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How I Lost Faith in the “Pro-Life” Movement

How I Lost Faith in the “Pro-Life” Movement
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The Odds That a Panel Would 'Randomly' Be All Men Are Astronomical Thousands of Chinese investors who have sunk an estimated $6 billion into Fanya Metal Exchange are trying to get their money back through public protests and even, at one point, kidnapping the exchange’s founder and turning him in to the police. The government has mostly ignored their plight, despite the fact that China’s state banks recommended Fanya to customers, its national television stations tacitly endorsed the exchange, and local regulators approved it. Now these investors, along with experts in the global metals industry, are starting to wonder: Did Fanya ever really buy, sell, and trade billions of dollars of rare metals, as it claimed—or was it, as one Chinese analyst says, a Ponzi scheme? Quartz spoke to investors, industry experts, analysts, and Fanya’s business partners about the company. The bottom line: When new investment opportunities are created in China, “government supervision always comes afterward,” Tang said.

“Privilege” and the Reduction of Political Debate to Identity In comments to my statistical proof that Game of Thrones is misogynist, Jamie tells me that I am viewing the world through the lens of “privilege,” and thus unable to properly understand the seriousness of certain issues. There is of course a grain of truth to this idea, that living in a certain privileged environment can make one blind to the full nuances of life as someone else, and to the extent that the word “privilege” or phrases like “blinded by privilege” can be used to describe this situation, I think they are useful rhetorical devices. But scan any feminist blog today – Feministing, or Pandagon, or Shakesville, for example – and you’ll see lots of examples of arguments being shut down and opposing opinions invalidated through the invocation of “privilege.” For example, at the “feminism 101″ page on Shakesville, itself a loathsomely sexist blog (though the authors can’t see it) we get lots of invocation of privilege in quite negative and almost mystical terms. Conclusion

They're made out of Meat, by Hugo and Nebula Winner Terry Bisson by Terry Bisson "They're made out of meat." "Meat?" "Meat. 8 Myths That Fuel the Assault on Abortion Rights The ink is barely dry on the bill Scott Walker signed outlawing abortion for Wisconsin women, including victims of rape and incest, after 20 weeks of pregnancy. In Georgia, Rep. Earl L. “Buddy” Carter is trying to introduce legislation that would halt federal funds for Planned Parenthood after a deceptive and misleading “sting” video went viral. In June, murder charges against Kenlissia Jones, who terminated her pregnancy using pills bought on the Internet, were finally dropped after much public outcry. And Paul Joseph Wieland, a local Missouri state representative and current holder of the Most Embarrassing Dad of the Year Award, is trying to get a court to block his adult daughters’ insurance from providing them with birth control.

Why no one should use that word: Kyriarchy instead of Patriarchy As more and more bloggers adopt the term “kyriarchy”, I have to state that I’m deeply skeptical of “kyriarchy” as a coherent and novel concept and also for its likely use as reactionary propaganda. Admittedly I haven’t read the original book where the christian feminist theologian Schüssler Fiorenza coined the term, but it seems that no one else on the internet has either, so I won’t let that stop me. [Edit: We've since read the original, and it's worse than we thought, so we're leaving this post as is] The first problem is that there are already well-defined “umbrella” concepts for ‘intersecting structures of domination’; “intersectionality” being exactly that, but anarcho-feminism, the materialist-derived ‘complementary holism’ and even ‘radical feminism’ already describe the ‘simultaneity of multiple coercive hierarchies’ in detail. This is very well covered territory. Kyriarchy brings nothing new to the table.

Dolphins Evolve Opposable Thumbs HONOLULU–In an announcement with grave implications for the primacy of the species of man, marine biologists at the Hawaii Oceanographic Institute reported Monday that dolphins, or family Delphinidae, have evolved opposable thumbs on their pectoral fins. One of the evolved dolphins, whose opposable thumbs have struck fear in the hearts of humankind. "I believe I speak for the entire human race when I say, 'Holy fuck,'" said Oceanographic Institute director Dr. James Aoki, noting that the dolphin has a cranial capacity 40 percent greater than that of humans. "That's it for us monkeys." Aoki strongly urged humans, especially those living near the sea, to learn to communicate using a system of clicks and whistles in a frequency range of 4 to 150 kHz.

8 Things Some A$$#ole Says in Every Debate About Sexism #4. The Nicer Detonator Alexander Bedrin/iStock/Getty Images Assholes act as if anger in response to centuries of systematic oppression is equal to centuries of systematic oppression, and the two cancel out. "Maybe if you were nicer about asking," they say, and it's impossible to respond properly, because only comic characters can scream so loudly it ruptures their eardrums and pulps their skulls.

Accepting Kyriarchy, Not Apologies In my last post, I actually used the word patriarchy. [spit] Ok, now I feel better. Let me introduce what I really mean when I talk oppression: kyriarchy. Prairie Rose House: How to build a tree swing This size is great for kids but a little snug for an adult. To make the swing bigger, even a two seat-er, just be sure to brace it well and to check the maximum load capacity for all parts. Hardware: Braided nylon rope 3/8", enough to reach from limb to ground twice plus 10' (I purchased brown, designed for hunting, but plain white or yellow would be cheaper); about 10' of twine; (2) lag screw eye bolts about 4.5" in length; (2) 5/16" quick link connectors or "S" links (these will allow for easy removal and installation each winter); wood screws, 1.5" long, I used leftover decking screws designed for use with cedar. Wood: redwood or cedar are great outdoor choices. I used a scrap piece of cedar leftover from the fence project about 17" long, 1" thick and 8" wide. I also ripped a second piece into two 4" wide strips about 6" long.

XY Bias: How Male Biology Students See Their Female Peers Over the last three years, Sarah Eddy and Daniel Grunspan have asked over 1,700 biology undergraduates at the University of Washington to name classmates whom they thought were “strong in their understanding of classroom material.” The results were worrying but predictable. The male students underestimated their female peers, over-nominating other men over better-performing women. Deeply Problematic: Why I use that word that I use: Kyriarchy, kyriarchal, and why not patriarchy Kyriarchy and kyriarchal are handy words in intersectional feminist and social justice language. They define the uneven distribution of basic rights broadly; they show that privilege and power injustices do not only exist in the case of men benefiting at the expense of women. Kyriarchy goes beyond patriarchy to recognize the way systems of inequality work together to hurt everyone. Kyriarchy are the structures of domination working together as a network - not just one group dominating another. Its branches include but are not limited to racism, sexism, cissexism, heterosexism, ageism, and ableism.

Why time appears to speed up with age (idea) by Professor Pi In a groundbreaking article, T. L. Freeman discusses the relationship between actual age and effective age1.