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Make Your Own Vinyl/Leather Look Handbag Straps - A Tutorial

Make Your Own Vinyl/Leather Look Handbag Straps - A Tutorial
How awesome do these faux leather vinyl handbag straps look? If you want to make some great leather look straps from vinyl that don't show raw edges and messy threads, keep on reading because I can show you how. They are super easy to make and they turn out so good. I must say, I'm loving them. Recently, I took one of my bags down to the local quilting shop and the ladies working there marveled over my handles and thought they were real leather. If it sounds like I'm tooting my own horn here, I apologize, but I guess I am! A few months ago I was making a handbag from a pattern that called for premade leather straps, and after looking around, I found that they were either really cheap looking, really expensive or available only by order and had a huge wait for delivery. Finding the right vinyl is key, because with the wrong stuff you won't have that great leather look and it will be really hard to sew. Let's get started: Materials: Teflon Presser Foot Upholsery/heavy duty thread 3. 4. 5. 6. Related:  purse hande/pocket/strap ideasnum. 3

Recessed Zipper How-To I've had a few questions about how to install a recessed zipper closure on a handbag. This has to be the longest tutorial written in the history of tutorials! I did my best to explain, but please let me know if anything is unclear. You Will Need: - (1) 14" zipper- (2) 15.5" x 2.5" inside upper fabric- (2) 15.5" x 16" inside lower fabric (I demonstrate using my own pattern, feel free to experiment!)- (2) 15.5" x 18.25" outer fabric (or your own pattern) * If you use your own tote pattern, be sure to alter your lining pattern to account for the extra fabric above the zipper - you want your outer and inner pieces to match after you install the zipper. 1. 2. Lift the presser foot and pull the zipper to the other side of the foot. Back stitch at the beginning and end, by the zipper stops. 3. 4. 5. Center the 2nd top strip along the zipper and sew. Place last bare side of zipper face down on last lining piece and sew. 6. 7. 8. You should be getting an idea of your finished bag! 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

Tutorial-How to make interesting leather straps for purses I really like to experiment a lot in bag making.I am bored of the plain straps,so I made these chic straps for my new purse & clicked pics so I could belt out a quick tutorial :) Here is what we are going to make. Isn't it yummy looking:) For this you have to first cut strips from your leather/faux leather/rexin or whatever material you choose.The dimensions are 5" wide by whatever length you want.I have used 20".So cut 2 strips of 5" by desired length. Draw a line on the wrong side in the center of the strip lengthwise like this.Ummm.............OK the line is really faint but I hope you got the point,if not I am here:) Now fold one side lengthwise (wrong side together) so it touches the line in the center & sew. This is what you will get. Now fold the other side similarly & sew.Now you will have a strip 2.5" wide.Fold it in half again & sew the entire length.Sew 2 more lines at regular distance lengthwise throughout the strip.This is the result,a 1.25" wide strap.

Cómo coser Bolsa Correas - Un Tutorial - Emmaline Bolsas: Patrones de costura y accesorios del monedero --> Making straps for your purse or handbag is very easy, and kind of fun actually! This is just a quick tutorial to get you through the basics. You can experiment with lengths, widths, and fabrics. Later, when you get adventuresome, you can add O-rings, D-rings, sliders, and lobster clips. I just love the results, and they turn out so professional looking! Let's get started: 1. HINT: If you cut it the width of your fabric from selvage to selvage, you may be able to do all your sewing at once and then cut it in half later to make two straps or cut some 4" lengths to be used as O-ring or D-ring tabs. 2. 3. 5. 6. Voila! Thanks for looking! Email me if you need any help If you have found this tutorial helpful in the slightest way, please follow my blog by either GFC, Blog-lovin, Email or signing up for my Newsletter on the right side bar.

Easy Zippered Pocket Tutorial | Vanilla Joy Purses need pockets. Lots of them. Zippered pockets, slip pockets, we need them all. A zippered pocket is very easy to make and looks really sharp on the outside (or inside) of a purse. Here’s how to do it! ZIPPERED POCKET INSTRUCTIONS for a pocket measuring 10″w x 8″d with a 9″ zipper openingmust be constructed before the purse pieces are sewn together! 1. I used the fabulous new BEKKO home dec line (Michael Miller) coming out THIS MONTH! 2. 3. 4. CHECK: You should have a rectangle centered on your fabric 1″ from the top and measuring 3/8″ x 8 1/4″ 5. 6. 7. Pin in place CHECK: The pocket piece should be centered to the purse piece and 1 1/2″ below the top purse piece edge. 8. 9. 10. 11. When you reach the little short line you drew in step#10, cut into the corner of the rectangle on both sides getting as close as possible without cutting the stitches. CHECK: After cutting you should have little triangle pieces on the ends of the rectangle. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Finished front view 17. 18.

