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'The House of the Devil' Review - FEARNet A college girl who desperately needs some income agrees to babysit in a giant creepy house, only to discover that she's been enticed there for nefarious means. Your reaction is this: Yawn. Seen it. Arctic expert predicts final collapse of sea ice within four years Prof Peter Wadhams calls for “urgent” consideration of new ideas to reduce global temperatures. Photograph: John Mcconnico/AP One of the world's leading ice experts has predicted the final collapse of Arctic sea ice in summer months within four years. In what he calls a "global disaster" now unfolding in northern latitudes as the sea area that freezes and melts each year shrinks to its lowest extent ever recorded, Prof Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University calls for "urgent" consideration of new ideas to reduce global temperatures. In an email to the Guardian he says: "Climate change is no longer something we can aim to do something about in a few decades' time, and that we must not only urgently reduce CO2 emissions but must urgently examine other ways of slowing global warming, such as the various geoengineering ideas that have been put forward." These include reflecting the sun's rays back into space, making clouds whiter and seeding the ocean with minerals to absorb more CO2.

GTDTiddlyWiki Plus - your simple client side wiki !Bill\n* Go over TPS reports\n\n!Milton \n* Get Back Stapler House of the Devil- ShockTillYouDrop.Com Coming soon! Cast: Jocelin Donahue as Samantha Tom Noonan as Mr. Ulman Mary Woronov as Mrs. 6 WWI Fighter Pilots Whose Balls Deserve Their Own Monument We usually think of fighter pilots as kick ass cowboys of the sky, living out our video game fantasies and handing out bitchin' nicknames all day long. But today's fighter pilots have nothing on the first of their kind -- the guys who appeared in the first world war when airplanes themselves were new and experimental. That is, instead of being surrounded by huge, sturdy metal planes with state-of-the-art avionics, these guys sat in rickety frames of plywood wrapped in flammable fabric, next to large tanks of highly combustible fuel. Then they took to the skies and tried to kill each other. So let's take a moment to salute...

The House of the Devil Review The House of the Devil may be a catchier, more horror-ific title, but really this little creepfest-that-could should've been called The Babysitter. That sounds generic, but considering how the events of the film's story unfold, it would be oh so appropriate. We don't want to give anything more away in that regard, though, so let's get down to it. Written, directed, and edited by Ti West, this movie is an old-school tension builder, slowly ratcheting up the anxieties of the audience who, of course, is fully aware that something bad is going to happen to lead character Samantha (Jocelin Donahue). Definitions of Color Words Colour Terms This list contains 168 definitions of obscure colour terms using combinations of 'normal' colours of the rainbow and descriptive adjectives; e.g. cardinal = deep scarlet red; russet = reddish brown. Note that most English speakers outside the U.S. spell colour with the added British 'u' rather than the American version color. Don't worry if the colours (or colors) in your universe don't match up with the definitions I've given for these words, though - I've been known to have skewed perceptions of reality ... I hope you have found this site to be useful.

Women On Film - Women At Tribeca Film Festival - Katey Rich repo For movies by, about, or for women, filmgoers at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival had no scarcity of options. Among the women filmmakers presented at Tribeca 2009, two first feature directors debuted with stories about their own mothers, while another made a documentary and put her life in danger in the process, and a famous actress stepped behind the camera to continue the legacy of another female director. And, that’s just pointing to examples from among the filmmakers I interviewed during the 10-day festival.

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What's to like: ProductWiki is a fantastic wiki resource for shoppers. Not only does it give you access to product reviews, it also lets you compare prices. Perhaps the best feature is the pros and cons which not only let you quickly see the good and the bad of the product but also, because you can also see how many people agreed or disagreed with each pro or con, you can see how accurate the pros and cons are. by marcelmaassen Mar 13