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A Year in Full Colour - Moleskine Planners

A Year in Full Colour - Moleskine Planners

Full Pixar’s Short LA LUNA Is Here & Available For All! 11.4KGoogle + Don’t worry guys, we’re not here to give you a broken link! The only thing you need is a comfortable seat. That’s all, because we have Pixar‘s Oscar-nominated shorty La Luna, and as usual – we want to share the fun with you! La Luna tells the story of a young boy who, one night, accompanies his father & grandfather to their unusual nighttime job. Should he follow the example of his Papa, or his Grandpa? My conclusion: director Casarosa definitely did a great job with this movie! And ok, maybe La Luna is not an intense or funny story, but please have in mind that there’s also no speaking in the film, or as he explained – instead, characters communicate through gibberish. That was obviously the biggest challenge for Casarosa and his team. There’s a real art to creating gibberish and it’s only after doing our homework and searching for voice actors who could really embody our characters that we finally found the right mix for our short. Real art, for sure!

Young Artist : Samantha Fois ! Passionnée de dessin depuis le plus jeune age, j’ai suivi une formation dans le milieu graphique, communication visuelle. Mon inspiration me viens tout droit des milliers d’illustrations que je peux voir et trouver sur internet comme dans la rue. J’ai ainsi découvert l’art du Doodle et par la suite la customisation. J’aime pouvoir donner libre court à mon imagination et créer mon propre univers, mais je peux aussi m’adapter à des demandes, des thèmes, tout en gardant ma patte.

Animation clip-beautiful-RibA Christopher, je t'en prie, nettoie ta chambre! par Vincent Gauthier Générique réalisation Vincent Gauthier animation Jo Meuris conseiller pour le storyboard Sheldon Cohen supervision de la production de l'animation Marie Renaud spécialiste en imagerie numérique Normand Gauthier adaptation pour le cinéma Sugith Varughese narrateur Maka Kotto montage José Heppell montage sonore Don Ayer André Chaput musique originale Chris Crilly paroles Jamie Mason bruitage Monique Vézina mixage Serge Boivin Jean Paul Vialard producteur exécutif David Verrall Isobel Marks producteur Tamara Lynch

Handcut Paper Le créatif Joe Bagley a eu l’idée d’utiliser une simple de feuille de papier pour créer des silhouettes très réussie. Découpées à la main, ces oeuvres permettent de rendre honneur au talent de l’artiste américain. Plus d’images de son travail dans la suite de l’article. Un pequeño pájaro! Watch lune et l autre animated video on aniboom Blog Outside Lands 2014 Branding April 9th, 2014 // Posted by Nathan in Blog, DKNG Work, Music, Poster Tickets for San Francisco’s Outside Lands music festival go on sale today and we couldn’t be happier about creating the 2014 event branding. Europe In 8 Bits – Opening Titles April 3rd, 2014 // Posted by Dan in Animation, Blog, Inspiration, Video This animation by Devicers is an 8-bit trip down memory lane Galactic 2014 Tour Poster March 21st, 2014 // Posted by Dan in Blog, DKNG Work, Poster, Process, Sketch, Video To kick off 2014, we had the pleasure of working with one of our favorite funk bands, Galactic. Flatstock 43 // SXSW March 6th, 2014 // Posted by Dan in Blog, DKNG News, Events, Sale We’re excited to be back at SXSW where we’ll be exhibiting and selling our work at Flatstock, from March 13-15. Electric City Art Print February 19th, 2014 // Posted by Dan in Art Print, Blog, Dave Matthews Band, DKNG Work, Sketch Valentine’s Day Sale January 27th, 2014 // Posted by Dan in Blog, Sale Leo T-Shirt