Roomy 3D pockets I make loads of purses & one thing that is essential for a purse/bag is pockets!!!!!!! Everywhere I see the pockets are same.Sew on 3 sides & you are done.You know what,I don't like them!!!!!!!! The pockets should have room to keep things in I make 3 D pockets & I am going to share it with you all too:) I will explain how to make 2 types of pockets. Now we all carry gadgets right?????? What would a girl do without her i-phone,blackberry,kindle etc etc .................. Cut- 2 pieces from the pocket fabric-6.5" by 6". 1 piece batting -6.5" by 6". It is OK to sew at the edges as after turning it we will be top stitching all four sides. Now turn this inside out so that the pocket fabric is at the front & back with the batting in the center. Turn the fabric on the 4th unstitched side 1/4" inside & top stitch it.So you will get a padded pocket patch of 6" by 5.5". Now to add the pleats to make the pocket 3 D. Back-stitch all the edges. at the pleats.

Norma's Bag Boutique: My March Bag I finished the Convertible Bag which is the March Bag Pattern for the Bag of the Month Club. I love the size of this bag! The instructions were easy to follow with plenty of pictures. Even though the bag is small (11"high by 9-1/2" wide by 2" front to back) it has plenty of pockets to get organized. I used an amber polka dot quilting fabric and a brown solid as the contrast, straps and lining. The front pocket is quite big and is interfaced with the Thermolam Plus which makes it padded. I also made my niece a bag she ordered. I also made another bag but that one was as a tester so it has to wait to be shown. I'm so happy with this Bag of the Month Club.

Knitting project bags and tutorial for lined box bag with no raw seams I made some cute knitting bags, and if you make it through this whole post, there's information on how to do it. There's a particular forum post I have been drawn to a few times over the past year. I guess this is a part II, actually (link here if you're on Ravelry). It's a way for people to get rid of yarn they no longer want (perhaps you had an extra skein leftover after a project and never want to see that yarn again) and get a little package of goodies in return. I'm going to get some of this thick/thin merino wool In exchange, I offered to make the other woman a sock knitting bag, meaning a small bag for sock projects. The pyramid bag is pretty cool, but a bit big for a sock project bag. The square bag came from two tutorials, mainly this one on Drago[knit]fly, but I also borrowed some modifications from this one on 20 Acres and No Sheep. The thing is, all the box bag tutorials I found end up sewing the outer fabric and lining as one piece, and therefore have raw seams inside. What?

a tutorial on Pleather/Vinyl straps I have discovered pleather/vinyl (P/V) to be a less expensive and greener alternative to leather. This tutorial will show you how to sew a leather looking strap with a tri-fold method that I developed myself. Find the right materials that will work for sewing straps. If the is P/V semi-easy to fold, and the texture looks like leather, then it will work. Always buy more than you think you will need. Use a Teflon foot (so the p/v will not stick), and a 110/100 needle (topstitch, leather, or jean). Another option if you do not have a Teflon foot is to stick a piece of matte Scotch tape on the bottom of your presser foot. When cutting p/v, it is necessary to start with a straight cut across the entire width. I cut my straps in measurements of three. PREP FOR SEWING: I recommend using 100% cotton quilting thread for sewing on P/V. With the 1.5" marking on the left side, fold the right edge of the p/v over to the 1.5" line.

February Pattern:: The Bag of the Month Club - Emmaline Bags: Sewing Patterns and Purse Supplies Good morning everyone! Just a quick post to share pictures today because this is LAUNCH day of our new Parkland Modern Quilters Guild and I have to pack up and get over there to set up. So, SEW, excited!!As some of you know, I am the February pattern designer in the bag of the month club and here is what I've put together for all of you: The Butterfly Sling Purse features two exterior zipper pockets, a professional looking closure strap and a long, adjustable, cross body strap. The surprise is on the inside! The "Inside":Pop the two magnetic snaps open to reveal your ID pocket. I just wanted to share these pictures with you, my friends, but it's time to get ready for the Guild! Thanks for reading!! PS.

