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Doc Brown vs Doctor Who

Doc Brown vs Doctor Who
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TARDIS Mosaic Lantern ERB - New Episodes coming Feb 11! Download This Song: ► this Vid-ee-oh! ► Peter Live Tour in Europe right now: ► Hi. My name is Nice Peter, and this is EpicLLOYD, and this is the Epic Rap Battles of History, Season 3 Finale. It's been most excellent to have you here for these videos, thank you for an awesome season. New ERB Merch, y'all: ► ◄ We hang out here: Watch Behind The Scenes Here: ► ▼ CAST ▼ARTISTS:Leonardo da Vinci: Link Neal Donatello: Rhett Michelangelo: Ian Raphael: Anthony Ninja Turtles Stunt Double: Xin Wuku -nice peter & epiclloyd

THE TIME SPACE RELATION IN THE JUNG THEORY THE TIME SPACE RELATION IN THE JUNG THEORYBy : Fernando R. GoñiThis work is a dissertation realized during July 1991, at the O.E.A.’s ex scholarship holders association’s headquarters, remembering the 30th anniversary of Carl Jung’s death. Dr. Goñi worked in Molecular chemistry at the New York Hospital (U.S.A.) and now he’s the director of the area in . "...There is a common way, a common breath , every things are in sympathy"... The whole organism and each one of it‘s parts are working in conjunction for the same purpose... The great principle are spreading to the most extreme part , and from the most extreme part returns to the great principle, to the unique nature, "to be or not to be". Starting from this thought of Hipócrates, and summarizing all about the Tao who impressed him, Pico de la Mirándola and, of course, the Universe itself; Jung expressed: "The universal principle is even into the smallest particle, which therefore, correspond to the whole". Jung said that: Thanks

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The TARDIS Room - Drink - Thrillist Portland Supposedly Dr. Who can travel through time, though it's a mystery why he never warned Churchill about Hitler, or David Tennant about ignoring orthodontia. To right the wrong... of sobriety and hunger!... step into The TARDIS Room. Built by an ex-pat Brit, TARDIS was conceived when he realized the door to the loo in his Fish and Chip shop looked like a police call box, and that the huge amount of possibly physics-defying storage in the back of the resto would be better used as a place where Whovians could sip beers and talk about proper scarf-wrapping technique. Get to a psychedelic time tunnel and check out: The Space: Hit the front room/ performance space with a bathroom door made to look exactly like a TARDIS, then continue into a rambling series of black-painted rooms leading to a hidden pub. 30 fireplace-equipped PDX drinking spots Map Data Map data ©2014 Google Previous VenueNext VenueVenue Description 1218 N Killingsworth, Portland, OR 97217

The real cyborgs - in-depth feature about people merging with machines Ian Burkhart concentrated hard. A thick cable protruded from the crown of his shaven head. A sleeve sprouting wires enveloped his right arm. At first it opened slowly and shakily, as though uncertain who its owner was. The technology that made this possible, Neurobridge, had successfully reconnected Burkhart’s brain with his body. But such milestones are coming thick and fast. A growing cadre of innovators is taking things further, using replacement organs, robotic prosthetics and implants not to restore bodily functions but to alter or enhance them. “This is the frontline of the Human Enhancement Revolution,” wrote the technology author and philosopher Patrick Lin last year. The US military is pouring millions of dollars into projects such as Ekso Bionics’ Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC), an ‘Iron Man’-style wearable exoskeleton that gives soldiers superhuman strength. Ever since the earliest humans made stone tools, we have tried to extend our powers. The Cybernetic Human

Doctor Who: New Images From The Bells Of St. John Unveiled BBC America has dropped a fresh crop of brand new images from the return of "Doctor Who." The newest episode in the British franchise is called "The Bells of St. John," and was penned by lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat (who also handles the Benedict Cumberbatch/Martin Freeman series "Sherlock"). PLAY IT NOW: Jordan Gavaris & Dylan Bruce Discuss Orphan Black "The Bells of St. Following the premiere of the show - on Saturday, March 30 at ET/PT -- there will be seven more episodes. VIEW THE PHOTOS: Doctor Who: The Bells Of St. This latest installment will also feature the Doctor's new companion, Clara, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman. PHOTOS: Doctor Who: The Bells Of St. After the season premiere of "Dr. VIEW THE PHOTOS: The Sexy Men Of Sci-Fi Access Hollywood sat down with Tatiana Maslany of "Orphan Black" recently, where she discussed the new drama. Copyright 2013 by NBC Universal, Inc. VIEW THE PHOTOS: The Brit Pack: Hot Shots Of Stars From The UK!

Θουκυδίδης Το έργο του άσκησε μεγάλη επιρροή σε ιστορικούς και μελετάται ως σήμερα από πολιτικούς επιστήμονες, καθώς θεωρείται ο πατέρας του πολιτικού ρεαλισμού ως προσέγγισης στη μελέτη των διεθνών σχέσεων.[1] Η ζωή του[Επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα] Ο Θουκυδίδης ήταν περίπου 25-30 ετών στην αρχή του Πελοποννησιακού Πολέμου (431 π.Χ.). Αρρώστησε και ο ίδιος κατά τον λοιμό που έπληξε την Αθήνα μεταξύ 430 και 427 π.Χ. εξοντώνοντας το ένα τέταρτο του πληθυσμού της, μεταξύ αυτών και τον Περικλή. Το 424 π.Χ. εκλέχθηκε στρατηγός και ανέλαβε τη διοίκηση επτά πλοίων που αγκυροβολούσαν στη Θάσο, πιθανότατα λόγω των διασυνδέσεών του στην περιοχή. Ο Βρασίδας, γνωρίζοντας ότι ο Θουκυδίδης βρισκόταν στη Θάσο και φοβούμενος βοήθεια από τη θάλασσα, έσπευσε να προσφέρει ευνοϊκούς όρους στους κατοίκους της Αμφίπολης για παράδοση, τους οποίους και δέχτηκαν. Το έργο του Θουκυδίδη[Επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα] Ο Θουκυδίδης δεν έδωσε τίτλο στο έργο αυτό, ούτε το διαίρεσε σε βιβλία. Hunger, Herbert.

Fish Stick Cookies with Vanilla Pudding You probably recall that I’m a Doctor Who fan. I love DW almost as much as I love Harry Potter. Really, it’s thisclose (DW is probably tied with Star Trek…but I’ve never posted about Star Trek; I need to get on that). Yet this post is my only Doctor Who post. Until today. Excuse me for a moment… Ahem. Today, I bring you fish fingers and custard. Not really. Well, I have a sweet little trick up my sleeve, but first, a little back story…very short, leaving out all of the really important details, because then you would just get way too confused and I’d never be able to explain it all properly, especially just in one post. See, the Doctor regenerates when he’s killed. Anywho, he regenerates. So, like I said, the Doctor regenerates, he gets new. The Doctor isn’t really quite sure, since he doesn’t quite know himself anymore (even though he’s sort of really the same Doctor he’s always been) what he wants. Fish Fingers and Custard So I came up with my own version.  for gluten free).

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