this year's program and a special thank you to our jury teams who had the tremendous job of reviewing this year's submissions—we couldn't have done it without you! Case Study: Outlier on Creating the 21st Century Jean We've been fans of Outlier since they first launched, and as designers, cyclists and 21st-Century urbanites, we're duly impressed with Abe and Tyler's continued commitment to innovation in apparel and accessories. Visualizing Change: An Conversation between Designer's Accord and the Noun Project The Noun Project collects, organizes and adds to the lexicon of highly recognizable symbols that form the world's visual language so they can be shared in a fun and meaningful way. Redesigning Cape Town: Interview with Richard Perez