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TheyWorkForYou: Hansard and Official Reports for the UK Parliament, Scottish Parliament, and Northern Ireland Assembly - done right

TheyWorkForYou: Hansard and Official Reports for the UK Parliament, Scottish Parliament, and Northern Ireland Assembly - done right

WE- Yvegney Zamyatin (Political Science Fiction) Review [Zamyatin s] intuitive grasp of the irrational side of totalitarianism human sacrifice, cruelty as an end in itself makes ["We"] superior to Huxley s ["Brave New World"]. George Orwell" About the Author Yevgeny Ivanovich Zamyatin (1884-1937) was a naval architect by profession and a writer by nature.

Scottish Democratic Alliance - dedicated to re-energising Scotland Africa Governance Initiative This year AGI celebrates five years since starting in Sierra Leone and Rwanda. Today the organisation is working in 7 countries across Africa and continuing to grow. In April Tony Blair and AGI Director Andy Ratcliffe joined World Bank President Jim Kim, Michael Barber and others for a day of discussions on how governments can best deliver change for their people. Learn more, and watch the main event with Tony Blair here.

Transparent Chennai List of UK Justice websites - Her Majesty's Courts Service HM Courts & Tribunals Service was created on 1 April 2011. It brings together HM Courts Service & Tribunals Service into one integrated agency providing support for the administration of justice in courts and tribunals. HM Courts & Tribunals Service is an agency of the Ministry of Justice. It uniquely operates as a partnership between the Lord Chancellor, the Lord Chief Justice and the Senior President of Tribunals as set out in our Framework Document. The agency is responsible for the administration of the criminal, civil and family courts and tribunals in England and Wales and non-devolved tribunals in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Revolt on the Right by Robert Ford and Matthew Goodwin – review Its first leader was a don at a fashionable London University, its current leader went to public school and made his money in the City. His immediate predecessor was an Etonian who hadn't read his own party's manifesto. Its elected officials have called women sluts, been jailed for benefit fraud, and blamed the floods on gay marriage. Its only consistent political success is in elections to a body its supporters want no part of under a system its leader despises. So why has this party – without a single seat in parliament – managed to change government and opposition policy on what many voters think to be the most important issue of the day?

Centre for Law and the Environment New book on EU environmental law By Centre for Law and Environment , on 14 April 2014 Centre member Maria Lee has published EU Environmental Law, Governance and Decision-Making with Hart Publishing, A vast and diverse body of EU law addresses an enormous range of environmental matters. This book examines a number of areas of substantive EU environmental law, focusing on the striking preoccupation of EU environmental law with the structure of decision-making. Struggling on: Zapatistas 20 years after the uprising 1 January 2014Last updated at 00:37 ET By Will Grant BBC Mundo, San Cristobal de las Casas Continue reading the main story The EZLN's charismatic leader with his pipe and balaclava soon became iconic for the indigenous struggle The speed with which the uprising spread caught the security forces by surprise Women played a key role in the movement, with many becoming female commanders, or comandantas The army was quickly sent to Chiapas to restore order Continue reading the main story