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The Mistake 99% of LinkedIn Users Make Last week, LinkedIn celebrated its thirteenth birthday. It's officially a teenager. With more than 414 million users, it's the largest professional social network. And, getting bigger by the day - making it the biggest pool of talent online too. Introduction to Using Chart Tools - Google Chart Tools Google Charts provides a perfect way to visualize data on your website. From simple line charts to complex hierarchical tree maps, the chart gallery provides a large number of ready-to-use chart types. The most common way to use Google Charts is with simple JavaScript that you embed in your web page.

How to Build a Community: Advice for Community Managers Community expert Caty Kobe from FeverBee recently joined us at #Bufferchat to talk about community management. Caty—along with our amazing Bufferchat community—shared great advice, blog and book recommendations. Read on for the highlights, or catch the full recap here! What advice do you have for someone building an online community? From Caty: 10 Community Manager Tools You Might Not Know by Renee Warren on Mar 01, 2011 Community Managers are often faced with the grueling task of sourcing out the best tools to use for social media. With new platforms launching weekly, it can be daunting. Do you go with a paid version or do you use one of many free tools to save money?

Qu’est-ce qu’un Community Manager? Appendicitis is a condition occurs when the appendix is inflamed. It is also a condition that must be taken care of quickly. It is imperative that parents can differentiate between appendicitis symptoms in children and normal stomachaches. If you do suspect your child may have appendicitis, seek medical attention immediately.

The Future of Work and Learning 1: The Professional Ecosystem “Each of us is the center of the universe. So is everyone else.” e e cummings In my previous post I looked at the individual’s perspective of workplace learning and included a graphic showing how individuals learn at and for work in 10 main ways. Essentially, I was describing a Professional Ecosystem (PES) – a set of organisational and personal, interconnecting and interacting elements – content, people, software, services, apps, etc – that helps an individual do their jobsolve performance problemscommunicate and collaborate with othersself-improve (for their existing work and/or future career), as well askeep up to date with what is happening in their industry or profession so that they remain relevant and marketable. The graphic above is an example of the tools and services an individual might make use of as part of his/her PES.

12 Outdated Web Features That Need to Disappear in 2014 We've all been there — yelling at a computer screen or particular website because the antiquated design prevents you from getting where you want to go. But outdated features on your company's website can do more than annoy — it can cost you potential clients or customers. To figure out what exactly agitates users the most, we asked 12 entrepreneurs which website features small businesses should avoid (or get rid of) at all costs. Here's what they had to say: 1. Irrelevant Elements

26 Tips for Managing a Social Media Community Do you wonder how to go about exercising good social etiquette and managing your social networking communities, all at the same time? Social media community management has expanded into a growing field and there’s a lot to think about. In this post, I’ll cover 26 tips, an A-Z guide, on ways to manage your company‘s presence. #1: Answer Questions With more and more of your customers participating on social networking platforms, businesses need to be doing much more than posting their own updates. 40 New Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed The long winter is almost over and as the weather gets ever better we at Mashable are hard at work bring you a list of tools and resources for your digital life. Here you'll find stories on how a computer beat Jeopardy champions, pics of the latest toys from this year's New York Toy Fair, and a load of hands-on demos and impressions from the Mobile World Congress. Looking for even more social media resources? This guide appears every weekend, and you can check out all the lists-gone-by here any time.

Don't Blame Your Community: Ad Blocking Is Not Killing Any Sites Every so often we hear about a random blog or website that freaks out and claims that ad blockers are "stealing" or somehow damaging websites. But it's quite a surprise to see a similar argument from a site like Ars Technica -- one of the top techie sites out there, which is now owned by Conde Nast. Over the weekend, Ars wrote an odd post claiming that ad blocking "is devastating to the sites you love." Ars decided to run an experiment where it blocked access to its content to any user using an ad blocker (with no warning or explanation). Not surprisingly, this pissed off a bunch of readers, and Ars now admits that it was a mistake in how it was handled -- but that it still believes ad blockers are harming sites. Frankly, such a position is insulting (though, even more insulting was the way Ars staff responded to complaints in its comments, dismissing people who don't like their ads as not adding anything and actively telling them to go away).

The difference between social learning and social collaboration First published 25 March 2015 In my framework of Modern Workplace Learning (see diagram on right) I use the term social collaboration to label an important new element of work of the modern-day L&D department. I deliberately chose not to label it social learning. So what is the difference – or rather connection – between these two terms? Social learning, is of course, not a new concept or a new term; we’ve always learned socially – from our parents, siblings, friends and from our colleagues at work.

Reflection – Our Agile Family Seven Years In I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic about this agile family journey of ours. It all started in 2008 when I first thought to use Scrum to organize our family life. Since then, we’ve certainly come a long way. Early on, we switched to Personal Kanban, a more natural fit for the ebb and flow of family life. 34 Must-Read Blogs for the Latest on Content Marketing Content marketing is a topic we’re quite eager to learn about here on the Buffer blog, and it seems to be one our community is excited about as well. We invited the team at Atomic Reach to share their insight in our weekly Twitter chat. The Atomic Reach team shared some amazingly useful tips on how to craft the most engaging content for your social efforts—plus dozens of their favorite content marketing blogs to bookmark!

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