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Stylish Web curation service Pearltrees launches a premium offering for private content sharing

Stylish Web curation service Pearltrees launches a premium offering for private content sharing
Pearltrees offers perhaps the most elegant and visual way of collecting and sharing online content available today, and now the French startup is launching premium accounts that give users more privacy, for a price. As a recap, Pearltrees lets you organise links to online content, visualized as ‘trees’ made up of ‘pearls’. So a pearltree about Apple may contain a branch about Steve Jobs, which then branches off to separate strands about different parts of his life, each linking to related content that is handpicked by users. It’s a concept that has so far spawned a Web app, an iPad app, and most recently an iPhone version. Until now, the service has been free, open and social with, with created trees all searchable by other users. Also today, Pearltrees is rolling out updates to its Web app, iPhone app and iPad app, taking the whole service up to version 1.0, with a more coherent user experience across all platforms. ➤ Pearltrees Image credit: iStockPhoto / Thinkstock Related:  1.0 LaunchPearltrees Features & Releases

Pearltrees Goes 1.0, Launches Premium Accounts With Private Collections And Sharing Curation and discovery service Pearltrees just announced the launch of its premium accounts. For $4.99/month or $49.99 per year, Pearltrees users will be able to create private pearls for their bookmarks, notes and pictures. This is also Pearltrees’ 1.0 release and marks the first time that all of the company’s apps offer a fully coherent feature set across the web and mobile. Private collections have long been on Pearltrees’ roadmap. For free users, Pearltrees is also now bringing the distraction-free reading mode from the mobile apps to the web, and users can now upload images and create text notes on the web as well. Pearltrees, Lamothe told me, currently features about 30 million pearls. Looking ahead, the problem the company now faces is what to do with all of this data now that the product and community are mature. More importantly, though, it needs to figure out how to best use the implicit interest graph that all of its users have created.

Pearltrees: a Free, Collaborative Social Library (K-12+) - Best of Digital Learning | Best of Digital Learning Interested in #EdTech? The above image is from “Pearltrees,” a free website that serves as a collaborative – and social – library. So how does it work? Just type “#edtech” (or any of the more popular education hashtags) into their simple search box, and the visually engaging chart map of “pearls” pops up in an instant. “Pearltrees is your visual and collaborative library. As indicated above, the service is free, but as the site develops and grows, some new features might be available only to premium members. Pearltrees engages social media, but not in a personal way: “Contributors are not connected to each other, but to people’s interests.” Also of note: for mobile learning (#mlearning, #mtech) educators, Pearltrees has already released iPad and iPhone apps. Here’s a look at what turned up upon clicking on the “edtech tools” section in the graph above: Here is a Youtube video featuring the CEO of Pearltrees, speaking on the site’s design: Related Posts from BestofDL:

Pearltrees releases a new version, without any pearls nor trees The Paris-based startup founded in 2009 once declared: “We focus on the visual potential of Pearltrees to let people dive deeply into their interests and nearly feel them”. Their product, offering a digital curation tool, was unique because of the visual interface voluntareely original: links and folders symbolized by rounded pearls attached together like the branches of a tree. Today, pearls and trees have disappeared to make room for a brand new and larger organisation tool. Two years ago, everyone wanted to build products around “curation” and “interest graph”. Today the keywords have shifted to “collaborative SaaS tool” and “organizing data”. The other main improvement lies in the shift from Flash to HTML5 technology, which will make a huge difference for all those who never update their Flash player – and those who think Flash is “so 2011”. Why giving up the core of the product, after 4,5 years of existence and 1,7 million users?

Pearltrees rolls out V1.0 with its Premium Membership Just a few months after we sat down with Pearltrees CEO Patrice LaMothe for an interview about their topping of the US iPhone AppStore, Pearltrees have today announced that their social library has launched it’s v1.0, and is rolling out the long-awaited business model. Pearltrees’ launch is decorated with a few interesting figures: 700,000 collaborators creating 30 million pearls, which attracted 2 million UVs this past month. Currently, any pearl that is created is available for public eyes: your list of tech blogs, photos of your trip to Spain, etc. LaMothe says that users love the social library, but many would like to be able to create private trees. Potential premium users include businesses, who may want Pearltrees structuring system, as well as access to 30 million available pearls, but don’t want their internal, private pearls to be visible to others. Given that the company has raised a total of $11.9M over the past few years, this may be good news for investors.

Pearltrees lanza su opción premium para la creación de árboles privados Si somos usuarios del servicio de curación de contenidos Pearltrees, el cual nos permite organizar y compartir el contenido web de manera visual y elegante, y necesitamos tener un ámbito privado por el cual podamos crear y participar en la elaboración de nuestros árboles de enlaces de contenidos web con todas y cada una de sus ramificaciones (o perlas) específicas, ahora Pearltrees lanza su opción premium. Gracias a esta opción, nosotros, ya sea a nivel individual o de manera colaborativa entre un grupo de personas, podemos crear dichos árboles privados, permitiéndonos compartirlos de forma selectiva hacia aquellas personas que queramos mediante enlaces privados. Pero Pearltrees, además de su servicio premium, el cual lleva aparejada un mejor soporte de usuarios y la no disponibilidad de anuncios, también actualiza tanto su aplicación web así como sus aplicaciones móviles para iPhone y iPad, llegando a la versión 1.0 disponiendo de una interfaz más coherente para todas las plataformas.

