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Humanae (work in progress) — Angélica Dass Humanæ is a “work in progress” by the Brazilian Angélica Dass, who intends to deploy a chromatic range of the different human skin colors. Those who pose are volunteers who have known the project and decide to participate. There is no previous selection of participants and there are no classifications relating to nationality, gender, age, race, social class or religion. Nor is there an explicit intention to finish it on a specific date. It is open in all senses and it will include all those who want to be part of this colossal global mosaic. 15 Best Image Search Engines to Find Photos Online - Flock This list of best image search engines will help you find interesting photos in the easiest way possible. What to find a great photo or perfect celebrity picture? You will learn about hidden preferences, unique features that will make you searches images like a professional and actually find the best images possible.

Le diagramme CIE XYZ La construction du diagramme CIE-xy est une aventure passionnante pour les ingénieurs de l'époque, car il a fallu crée de toute pièce certains concepts théoriques encore inexistants. Les commanditaires de la CIE (l'industrie des couleurs et de la vision) avaient une seule exigence : un diagramme de chromaticité sans valeur négative pour les couleurs, en d'autres termes, un modèle colorimétrique où l'ensemble des couleurs se trouve à l'intérieur du triangle de référence. Exigence peu contraignante en apparence, car calculer le passage du diagramme issu du RVB vers le futur diagramme CIE-xy est du niveau de l'école primaire, car il suffit d'appliquer une transformation linéaire sous forme de matrice 3 X 3 pour donner une valeur aux trois nouvelles primaires. Mais les ingénieurs impliqués dans ce projet s'imposèrent deux autres contraintes fondamentales qui compliquèrent énormément le projet.

Web-Based Color Tools One of the most important things designers work with is color. Every element they draw, type, or generate with a computer, gets a color. It is impossible to create anything visual without making color decisions. And to make things harder, estimates of the total number of discernable colors range from one hundred thousand to ten million. That’s a lot to choose from. ColorExplorer: Online Toolbox For Color Palettes Writer Creates “Color Thesaurus” To Help You Correctly Name Any Color Imaginable Ingrid Sundberg, a writer and children’s book illustrator, created a very useful infographic chart for anyone struggling with color names. The writer says that she loves to collect words that can help give her stories variety and depth. Show Full Text “I’ve learned that we all have different associations with color words,” Sundberg told Bored Panda. “For example the color sapphire is a light blue to me (since that’s the color of the sapphire on my engagement ring), but a sapphire can also be a very dark blue. I doubt there can be an ‘official color guide,’ as color is so subjective.”

Miscellaneous Symbols - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Flock Miscellaneous Symbols is a Unicode block (U+2600–U+26FF) containing glyphs representing concepts from a variety of categories, astrological, astronomical, chess, dice, musical notation, political symbols, recycling, religious symbols, trigrams, warning signs, and weather, among others. Tables[edit] Definitions[edit] Color Reader Script This script is simply another utility tool related to color topics. It will read the color values from a path selection in a Photoshop document. The image can be in Lab or RGB mode and 8-bit or 16-bit encoding. I wanted to find an alternative to the JavaScript histogram techniques.

配色网-致力色彩搭配方案的交流与学习 How's Your Color Vision? This Simple Game Will Tell You Most of you have probably spent a considerable amount of time staring at the colors of photos in programs like Photoshop, but how good are your eyes at discerning colors? iGame’s Eye Test is a simple online test that will assess the quality of your color perception through a simple game format. The game works as follows: you’re presented with a grid of colored boxes. All the boxes are the exact same color except one — find the irregular box and click it to move onto the next grid. Each grid is harder than the one before it, and you have 15 seconds on each grid to make your decision. Clicking on a wrong box will also slash 3 seconds from the time remaining. 6 Tools To Cartoon Yourself For Facebook and Twitter - Flock I have seen some cool profile pics for some of my friends over Facebook and Twitter and I always wanted to create my own. As it turns out there are plenty of free online tools to have fun with and cartoon yourself. Below you can find some of the best tools including South Park and Simpsons character generators. Of course that’s not all – you can find many more apps for this online.

50 Years of "Avengers" Comic Book Covers Through Color Next Colors quantified Each "Avengers" cover was analyzed and reduced to 64 colors (white and black were excluded). These colors were then counted and plotted to generate a palette.

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