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Paper Replika

Paper Replika
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Download Corner of Geometry Model(Free) Here you can freely download the developments of geometry model such as regular polyhedrons. You can build them by printing and assembling the developments. The data disclosed here can be downloaded free of charge for everyone. (Paper models of regular polyhedrons.) Data format The data open to the public here is .pdo files that were made with Pepakura Designer . (Snap shot of Pepakura Viewer. In addition, if you have a CraftROBO (a cutting machine) and Pepakura Viewer for CraftROBO , the development can be cut by the automatic operation. Link to related pages Conditions for using the data Everyone can use it by freely downloading it. Regular polyhedron Pyramid Data of Pyramid that the bottom is inscribed to a circle of 5cm in the radius and the height is 10cm. Download [] (18KB) (The development data of a set of above pyramids are zipped.) Prism Data of Prism that the bottom is inscribed to a circle of 4cm in the radius and the height is 8cm. Truncated Polygons

10 Tips on How to Create Great Packaging Designs Whenever we go to grocery stores, malls, markets and any place where there are sold items, we would always see items and products sealed inside a box, a pack or whatever. These would come in various size, shapes and color. You can even easily distinguish your favourite food with just one glance because of its packaging . Wikipedia defines packaging as the science, art, and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. Packaging also refers to the process of design, evaluation, and production of packages. Packaging can be described as a coordinated system of preparing goods for transport, warehousing, logistics, sale, and end use. Packaging is relevant for it protects, preserves, and contains the product for an easy transport. 1. Image: emi56 If you want your product to be patronized by many, you can start with a creative packaging. 2. Image: DezinoGraphista Choose the color that suits the product. 3. Image: blackattack 4. Image: royks 5. Ads 6. 7.

WXY | PAPER - 纸模型制作日志 Hãy chọn Papercraft Papercraft | Kirin Beverage 季節にあわせたペーパークラフトや、手軽につくれるペーパークラフトなど盛りだくさん。みんなで楽しくつくって飾って楽しもう♪夏休みの自由工作にもピッタリ! 七夕~星に願いを~ おりひめ・ひこぼしなどの七夕かざりをつくってかざろう! 夏の風物詩 夏にぴったりのクラフト「夏の風物詩」をつくろう! ラテちゃんのペーパークラフト 意外とカンタン♪親子でチャレンジしてみよう! 定番のペーパークラフト 手軽につくれるペーパークラフト 手軽につくれるペーパークラフトには、ロゴマークがついています。 ※スマートフォン・タブレットからは、プリント機器に接続の上、プリントして下さい。 ペーパークラフトが完成したら、写真を撮ってみんなでシェアしよう! ハッシュタグ「#kirinpapercraft」をコメントにつけてInstagramやTwitterに投稿してみてね。 5 très bonnes raisons de dormir nu Quelles sont vos habitudes vestimentaires pour dormir la nuit ? En culotte ou en caleçon ? En nuisette ou en jogging ? Voici donc 5 avantages à dormir en tenue d’Adam: 1. Sachant que la température idéale d’une chambre est de 16 °c pour une qualité de sommeil optimale, nous avons tort de cumuler les couettes en plus du port du pyjama. 2. En dormant habillé, on ne permet pas aux zones humides du corps d’être correctement aérées, notamment les parties intimes. 3. Avoir froid s’avère être efficace lorsque l’on souhaite perdre un peu de poids. 4. Les hormones qui permettent de freiner le vieillissement de la peau sont la mélanine et l’hormone de croissance. 5. C’est logique, se retrouver peau contre peau avec sa moitié ne peut que favoriser l’envie d’un câlin. Source : Bio à la une

Sabi96 Papercraft Box: Starly Starly is a bird with a brownish-gray colored body. The lower half of its wings as well as its head are black. Its face looks like it is wearing a white mask, with black eyes with white pupils as well as a thin orange beak with the tip of it painted black. About the Model : Height: 14.5cm Width: 20.2cm Depth: 10.9cm Number of Pages: 4 Number of Parts:25 Difficulty: 3/10 Build order : Start by building the tuft on the top of the hair, continue down with the head and add the beak as soon as possible. Notes: A simple little craft, nothing interesting to note here.

- StumbleUpon Product packaging is regarded as the most commonly seen illustration of graphic design. Aside from showcasing relevant and essential product details and facts, the packaging is now a fundamental sales instrument as most consumers choose a product with great packaging design when deciding on which goods to buy. Therefore, having a captivating and exceptional package design will make it a major competitive edge for producers and suppliers. The color, illustration, typography and how items are wrapped and presented are just a few elements that designers need to pay attention to come up with an effective packaging which can impress the consumers through it creativity. Here are the 30 Creative Package Design Examples for your inspiration. Mad Men Beer Packaging Design Source Dinner Time Source Possession – The Unholy Wine Collection Source A.O. Source Sausage Dog Source Bon o Bon Classic & White Source Good Day Milk Packaging Source Calle – Street Soccer Shoe Packaging Source Metrio Coffee Packagin Source

Clever Models Paper Models for the 21st Century - Home Paper Modelz Organisez une chasse aux couleurs | Sortir à Lille et loisirs à Lille - Mother in Lille Une idée toute simple piquée sur le sympathique blog « Pingouin de l’espace » et qui pourra facilement meubler une bonne partie de votre après-midi, vous qui êtes coincés à la maison sous la pluie : on organise une chasse aux couleurs ! Comme son nom et la photo l’indiquent, il vous suffit de récolter tout un tas d’objets de la même couleur dans la maison, et d’en photographier l’assemblage. Si c’est réussi, ne vous interdisez pas une belle impression, et pourquoi pas, un encadrement des oeuvres !? Il y a fort à parier que ce qui s’annonçait comme une après-midi de la loose devienne subitement un bon souvenir ! Charlotte

ペーパークラフトの『紙模型工房』 - 海上自衛隊イージス護衛艦『きりしま』1/200ペーパークラフト・インデックス 海上自衛隊イージス護衛艦『きりしま』1/200スケール・ペーパークラフト 海上自衛隊イージス護衛艦「きりしま」1/200スケールのペーパークラフトをつくっていきましょう。 模型は、第4護衛隊群第8護衛隊(司令部:呉)に所属し横須賀を定係港する、DDG-174「きりしま」をフルハルで再現したものです。 フルハルとは、喫水線から下も含めた船体全部を再現したもので、普段は水面に隠れて目にすることの出来ない 対潜ソナーやスクリュープロペラなども精密に再現しています。 「きりしま」は全30ステップ程度で完成する予定です。 「大人のペーパークラフト」インデックスページヘ戻るトップページへ戻る papertoy On sale October 3, 2013 is DARK SORROWS - NIGHTSADE by coarse. Limited to 99pcs and priced at HK$5200 (includes global shipping), it will be available only via (08:00 am Los Angeles / 11:00 am New York / 05:00 pm Hamburg / 11:00 pm Hong Kong). "This handcrafted resin statue is a 1:1 replica of the original sculpture created by Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk for their Chicago solo Exhibition "souls gone mad" at rotofugi gallery. This second and final edition comes in all new desaturated natural tones. GID Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus Sofubi MM3 Exclusive Set - in an edition size of 80 sets and priced at US$200. "BREAKING BASTARDS" are resin lucha bootlegs from Scraped Resin, released to commemorate the anxiously anticipated series finale of Breaking Bad. "Breaking Bastards will feature Ultimate Carlos and Mixtape in both 96% pure blue crystal and cooking-suit yellow resins, and will go on sale this Friday at noon PST.

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