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Simplify your life - Clear

Simplify your life - Clear

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Mindomo - Preise Frequently asked questions How does the 30-day Money Back Guarantee work? We are so confident that you will be satisfied with Mindomo that we back it up with a 100% money back guarantee. If our service doesn't work for you, we will return your money, in full. You can make a refund request by contacting us at Features Skylight’s intuitive, web-based project management solution, you can distribute and track tasks that result in overall project completion – from the office, or from a remote location. Schedule events, log time, create sales invoices, budgets and manage milestones in one app across your business. Gain better control and accountability, and complete projects within specified timeframes and budgets, with ease. Set milestones, create stages, book resources, track tasks and more with Skylight’s full-featured project management solution. This all-encompassing system also lets you develop quotes and invoices, and automatically calculate billed time, and notifies you of booking conflicts for resources, whether it’s equipment, people (recruitment), locations or service. Get a Free Account

Link Bubble There's an app for Android that will completely change the way you interact with links. Jack Wallen introduces you to what should be the default behavior in Android. I came across this piece of software last week. The second I used it, my first impression was simple: Wow... someone really gets the mobile experience. Extras : Nozbe - getting things done gtd software task manager and to-do list for project management and time tracking. Now on Apple iPhone and Mobile Phone! Nozbe syncs with many great apps! Evernote Sync Evernote is a great note-taking application for capturing data with native clients for desktops and mobile phones. Now you can view your project related Evernote notes right inside Nozbe! Watch the video

Google Keep Google's endeavor into note taking, Keep, is receiving an update today that changes the interface and adds a few new features. The most notable change after updating will be a blindingly-bright yellow bar across the top of the interface, bringing Keep a bit more identity so it no longer looks like such a generic Google app. The redesign also brings a full-featured slide-in bar, adding trash, feedback and help options to the bar along with an account switcher, removing the "settings" option altogether. There are just a few new features here as well, and they're quite useful. Keep will now do character recognition for printed text in images, and that information is now searchable within the app (much like we're used to in Evernote).

Rise Rise is a very, very simple alarm clock app for the iPhone. It has support for a single alarm that you set to trigger once or once a day. That’s it. It’s not the most robust app of its kind, and it’s actually crippled a bit by Apple’s app policies, but it’s still worth checking out. The bold and intelligent use of color, great typography and brilliant gesture-based interface make it the first alarm clock app that makes me excited to use it. So silly, so utilitarian a thing, but something that we do every day and why shouldn’t we enjoy it? A List of Apps to Install on Your New iPad We can imagine that a fair share of iPads got unwrapped this morning, and the first thing you’re going to want to do is switch it on and get a few awesome apps on there. Last year, we gave you a long list of apps that will help you get started with all of the popular essentials. This year, we’ve decided to do the same thing, adding a ton of great apps to the list that you’ll want to get on to your iPad straight away. The list includes apps to handle your photos and videos, music apps, productivity apps, a few essentials to meet all of your social media needs, and of course a few games to keep you entertained. Media

Google Now Launcher You can use the Google Now Launcher app to access Google Now and use your voice from any Home screen on Android 4.1+ devices. To use the launcher on your device, download the app on Google Play. Choose a launcher A launcher is the main view (also known as a Home screen) on your phone or tablet. When you install the Google Now Launcher app, you’ll be prompted to choose the app or the standard Home screen display. You can change launchers at any time by going to Settings How to clear Cache on a Mac? Cache Cleaner for Mac OS X We've got two ways to do it: the CleanMyMac 2 way and the manual way. How to Clear Cache Files with CleanMyMac 2 Instead of searching all over your Mac to find and remove user cache files yourself, you can clear user caches on a Mac using CleanMyMac 2. It makes removing cache files as easy as can be.

i-nigma Download i-nigma readerThe most widely used mobile barcode reader in the world! Join the 200 million members of the i-nigma global family and revolutionize the way you connect to the mobile internet. Get ready - check your mobile and your service With the i-nigma reader installed on your mobile, you will be ready to decode mobile barcodes and connect directly to the mobile internet.i-nigma supports all leading mobile phones operating systems platforms and makers. Now get the i-nigma reader - there are 3 easy ways FromApp Store - Download i-nigma from: Apple App Store, Android Market, BlackBerry App World or WindowsPhone Marketplace.