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"The Problem of Increasing Human Energy" by Nikola Tesla

"The Problem of Increasing Human Energy" by Nikola Tesla
DIAGRAM a. THE THREE WAYS OF INCREASING HUMAN ENERGY. Let, then, in diagram a, M represent the mass of man. This mass is impelled in one direction by a force f, which is resisted by another partly frictional and partly negative force R, acting in a direction exactly opposite, and retarding the movement of the mass. Viewed generally, there are obviously two ways of increasing the mass of mankind: first, by aiding and maintaining those forces and conditions which tend to increase it; and, second, by opposing and reducing those which tend to diminish it. Conversely, it scarcely need be stated that everything that is against the teachings of religion and the laws of hygiene is tending to decrease the mass. For every person who perishes from the effects of a stimulant, at least a thousand die from the consequences of drinking impure water. How to provide good and plentiful food is, therefore, a most important question of the day. There seems to be no philosophical necessity for food.

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New research shows how binary code can self-replicate like DNA Strings of binary aren’t all that different from strands of organic DNA; they both carry actionable information encoded into reconfigurable symbols. And, like DNA, with enough replication and slight variations, software could become resistant to viral attacks through digital biodiversity. Taking inspiration from nature, scientists at the University of Denmark’s Center for Fundamental Living Technology (FLinT) devised a method that allowed information strings made of binary code to autonomously self-replicate and mutate in a virtual simulation. Basically, they got digital strings of 1s and 0s to act like the building blocks of organic life. According to the researchers, this finding constitutes a step toward understanding how digitized information—knowledge and software—can ensure its own survival over time by continually generating variable copies of itself, like our DNA does, preserving valuable data indefinitely. As long as it has a physical container capable of computation, anyway.

Dan Rather - I am not sure it is possible to truly put... "The Transmission of Electrical Energy Without Wires as a Means for Furthering Peace" by Nikola Tesla Electrical World and Engineer, January 7, 1905, pp. 21-24 UNIVERSAL PEACE, assuming it to be in the fullest sense realizable, might not require eons for its accomplishment, however probable this may appear, judging from the imperceptibly slow growth of all great reformatory ideas of the past. Man, as a mass in movement, is inseparable from sluggishness and persistence in his life manifestations, but it does not follow from this that any passing phase, or any permanent state of his existence, must necessarily be attained through a stataclitic process of development. Our accepted estimates of the duration of natural metamorphoses, or changes in general, have been thrown in doubt of late. So, too, as regards the organic world, a similar revolution of thought is distinctly observable. To judge from current events we must be, as yet, very distant from that blissful goal. The coming meeting at the Hague, now indefinitely postponed, can only consider temporary expedients.

The irreconcilable acceptance of near-term extinction by Daniel A. Drumright, a lifelong radical environmentalist who has followed climate science for the last 24 years, and has been a feral “collapse theorist” for the last 12 years Considering this very long essay attempts to address what is without a doubt, the greatest phenomenal event in the recorded history of our species, I will definitely fall quite short in the endeavor. This essay is written in acceptance that humanity has now crossed numerous irreversible climatic thresholds. I have absolutely no interest in attempting to persuade anyone of this conjecture being either true or false. This essay is SOLELY written for those who are already familiar with a majority of the available evidence, and who’ve subsequently come to a similar conclusion for themselves. I am of the opinion that all dialog post-acceptance of NTE is manifestly commiserative. What is the meaning of NTE? I suspect most criticism of this essay will come from those who have yet to fully accept NTE … and rightly so!

Drosophila Mushroom Bodies Are Dispensable for Visual, Tactile, and Motor Learning Los 12 pasos para incorporar a tu vida el 'hygge', el secreto de la felicidad danesa Dinamarca es el país más feliz del mundo, según un informe anual que la ONU lleva haciendo desde 2012. Muchos apuntan, más allá de su escandinavo Estado de bienestar, a que el secreto de su felicidad es el hygge (que se pronuncia algo así como huu-gue, pero mejor escúchalo aquí), un concepto que no tiene fácil traducción y del que se ha escrito mucho últimamente. “Es difícil encontrar una palabra; sería una mezcla entre acogedor, bienestar, estar en una situación en la que te sientes cómodo, relajado y libre”, explica a Verne Mikkel Larsen (42 años), agregado de comunicación de la Embajada danesa en Madrid. Aunque en la representación diplomática escandinava no creen que el hygge esté relacionado con el mal tiempo, como sugería Quarzt hace poco, sí creen que el otoño y el invierno son más proclives. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. * Para que no te pierdas nada, nosotros te mandamos lo mejor de Verne a tu móvil: ¡únete a nuestro Telegram!

"How Cosmic Forces Shape Our Destinies" by Nikola Tesla New York American, February 7, 1915 Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surrounding, the sphere of external influence extends to infinite distance. There is no constellation or nebula, no sun or planet, in all the depths of limitless space, no passing wanderer of the starry heavens, that does not exercise some control over its destiny—not in the vague and delusive sense of astrology, but in the rigid and positive meaning of physical science. More than this can be said. There is no thing endowed with life—from man, who is enslaving the elements, to the humblest creature—in all this world that does not sway it in turn. Herbert Spencer has interpreted life as a continuous adjustment to the environment, a definition of this inconceivably complex manifestation quite in accord with advanced scientific thought, but, perhaps, not broad enough to express our present views. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. But this is not all.

by Lawrence Wilson, MD by Dr. Lawrence Wilson Ó April 2016, The Center For Development All information in this article is for educational purposes only. Truth is the most important thing in our lives. Truth refers to an absolute value or occurrence. For instance, one might ask, Is the car is in the driveway? Another example is to ask, “Did the holocaust of World War II actually occur?” The above may seem obvious, and I hope it is. To understand the idea of truth, it may be helpful to explore the opposite doctrine or belief – that there is no such thing as truth or anything absolute. The following discussion may seem odd, or going off on a tangent, but it is at the heart of modern liberalism and leftism, and it is being taught to your child if you send your child to school! Relativism. Some think war is bad, while others think it is good to thin down the population and get rid of one’s enemies. Some believe that rape is a horrible crime. Some view murder as the ultimate crime. Truth and moral relativism. 1. 2.

Joseph Smith and Kabbalah -- Notes Figure 1. A Kabbalist contemplates the "tree" of the ten Sefiroth, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. One of the first printed illustrations of the Sefiroth in this form, it appeared on the title page from a Latin translation of a Kabbalistic work by J. Gikatilla. Figure 12.

Guía práctica para descubrir todo lo que Google sabe de ti y poder eliminarlo Que Google tiene información sobre prácticamente todo lo que hacemos no es un secreto para nadie. A través de sus herramientas, desde los historiales de navegación hasta nuestra ubicación o búsquedas por voz, el gigante tecnológico es capaz de recopilar información sobre nosotros a cada paso que damos. Toda nuestra información es recogida y luego utilizada para personalizar la publicidad que nos ofrecen y mejorar sus servicios. En definitiva, les sirve para forrarse a nuestra costa. Pero esta es la razón por la que, al fin y al cabo, internet es gratuito. Sin embargo, ahora tenemos la posibilidad de ver todo lo que Google sabe de nosotros. Pero esta herramienta era muy básica, así que esta semana han decidido lanzar la nueva página “ Mi Actividad”, en la que se muestran casi todos nuestros pasos vinculados a nuestra cuenta de Google. 7 pasos para hacer desaparecer tu rastro de Google casi por completo 2- Una vez hecho, tienes que entrar en “ Ir a controles de actividad”.