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perfectly4med: Artist at work If you’d like most of these patterns in one file, or in a printed book,click on the image above for more details. An alphabetical gallery of my tangle patterns. Click on a pattern to go to the step-by-step instructions blog entry. Inset images show variations. How to Be Ambidextrous - wikiHow, the free how-to guide Edit Article Edited by Tom Viren, Jamie Bresee, Josh W., Imperatrix and 38 others Michelangelo, Einstein, Tesla, Leonardo da Vinci and Truman were all physically ambidextrous. Here are some tips to learn how to do it. These have been collected from friends, books, and the internet. Medicine Wheels and Mandalas The World's largest Mandala (also called thanka) is a complex design that reflects the spirit and philosophies of Buddhism, and symbolizes the various levels of existence of Buddha's life. Ten thousand volunteers from 16 different countries contributed to the construction of the 70mx50m Mandala. The Mandala, weighing 2300Kgs, took eight years to complete, beginning in 1994 and ended in April of 2002. The Mandala is a made from a collection of 81 pieces of carved clothes each measuring 7.7mx5.5m in size.

Fencing Competitive fencing is one of five sports which has been featured at every one of the modern Olympic Games, the other four being Athletics, Cycling, Swimming, and Gymnastics. Competitive fencing[edit] Governing body[edit] Dom Casmurro - Machado de Assis Machado de Assis's achievement in both novels and poetry make him Brazil's paradigm of a writer. His novels are characterized "by a psychological insight as well as a broad view of social conditions in Brazil and the world. The seriousness of the realistic view is highlighted with ironic humor."

Seminar IX This blog is the companion photo-journal for this newsletter. Certified Zentangle Teachers of Seminar IX Zentangle banner welcomes attendees Close-ups of items in classroom gallery: Tangle instruction in ASL How to Learn Speed Reading: 17 steps Steps Part 1 Learning to Speed Read <img alt="Image titled Learn Speed Reading Step 1" src=" width="728" height="546" class="whcdn" onload="WH.performance.clearMarks('image1_rendered'); WH.performance.mark('image1_rendered');">1Stop talking to yourself. Almost every reader "subvocalizes," or moves their throat as they imagine speaking the words.[1] This may help the reader remember concepts, but it's also a major barrier to speed.[2][3] Here are a few ways to keep this habit to a minimum: Chew gum or hum while you read.

"Zen Mandalas" - a new book! Whee! I'm on a book cover! Well, not ME exactly, but I think of my art as me and one of my Zentangle inspired mandalas is on the cover of a new book from Design Originals. There are a few more of my pieces inside. How to Memorize: 27 steps Edit Article Memory HelpAuditory learnersVisual learnersTactile/kinesthetic learnerReading method Edited by Nicole Willson, James Quirk, Flickety, January99 and 135 others Tired of taking tests and not being able to remember what you just read last night?

How to draw three types of grids for your Zentangles Recently in the comments on how to draw Miasma, tangler Suzanne asked for some tips on drawing grids: “General Question: how best to practice making grid based designs. I’m having difficulty establishing an equal base grid.” My response to Suzanne’s question prompted her to suggest it would make a good tips section. Thus this post and for future reference, you can find it on the Tutorials tab in the alphabetic menu bar. In the Zentangle® method we don’t use rulers or other straight edges or any other type of “mechanical aids”.

Immortal Game Game animation General description[edit] Checkmate of the Immortal Game Bobby Fischer In 1970, "Fischer dominated his contemporaries"[6] by winning the 1970 Interzonal Tournament by a record 3½-point margin and winning 20 consecutive games, including two unprecedented 6–0 sweeps in the Candidates Matches.[7] In July 1971, he became the first official World Chess Federation (FIDE) number-one-ranked player, spending 54 total months at number one. In 1972, he captured the World Chess Championship from Boris Spassky of the USSR in a match, held in Reykjavík, Iceland, publicized as a Cold War confrontation which attracted more worldwide interest than any chess championship before or since.[8] In the 1990s, Fischer patented a modified chess timing system (which added a time increment after each move; now a standard practice in top tournament and match play) and created a new variant of chess called Fischerandom (Chess960).[13]

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