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The Cleverest Ways to Use Dropbox That You're Not Using

The Cleverest Ways to Use Dropbox That You're Not Using
@Platypus Man: Do you have an iPhone, BlackBerry or an Android phone? KeePass (a highly-recommended password management app) is available for many platforms. Including the above mentioned phones, Windows, Mac & Linux. I also only have 1 computer, but I use KeePass on both my desktop and Android™ phone (I have a heavily modded/rooted NexusOne). Aside from my passwords file, I sync a few critical apps. I actually don't use more than 10MB of my DropBox space :) Flagged @OrganizedFellow: Well, when I originally wrote this, I didn't, but I have an Android phone now.

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e-Learning modules on-the-shelf covering key concepts, practices and managerial behaviours. CrossKnowledge currently offers more than 300 e-learning modules in ten different languages (French, English, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, German, Italian, Finnish, Chinese and Japanese). The CrossKnowledge Sessions are based on an exclusive educational format: the use of one or more voices as a common thread, providing a user experience close to that of TV or radio,extensive use of video to demonstrate good and bad practices,inductive educational methods aimed at promoting learning through discovery rather than top-down learning,frequent interactivity to pace training and keep users active,systematic practical exercises to check that know-how is really being acquired and assimilated. The quality of the CrossKnowledge Sessions has led to them being selected as an integral part of the diploma programmes of the foremost European business schools, for example, HEC Paris, ESSEC, ESCP Europe, ESMT (Germany), Vlerick (Belgium), Open University (UK).

Fiber-optic speeds achieved over copper lines ( -- Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent's research arm, has demonstrated industry record broadband download speeds of up to 300 Megabits per second using two traditional twisted pair copper telephone lines. The achievement could extend the use of copper-based broadband networks, which are in wide use around the world, and it could provide another means of providing faster broadband in areas where fiber-optic and other cable technologies are unavailable. French telecommunications giant Alcatel-Lucent said the speeds achieved would enable service providers to use the existing copper-based infrastructure to satisfy demand for fast broadband for home and business users for many years to come. Achieving faster speeds is important for Internet service providers who want to compete with the fundamentally different technology used by cable companies. The demonstration used DSL (digital subscriber line) phantom mode, which was developed in 1986 as an analog telephony technique.

How to Suck at Facebook All artwork and content on this site is Copyright © 2015 Matthew Inman. Please don't steal. was lovingly built using CakePHP All artwork and content on this site is Copyright © 2015 Matthew Inman. Dropbox Forms Is the Easiest Way to Let Anyone Send a File to Your Dropbox Account Yeah, I just tried this out and I don't like the way it works. The upload form you create sends the file to JotForm first, who then copies it into your Dropbox account. So not only are you limited by the 50MB Filesize and 100MB JotForm quota, but you're adding a point of failure to an otherwise robust system. If either service were to change something, or if JotForm fails somehow, it's possible an uploaded file would fail to be copied to Dropbox, which could be a very bad thing if you're waiting for an important file. And if your JotForm submission quota is full, then that file won't even be uploaded to JotForm, much less to Dropbox.

Review - Why You Should Use Dropbox Dropbox isn’t a new entrant to the backup and sync scene. It’s been sometime since it was introduced, and has already received rave reviews and accolades from various technology sites and journals. I knew about the tool since the day it came into existence. But I didn’t jump on the opportunity to try it out. That was probably because I had my own backup and sync system which included various tools, and I was quite satisfied with that.

Socrative: Turn Student SmartPhones into Clickers » Technology for Educators [Update: See a more recent post on new features.] This is the tool I’ve been waiting for. Socrative turns your students’ smartphones into a powerful student response system. It’s like PollEverywhere (see this earlier post), but with greater flexibility and ease-of-use, the ability to attach student names to electronic quizzes, and free – even when you have more than 30 students. This promises to be a real challenge to the makers of student response systems. You and your students have options for accessing Socrative.

8 Things Everybody Ought to Know About Concentrating “Music helps me concentrate,” Mike said to me glancing briefly over his shoulder. Mike was in his room writing a paper for his U.S. History class. On his desk next to his computer sat crunched Red Bulls, empty Gatorade bottles, some extra pocket change and scattered pieces of paper. GeekMusic Upload Subscription preferences Loading... Working... Liastnir ► Play all What is LAN sync? - « Back to Help Center LAN sync is a Dropbox feature that speeds syncing dramatically when the file exists on your Local Area Network (LAN). What does that mean exactly? Well, when you add a file to your computer's Dropbox, the file is then synced with Dropbox servers.

Dropbox for iPad Sorry, there was a problem loading this page. Bring your files with you when you're on the goAdd files to your Favorites for fast, offline viewingEasily upload photos and videos to DropboxShare freely with family and friends 10 Tools to Tell What’s Hot Today (Right Now Even)! Are you afraid that you’re missing out on an important event? Concerned that you won’t know what’s being discussed around the water cooler tomorrow? Worried that something is happening in the world right now that you don’t know anything about and that you’re missing out on some very lucrative keyword opportunities? Worry no more! Personal Finance for Starters [Video] There are many newcomers in Personal Finance who have no idea of very basic things . So I thought of doing a video presentation covering topics like Section 80C , HRA , HRA Example , LTA and Medical Exemptions , Tax Calculations , Tax Slab and example , Power of Investing Early , Understanding Equity and Debt , Investments Options , What is Insurance , Insurance Options , 4 most important things in Personal Finance . Lets see how everyone likes it .

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