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8 Types Of Imagination

8 Types Of Imagination
Imagination is critical to innovation and learning–but what exactly is it? Dr. Murray Hunter of the University of Malaysia Perlis discusses the 8 types of imagination we use on a daily basis, with explanations for each. Dr. Hunter defines imagination as “the ability to form mental images, phonological passages, analogies, or narratives of something that is not perceived through our senses. Imagination is a manifestation of our memory and enables us to scrutinize our past and construct hypothetical future scenarios that do not yet, but could exist. 8 Types of Imagination 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. More Info Visit the IntoEastAfrica blog for more reading. Requisite Carl Sagan And no mention of imagination would be complete without Carl Sagan.

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Thinking outside the box The "nine dots" puzzle. The goal of the puzzle is to link all 9 dots using four straight lines or fewer, without lifting the pen and without tracing the same line more than once. One solution appears below. Thinking outside the box (also thinking out of the box[1][2] or thinking beyond the box) is a metaphor that means to think differently, unconventionally, or from a new perspective.

'How Creativity Works': It's All In Your Imagination What makes people creative? What gives some of us the ability to create work that captivates the eyes, minds and hearts of others? Using Creativity to Carve Out Your Niche in Life Creativity can be the act of bringing something new into this world. Or it can be the uniqueness of each person that sets them apart from others. In the first instance, you may be creating something with your hands like painting a picture, or with your mind like writing a book. Even though in this case to create is to bring forth, you can’t help but stamp all your creations with your uniqueness.

7 Steps To Compel Creativity It is said that art imitates life. To be able to express oneself creatively is both powerful and fulfilling. True creativity resides within all of us, but because of the power of creativity those that aren’t ‘naturally gifted’ feel intimidated to even try. 4 Ways To Amplify Your Creativity The holidays are over, the weather is lousy, and we’re sober again. We made all kinds of New Year’s promises, but the big one that will change our careers, if not our lives, is the promise to ourselves to become more creative. In my new book, Creative Intelligence, I show that creativity is learned behavior that gets better with training--like sports. You can make creativity routine and a regular part of your life. That’s true for big companies as well as small startups, corporate managers as well as entrepreneurs. Creativity is scalable.

25 Useful Brainstorming Techniques by Celes on Feb 9, 2009 | ShareThis Email This Post Caught with a problem you cannot solve? Need new ideas and solutions? How To Be More Creative Creativity is often associated with elementary students who are encouraged to draw or color as a means of self-expression. For college students, it’s often thought of as courses or degrees that require specific creative skills such as art or writing majors. Yet for many students, the idea of intentionally being creative is lost. Business students, for example, must have a “serious” mindset because they are working with theories, developing critical thinking skills, and examining real-world problems. But creativity is not just about using crayons or drawing; it’s about developing innovative ideas and solutions.

Effect Of Colors: Blue Boosts Creativity, While Red Enhances Attention To Detail A new University of British Columbia study reconciles a debate that has long raged among marketers and psychologists: What colour most improves brain performance and receptivity to advertising, red or blue? It turns out they both can, it just depends on the nature of the task or message. The study, which could have major implications for advertising and interior design, finds that red is the most effective at enhancing our attention to detail, while blue is best at boosting our ability to think creatively. "Previous research linked blue and red to enhanced cognitive performance, but disagreed on which provides the greatest boost," says Juliet Zhu of UBC's Sauder School of Business, author of the study which will appear in the Feb. 5 issue of Science.

Monday Motivation: How Pixar does innovation. Searching for creative motivation or inspiration? Each Monday you can find all of the creative insight you need right here at Creative Something, with “Motivation Monday”. Pixar is one of the world’s most-popular and well-known animation studios. The films Pixar produces have received hundreds of awards around the globe and one of the films has even been listed as the 66th most popular movie of all time by Times Online. Recently Pixar director Brad Bird was interviewed about how innovation at Pixar works. “Brad Bird makes his living fostering creativity.

Sketching: the Visual Thinking Power Tool As a kid, I spent hours drawing and sketching ideas that popped into my head. Article Continues Below I used drawing as a primary language for capturing thoughts, exploring ideas, and then sharing those ideas. The difference between a creative genius and you. When it comes to creative problem solving, you and I are probably the same. In–fact, it’s safe to say that all humans tend to solve problems the same way. With the exception of creative geniuses (such as Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Isaac Newton, etc.).

Break Through Creative Blocks with this Unconventional Drawing Technique Pin It Clarity of thought, creative breakthroughs and inner peace whilst having a vacation from your overactive mind? Sound good? You need to sharpen your pencils. An all-too-familiar creative roadblock If you’ve ever had a tight deadline for a project or been trying to finish that latest article that seems to never end, you’ll appreciate the desperation that can start to creep into your thinking.