Pearltrees Gets a New Look, New Features and New Premium Tiers Pearltrees, the social curation service that helps you organise Web content, photos and notes (‘pearls’) into mindmap-style ‘trees’, is today unveiling a new look, new features for paying users and revised pro account tiers. Pearltrees was launched in December 2010 and now boasts two million monthly active users, collecting over 50,000 links every day. The new UI, codenamed ‘Asimov’ by the French startup, is designed to provide a coherent, simpler experience across the Web, iOS and a forthcoming Android version. There’s nothing enormously different about it, although there’s now an Apple-style ‘dock’ at the bottom of the page for universal options and a subtly more friendly look that uses responsive design to optimize the layout for different screen sizes. The updated iOS version, which will be available as soon as it’s approved by Apple, promises to get rid of one my biggest bugbears when it comes to curation apps – the Safari bookmarklet. Now, there are three paid tiers: ➤ Pearltrees

Pearltrees 1.0 offers Pearltrees Premium with privacy features We have published several times about Pearltrees private and public beta version on the web, its updates and the launch of the mobile versions for iPad and iPhone. Pearltrees is a collaborative and visual curation tool that allows users to organize and discover online content. Today, Pearltrees launches its 1.0 version with Pearltrees Premium, with a membership fee of $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year that gives access to privacy settings. Before, all your Pearltrees were publicly published on the web. The new feature is really good news: I am a big fan of the visual user interface although I did not use Pearltrees that much, both due to a lack of time and a concern for privacy. This new feature is really great and may increase the user base to numerous professionals for collaboratively gathering information in various format: notes, images, web pages. Pearltrees Premium benefits:

Pearltrees lance une version premium Pearltrees est un outil de curation visuelle que l’on ne présente plus. L’outil vient cependant de lancer une version premium qui offre une véritable valeur ajoutée au service. Si vous n’êtes pas encore utilisateur, je vous invite à aller découvrir les perles et les arbres Pearltrees pour votre curation. Le service propose un système original pour organiser vos découvertes sur le Web sous la forme de cartes thématiques. Chaque page Web ou ressource que vous souhaitez conserver correspond à une perle qu’il est ensuite possible de déplacer et de classer du bout de la souris dans des dossiers de perles ou arbres de perles (pearltrees). Ce qui fait la force de Pearltrees c’est la possibilité d’interconnecter chaque perle de vos arbres avec les cartes d’autres utilisateurs via des perles communes. Pearltrees né en France a à peine plus de deux ans et c’est fait une place dans l’univers trés concurrentiel des outils de curation.

Pearl Trees - Documents Cetakan Pertama/First Printing 2011 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Diterbitkan di Malaysia oleh/Published in Malaysia by PUSAT PEMBANGUNAN AKADEMIK UNIVERSITI KEBANGSAAN MALAYSIA 43600 UKM Bangi, Selangor D.E., MALAYSIA e-mel: Web 2.0 Sharing Tools: A Quick Guide Mohamed Amin Embi ISBN 978-983-3168-19-4 CHAPTER 10 - PEARLTREES - What is Pearltrees?..…………………………………....………….......................1 Ways of using Pearltrees……………………………...............................................1 Get started with Pearltrees……………………………………….......................3 References……………………………………………………………………....8 Chapter 10: Pearltrees 1 Chapter 10 PEARLTREES WHAT IS PEARLTREES? Pearltrees is a fascinating and innovative new social networking site that is centered on communicating common interests in a visually interesting and complex manner.

Pearltrees Premium est enfin disponible ! Pearltrees est un service de curation français très apprécié qui fonctionne très bien, même en dehors de nos frontières. En effet, la start-up a annoncé très récemment la sortie de la version 1.0 et l’arrivée des comptes Premium sur son service. Une information relayée notamment outre-Atlantique sur des sites très réputés tels que TechCrunch ou The Next Web. Jusqu’à maintenant, le service qui permet d’organiser et de partager à peu près tout ce que vous aimez sur le web était totalement gratuit et ouvert, avec des « perles » accessibles par tous les utilisateurs. Pearltrees offre encore maintenant d’autres possibilités avec les comptes Premium avec une option de confidentialité. Les membres Premium ont en effet la possibilité de garder les perles privées mais aussi d’organiser des perles en équipes, en privé ou non, mais aussi de profiter d’une assistante haute priorité. Il est d’ores et déjà possible de souscrire à Pearltrees Premium pour 4.49 € par mois ou 44.99 € par an. (source)

[Business développement] Les 3 dernières annonces du web  Pearltrees lance sa V1.0 et son service Premium…Nuji crée une plateforme dédiée aux marchands…Synthesio classé parmi les meilleures solutions de veille sur les médias sociaux…Zoom sur 3 nouvelles du web. Pearltrees lance sa V1.0 et son service Premium Le spécialiste de la curation de contenu Pearltrees annonce, dans le cadre de la sortie de sa version 1.0, le lancement d’un service Premium. Pour 4,49€ par mois ou 44,49€ par an, les membres Premium de Pearltrees pourront donc contrôler la confidentialité de leur bibliothèque, et profiter de nouvelles fonctionnalités telles que la création de pearltrees privés, la gestion de la confidentialité de leurs équipes, ainsi que l’utilisation d’un code pour protéger l’accès à leur compte sur leur appareil iOS. Nuji crée une plateforme dédiée aux marchands Nuji, la plateforme sociale qui récompense ses utilisateurs pour leurs contenus, vient de lancer une nouvelle plateforme en libre-service dédiée aux marchands.

Pearltrees Develops its New Interface Further with 'Meaning' Content and file curation and sharing platform Pearltrees has been updated today with new features that include ‘Meaning’, a new organization system. ‘Meaning’ is based on a traditional grid and allows users to drag and drop content into collections that can be shared with others and collaborated on with real-time synchronization. Pearltrees tells us that it hopes the new layout will encourage more collaboration between users. The France-based company’s video below shows Meaning in action: Meanwhile, Pearltrees’ mobile apps on iOS and Android have been updated with new features including a ‘tunable interest feed’ that delivers personalized content recommendations to your account. ➤ Pearltrees