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Kyle McDonald

Kyle McDonald
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Matt Mets Anne-Sarah Le Meur - Images de synthèse, infographie, art numérique, art virtuel. Peter Kropf Lanvideosource CS148 Introduction to Computer Graphics - CS 148 (Winter 2009) This is the course wiki for cs148 - Introduction to Computer Graphics and Imaging CANON EOS Rebel; Wall-E, PIXAR; The Rubik Font, designed by Philip Lischer and Cornel Windlin. Announcements The Final Exam is Wed, March 18 from 7-10pm in Rm 420-041. Schedule Assignments Assignment1 : Generative art Assignment2 : Animated sculpture Assignment3 : Interacting with a game controller Assignment4 : Font editor Assignment5 : Programmable image processor Assignment6 : Matte Extraction Assignment7 : Wavelet compression Assignment8 : Subdivision surfaces Information How to use this wiki A Wiki is a collaborative site, anyone can contribute and share: Edit any page by pressing Edit at the top or the bottom of the page Create a link to another page with joined capitalized words (like WikiSandBox ) or with ["quoted words in brackets"] Search for page titles or text within pages using the search box at the top of any page See HelpForBeginners to get you going, HelpContents for all help pages.

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