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Tectónicas Digitales

Tectónicas Digitales
Descripción “Propagaciones Materiales” busca introducir a los participantes en el dominio conceptual y técnico de las metodologías de diseño generativo, poniendo énfasis en la aplicación de diferentes metodologías de fabricación digital [procesos de manufactura, prototipado en varias escalas, uso de maquinaria de corte laser, etc]. Este Workshop culminará con el desarrollo de una instalación colaborativa 1:1 que [...] Sequir Leyendo...

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Fabrication Grasshopper: Parametric CurvesThis module covers the basic parametric properties of curves along with common grasshopper methods for evaluating and dividing curves. ARCH 598 Summer 2011information >> n-formations FABRICS // LATTICES // FIELDSThis course is designed to introduce and explore computational design, algorithmic thinking, and digital manufacturing–both: the larger ramifications that emerging digital technologies and ideas are having architectural theory via readings, discussions, presentations; and the practical application of these ideas and tools through a series of hands-on, iterative modeling and fabrication assignments. ARCH 581/498 : Fall 2010Digital Design + Fabrication Foundations I Grasshopper: Surface to Planar TrianglesGrasshopper : Surface to Planar Triangles : Fabrication Layout of Planar Components Laser Cutting: Adobe IllustratorLaser Cutting from Adobe Illustrator

Computational Design Lab The goal of this project is developing a wireless glove and a software framework to manipulate a parametric model in Rhino 3D. The glove reads user’s hand movement and gestures using mounted sensors on it. Then a LilyPad Arduino gathers sensors data as input, processes them, and sends them using a XBee module wirelessly to the computer. The software framework on computer gets sent data using another XBee module, connected to the computer. Finally, the framework translate data to information for controlling the parametric model in Rhino 3D. Link to documentation: rhinoglove.pdf

Neoarchaic Design December 27th, 2010 | Published in Design, Objects Insert, Reverse, Repeat, Cross NIC NAC, a modular fabric, creates a system by which a small tow dimensionally packable module can be cut with minimum material waste and coupled together with only a small amount of surface area reduction in overlap. What Exactly Is A Smart City? Having worked in the smart cities space for several years now, I am encouraged by the growth of the sector and the pace of technological advancements being developed for urban environments. However, I believe that the smart-cities movement is being held back by a lack of clarity and consensus around what a smart city is and what the components of a smart city actually are. While some people continue to take a narrow view of smart cities by seeing them as places that make better use of information and communication technology (ICT), the cities I work with (and most of the participants in the #smartchat, a monthly Twitterchat about smart cities held on the first Wednesday of each month) all view smart cities as a broad, integrated approach to improving the efficiency of city operations, the quality of life for its citizens, and growing the local economy. Later this year, I’ll publish my annual rankings of smart cities here on Co.Exist. Step 1: Create a Vision with Citizen Engagement

Simulating Water Drops on Wood Step 1: To begin you will need to find a source image of water drops so that you can study the relationship of the wave spacing and intensity. You might find one that is better than the one I used. Step 2: Bring that image into Photoshop and draw vertical lines at the peaks and valleys of the waves. Step 3: Select the Gradient Tool. Step 4: Click on the window in the options bar that shows the active gradient ramp. New Fabrications for Architecture The Euclid robot and Ron 2.0 make their first 3D printed object. This was just a simple test print on the Euclid robot now that it is fully up and running, but it came out better than I was expecting. This whole layer based printing business is pretty easy. The details: It is printed with ABS plastic,size is 12 inches tall and 5x5 inches in plan. Because Ron 2.0 is such a huge plastic extruder the ‘line weight’ is very wide; that coupled with the speed that the robot was moving makes for a very thick walled structure. So much so that I can stand on this thing, both upright and on its side.

Urbano Humano Agency Macro.Meso.Micro Think Tank that performs research on Regional Politics and Social Innovation, and it has been recognised by Social Innovation Europe. web: Co-director and curator of #OPEN_madrid, Seminar about citizen urbanism and social innovation, with Medialab Prado and Rey Juan Carlos University. web: Founder and coordinator of “Think Cities”, a research and training project centered on Urban Innovation. design playgrounds Posts Tagged ‘Parametric Architecture’ We are happy and excited to announce that finally after a long time we have a launch day for ThinkParametric. Hy-FI is the winning proposal for this year MoMA´s PS1 competition, a tower-like topology volume composed by compostable bricks that use corn stalks and mushroom roots in their process of elaboration. Rhinoceros 3D Help - Tutorials, Links, Galleries, Forum, Jobs, Video, Commands, CAD, Training This tutorial will cover some basics of designing and modeling a ring with T-Splines and Rhino 4. You can download this tutorial in PDF format here. Organic Modeling for Jewelry Design with T-Splines and Rhino® 4 Designing a Ring Juan Santocono Industrial Design

Parametric Wood 3D Laths This is an update that will generate 3 dimensional laths for rendering purposes. Work Credit by percentage: Daniel: 60% no boxes! Fritz Obermeyer’s Jenn is a nicely crafted java application that allows a playful examination of structures in non-Euclidian space, more specifically Coxeter polytopes in stereographic projection. These complex geometric structures are the 4-dimensional Sisters to the polyhedra and have, what seems like, recursive interiors and packing formations that resemble bubbles in foam. The applet allows you to fly through these structures and orient the camera view according to your whims; other controls include toggles for the kind of rendering display settings. Perhaps I shouldn’t report it, but there are also some nice rendering glitches on some of the selected models on certain views. The word ‘polytope’ was introduced by Alicia Boole Stott , the daughter of logician George Boole. So the story goes, she had a remarkable understanding of 4- dimensional geometry (X,Y,X,Time) from an early age.

Free Rhino 3D models Free Rhino3d Models A personal growing collection of 3D NURBS models for Rhino by Aleksandar Dimitrov. The models here are free to use. t e r r a . f l u x u s » mapping REWIND: 2010, A Year in Review by Jason King What a great year. Ok, while not a complete year (the firm began operations in mid-February), 2010 was a great start to TERRA.fluxus, with a number of highlights, projects, research, and exploration worthy of a recap. Rather than a chronological walk through the year, there are a number of themes to be captured within the projects and activities of the firm, which ranged through the west from Washington & Oregon to California, and included a wide variety of explorations of planning, design, and urbanism. Starting in the home office, I first moved to a shared space with Design Department, then finally to the current location at Tenpod, another shared office space inside the Rocket Building on East Burnside, centrally located and packed with a range of creative folks.

codedchromics I hadn’t heard about this before but fist (whoops, mean first) saw this earlier this month mentioned on Syuzi Pakhchyan’s blog Wearable Technology (always an inspiration!) Sophie de Oliveira Barata offers a ‘real’ option ‘surreal’ option and an ‘unreal’ option – you’ve just got to love that! Here are some of the incredible decorated and unusual prosthetics from The Alternative Limb Project - “The Alternative Limb Project offers a personal and friendly bespoke service, which provides unique prosthetics to blend in with the body or stand out as a unique piece of art, reflecting the wearer’s imagination, personality and interests. We will involve the wearer in all stages of the process from conception of ideas to the final work. An alternative-style limb can help to break down social barriers, delight the eye and provide an unusual talking point.”