Little Betty Bag :: Free Pattern And Tutorial I am so excited with how this little bag turned out! I have made five now, each time being able to prefect the pattern a little more, and it’s finally ready to release for your sewing pleasure. The style is a cross body, which is a personal favorite of mine. It allows for you to put it on and forget it. Especially handy at the grocery store, or any where else I need free hands to chase little ones. It’s fun to sew, and the possibilities for variation are endless. There are many variations that can be made to this bag, but I will let you use your imagination for those, and just go over the steps for the bag I made. Save on ink when printing! If you are new to sewing I have a Sewing Tips Directory that might come in handy. Fabric requirements: A half a yard total is more than enough to make the bag body. A heavier fabric works best, like a canvas, twill, or anything that has a sturdy weight. Supplies: Preparing the Pattern and Fabric Cuts: You will cut as follows: Bag Assembly:

Crystal Bracelet #17 Tutorial : Crystal Bracelet #17Level : Intermediate Equipment :- Swarovski Crystal 4 mm.- Seed bead- Jumprings- Clasp- Stopper- Bead tip- Pliers- Nylon thread no. 25 The colors I used here are Indian Sapphire and Montana. The seed bead is clear with silver lined. Cut two nylon threads, 100 cm. each. Now you have four lines to work with. Add three seed beads to the two remaining threads. Pick up two threads (one from each side) that point to the same direction. Add two seed beads to both below threads. At the two threads on the left side, add two seed beads to the below thread. We do the same to the right side. This step is the same as step 3. This step is the same as step 4. Same as step 5. Same as step 6. Repeat step 3 - 10. You may notice that this bracelet is a smaller version of this bracelet. End the bracelet with three seed beads to each thread. You can stop here if you want. If you want to continue, then, cut the new thread around 70 cm. Repeat step 15 to the rest of the bracelet.

Circle Zip Earbud Pouch Tutorial - Dog Under My Desk I use a little zippered pouch to carry around my earbuds since they are the fancy microphone ones and I don’t want them to break or get tangled. Some of you have commented that you are looking for some small, simple gift ideas. This is definitely simple to make, and a little more fun than the typical rectangular zippered pouch! I can see these as the perfect gift for teenage cousins or nieces or girlfriends or even teacher gifts. Fun, quick, and cute! UPDATE: I have completely re-written this tutorial with twice as many bright, clear photos and more detailed instructions and it is available as a pattern in my pattern shop. First, download the pattern template HERE. Cut from main fabric: 1 circle 2 half circles 1 tab Cut from lining fabric: 1 circle 2 half circles Cut from batting (or medium weight interfacing, if you prefer): 1 circle 2 half circles You will also need a 1″ wide nylon 5″ or longer zipper. Place one lining half circle right side up and place the zipper right side up on top.

damask love | craft is in session We are no strangers to paper flowers around here. There’s this post, which is one of my favorites…and then there’s this one, that is great for the holidays. Today’s post though…it’s sort of like the Diana Ross, and those other posts were the Supremes. Those other posts were good, but this one is special. It’s awesome. Now, you’ll need to have some skillz to pull this one off, but honestly, if there were ever a reason to increase your craft room abilities…this paper flower bouquet is the reason. You may already have a well-stocked craft room with these supplies in reach. Additional Tools: In addition to the supplies shown, you will also need a hot glue gun and glitter glue. {1}Use the largest embossing stylus to firmly roll over each petal of the flower in a circular motion. {2} Repeat step 1 with all parts of the flower, which should include two large petals, two small petals and one center. {4} Assemble the large petals, the smaller petals and roll the center as shown.

sac(s) de piscine le retour ! - on va voir si je m'y tiens! pour emma, la copine d'adèle. pour capucine, ma filleule. toile cirée petit pan, toile enduite à pois eurodif (rayon nappe !)biais rose eurodif et biais marron à pois blanc fait maison.j'en vois qui lèvent le doigt et crient et moi, et moi ! alors voici un petit tuto parce que je ne compte pas passer ma vie à coudre des sacs de piscine même si, c'est évident au vu de vos commentaires, il y a un marché à prendre ! (un clic dessus pour mieux voir)