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Pinyin Practice ~ Tones

Pinyin Practice ~ Tones
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Languages - Chinese - Chinese games - Tone game Chinese Character Flashcards A Java applet to assist in the learning of Chinese characters. Currently the 1,000 most frequently used characters are in the database but I hope to add more as time goes on. I have a new version of the flashcards with many improvements. How to Use: Levels: The table is divided into ten levels, with 100 characters in each level. The information table that this applet uses is 134K bytes large and may take a minute or two to load depending on the speed of you computer and modem connection. Many people have written me inquiring if they could download this flashcard applet and run it locally. Some other features that have been requested (and which I will try to include in upcoming releases) are: Ability to hear the pinyin for the character pronounced. I'm interested in hearing your ideas and suggestions for this tool.

Learn Chinese with free online lessons Learn Chinese Here is an easy-going bilingual program. The program is in flash and you'll learn about modern Chinese. What's more, you can master the skills of using Chinese to communicate. Also you can master vocabulary and oral Chinese; furthermore, this program will enhance your Chinese listening ability. New Words and Expressions Preview the new words in this lesson, including all the new words and expressions that you are going to learn in this class, the correspondent word class, the Chinese alphabet (pinyin), and translations.

Chineasy uses illustrations to break down and teach Chinese characters Entrepreneur and venture capitalist ShaoLan Hsueh has developed a simple methodology -- called Chineasy -- to allow non-Chinese readers to learn written Chinese characters. Chineasy -- which aims to "penetrate the Great Wall of Chinese Language" -- works by taking a few core characters from the Chinese language and using illustrations and simple stories to help people memorise their meaning. Once people can recognise these characters, it is easy to recognise a family of related characters. Starting with eight core characters -- fire, tree, Sun, Moon, person, mouth, door, mountain -- students can learn 64 different words and combine them to create simple sentences. Hsueh grew up in Taiwan and is the daughter of a calligrapher and a professor of ceramic art. This triggered her to try and find an easier way to teach the language. "It's a hobby that has developed into a methodology, using characters, animations and colours," she added. "For me it's a legacy.

Glossary - Chinese Grammar Wiki We strive to avoid unnecessarily technical terms on the Chinese Grammar Wiki, but occasionally it's sort of necessary, and sometimes even useful (yes, really!). So to help you out, we've placed all of the grammatical terms related to Mandarin Chinese in one place. Click through each link for a more complete description of each term. Many pages also have lists of grammar points related to the term. Action verb — Also known as: 动作动词 (dòngzuò dòngcí) and 行为动词 (xíngwéi dòngcí). Action verbs describe what a subject did, is doing, or will do, physically. Action-measure complement — Also known as: 动量补语 (dòng-liàng bǔyǔ). Adjective — Also known as: 形容词 (xíngróngcí). Adjectival predicate sentence — Also known as: 形容词谓语句 (xíngróngcí wèiyǔ jù) and 形容词性谓语句 (xíngróngcí-xìng wèiyǔ jù). Adverb — Also known as: 副词 (fùcí). Adverbial — Also known as: 状语 (zhuàngyǔ). Adverbial phrase — Also known as: 副词短语 (fùcí duǎnyǔ). Affirmative-negative questions — Affixes — Also known as: 词缀 (cízhuì).

Learn Chinese with Experts, Whenever and Wherever - Home - Mandarin Chinese: Vocabulary Guide: Vegetables | Vegetables 莴苣wō jù 卷心菜juǎn xīn cài 玉米yù mǐ 蘑菇mó gū 西红柿xī hóng shì 土豆tǔ dòu 薯类, 白薯shǔ lèi, bái shǔ 辣椒là jiāo 洋葱yáng cōng 葱cōng 大蒜dà suàn 大蒜丁香dà suàn dīng xiāng 胡萝卜hú luó bo 芹菜qín cài 西兰花xī lán huā 菜花cài huā 沙拉shā lā 甜菜tián cài 白萝卜bái luó bo 萝卜luó bo 豆子dòu zi 豌豆wān dòu 豆荚dòu jiá 南瓜nán guā 黄瓜huáng guā 西葫芦xī hú lù 洋蓟yáng jì 青椒qīng jiāo 芦笋lú sǔn 茄子qié zi At 105, Chinese Linguist Now A Government Critic Zhou Youguang, founder of the Pinyin system of romanizing the Chinese language, has published 10 books since turning 100, some reflecting his critical views of the Chinese government. Shown here in his book-lined study, the outspoken Zhou has witnessed a century of change in China. Louisa Lim/NPR hide caption itoggle caption Louisa Lim/NPR Louisa Lim/NPR Zhou Youguang should be a Chinese hero after making what some call the world's most important linguistic innovation: He invented Pinyin, a system of romanizing Chinese characters using the Western alphabet. But instead, this 105-year-old has become a thorn in the government's side. Zhou (shown here in New York in 1947) worked on Wall Street as a banker but returned to China in 1949 after the Communist Revolution. Courtesy Zhou Youguang hide caption itoggle caption Courtesy Zhou Youguang Pinyin, The 'Open Sesame' Of Chinese But despite his age, Zhou still lives in a modest third-floor walk-up. Political Progress Is 'Too Slow'

Livemocha entrypage Learn Chinese for free with online lessons Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, with over a billion native speakers. The official language of the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of China, Chinese has many different dialects, many of which are not mutually intelligible. “Mandarin” refers to a group of dialects spoken mainly in northern and southwestern China, and is also the name of official Standard Chinese, which derives largely from the Beijing dialect. Mandarin Chinese and the Livemocha Community Learn to speak Chinese with others Almost 7% of Livemocha members are learning Mandarin Chinese.Nearly 70% of Chinese members on Livemocha are learning English. Mandarin Chinese Fun Facts The Chinese language has over 20,000 characters, but the average Chinese only learns about 5,000 of these in the lifetime. Spoken Chinese grammar is relatively simple compared to Latin- and Greek-based languages. Mandarin Chinese is a tonal language. The Great Wall of China.

The Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies - Professional Development for Educators Make a Difference. Make a Gift. Jackson School Outreach Resources for Language Teaching Register now for our March 2013 community college language instructor workshop: Don't Just Stand There: Engage Students in Active Language Learning Get your students up and moving, using language in everday situations. Visit our facebook page here: Language Resources 2012 Workshop Video Lets Talk About Teaching Foreign Languages Preview Let's Talk About Teaching Foreign Language Complete Video Part One: Language Proficiency: What it Means to “Know” a Language Part Two: Tasks in Language Teaching: What We Ask Students to Do Part Three: Standards for Foreign Language Learning Language Resources | General | | Arabic | Chinese | French | German | Hindi |Indonesian | Italian | Spanish | Tagalog | Urdu | Interagency Language Roundtable Information about assessing skill levels, resources for professional teachers and students of all languages Good listing of lyrics of Arabic songs