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[Topic Unique] Le costume sous toutes ses formes [MAJ en cours] - Page : 19 - Vie pratique - Discussions les gens. Je viens apporter ma petite pierre à l'édifice de ce topic car après l'avoir parcouru , je suis parti faire un tour à la boutique Father&Sons dans le 14 ème et j'ai vraiment pas été décu . , et j'avoue que j'ai quand meme regardé les prix et le style des vetements en vitrine avant de m'y engouffrer, sachant que j'étais habillé en casual pour un samedi (pantalon toile, basket,t-shirt ) donc un peu en "décalage" par rapport aux autres personnes présentes, plus dans le "standing" costard cravate . . --------------- Approved by Kyrieleve :classe:

:: Cuir Création, un forum entièrement dédié au travail du cuir Accueil En grande pompe Dressing Le vestiaire masculin se distingue de la garde robe féminine à plusieurs égards :- Il fait généralement la moitié de celui de Madame- Il est régi par l'idée de confort plus que par celle de mode. Travail du Cuir Jack Hughes' scotch sipping, cigarette smoking illustrated dandies are an absolute joy Jack Hughes: The Gentleman’s Guide to Cocktails There are a number of things we can surmise about Jack Hughes from his portfolio without ever actually having met him. Number one, he’s a stylish fellow of unparalleled sartorial taste. Number two, his personal hygiene is of the utmost importance. Number three, he’s read at least a handful (probably a shelf-full) of spy novels, most likely John le Carré. Given that Jack only graduated from Kingston University last year we’re sure almost none of this is actually true – he’s probably still eating beans from a tin and washing his pants in the sink – but his polished 60s-inspired illustration is so suave and elegant we can’t really imagine it being produced by anyone other than the character described above. Jack Hughes: The Gentleman’s Guide to Cocktails Jack Hughes: The Gentleman’s Guide to Cocktails Jack Hughes: The Gentleman’s Guide to Cocktails Jack Hughes: The Gentleman’s Guide to Cocktails Jack Hughes: The Gentleman’s Guide to Cocktails

Crimping tutorial – step by step | Shoes and Craft Apparently I didn’t generate too much interest with my question, but from the number of the silent visitors on this site, I assume there will be some people, who are interested seeing some pics and notes about crimping. So, what is crimping? When you create.. let’s say a riding boot, you will face a geometrical problem: the vamp is impossible to fold. Look: Normally we would choose a line, like this.. if it would be a shoe. But choosing this line means that we just won’t be able to last our upper. Still not good. The correct curve for folding would look like this: So we can create this beauty: First of all: not all leather is good for crimping. Preparation: put your upper leather to water, and leave it there for a while (depends on the leather), then wrap it to plastic bag for over night. Place it to the center of the board then adjust it a little bit (you have to repeat it plenty more times) from the deepest point. Then slightly pull it towards the corners. Pull down the front Like this:

What the Men of Ralph Lauren Can Teach Us About Street Style « WaxWane John Wrazej by Liam Goslett for Four Pins You know, I swore to myself I wouldn’t do it, but I suppose the time has finally come where I have to talk about street style. Since day one, I’ve always rejected the idea of giving any shine to street style photos on this blog, mainly because I feel that street style has evolved into this attention hungry beast that gets further away from itself with each subsequent fashion week. I watched this belief get validated over and over again this past week, as it seemed like half the people that I saw heading into the shows were painfully uncomfortable in their own skin. I say uncomfortable because I’m not going to dig into the whole “fashion Halloween” thing or whatever people like to compare street style to these days. I don’t mind that people dress in ways that I would deem ridiculous, it’s never been my place to critique someone’s personal style. Liam Goslett for Four Pins Doug Bihlmeier by Liam Goslett for Four Pins Like this: Like Loading...

Mens Fashion A-Z - Fashion Encyclopedia For Men Mens Fashion A-Z is a complete encyclopedia on mens fashion and style. Find any definition related to mens fashion, the history of particular clothing items, information on fabrics and textiles, pictures, and much more. Simply click on the letter above to find a complete list of fashion terms and lingo. Did we miss a term that should be there? Your Ties-Necktie Team - Your store for finest Silk Ties on the Internet PULIN, le plus dame 6 BLOMET, le bottier philosophe Mode Envie de faire réparer vos chaussures et de discuter philosophie? C'est possible! Le plus: une atmosphère atypique dans un lieu où l'on ne s'y attend pas, un bon rapport qualité prix. 64 rue Blomet, Paris 15ème Tél : 01 45 66 44 76 Ouvert du mardi au vendredi de 9h à 13h et de 14h30 à 19h30 Ouvert le samedi de 9h30 à 13h et de 14h30 à 18h Eugénie Trochu