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A Year in Full Colour - Moleskine Planners

A Year in Full Colour - Moleskine Planners
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La Forêt - Matthieu Kassovitz - Handicap International Animation clip-beautiful-RibA Coke's Fan-Bears Will React to Super Bowl in Real-Time Ads Coca-Cola rolled out the details of its Super Bowl advertising on Thursday, and compared to what else we've seen, it looks pretty good. At first blush, the campaign, by Wieden + Kennedy in Portland, Ore., is just another take on the brand's classic arctic mascots—the polar bears. But the whole concept is built out around tying into the game itself, in real time—aiming to enhance the overall experience by adding a little topical extra entertainment value. The TV work focuses on two polar bears, chilling out on their "snowfa" and watching the game, rooting for opposite teams. The idea extends nicely across digital and mobile media with a second-screen social campaign: A live stream housed on and in rich-media banners on sites like will feature animated versions of the bears reacting to the game and the commercials as they play out. See Adweek's full Super Bowl coverage here.

Photovisi - Photo Collage Maker Trésors à visionner gratuitement en ligne : Bon cinéma ! Accueil > Formations et ressources > Liste des répertoires > Trésors à visionner gratuitement en ligne : Bon cinéma ! Recommander cette page à un(e) ami(e) Trouver des films sur Internet est une chose relativement aisée ; les plateformes offrant le visionnement gratuit se multiplient. On trouve du cinéma de tous les genres : longs-métrages de fiction, documentaires, films d'animation, films expérimentaux, actualités, etc. Quant aux classiques du cinéma tombés dans le domaine public, on n'a qu'à choisir la plateforme qui nous convient le mieux au point de vue visuel ou des possibilités de recherche. Voici quelques-uns de ces sites où vous pourrez visionner en ligne votre cinéma préféré. Si vous en connaissez d’autres, nous serons heureux de les ajouter - Voir aussi répertoire des chaînes vidéos éducatives gratuites Niveau : Populaire Sujets : Enseignement - Didactique - Pédagogie , Médias de masse - Télévision - Radio , Cinéma - Vidéo - Photo - Multimédia , Culture - Nation

Un pequeño pájaro! Scoping things out: A new video lecture A Star Is Born (1954). DB here: Cripes! Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration. A video analysis of constructive editing showed up last fall, and a rather long one called “How Motion Pictures Became the Movies” was posted earlier this year. It’s a new version of a talk now retired from the lecture circuit and snugly cached on the web. “CinemaScope: The Modern Miracle You See without Glasses!” I’m also providing the chapter on Scope from Poetics of Cinema. By the way, if you’re interested in the art and craft of widescreen cinema, I’ve posted a web essay on Hong Kong anamorphic here. As usual, I’m very grateful to my creative tech wranglers Erik Gunneson, who produced the video, and Peter Sengstock. I’ll have to suspend production of these video lectures for a while, but Kristin and I are hoping to float another novelty soon, perhaps in the next couple of months. Thanks for everyone who has supported our work through Tweeting, Facebooking, linking, or just telling their friends.

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