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Midday Express Refugee Crisis: European Commission awards €35 million to Sweden, €8 million to Finland and €5 million to Belgium in emergency funding The European Commission has awarded €35 million to Sweden, €8 million to Finland and €5 million to Belgium in emergency funding to support these countries in managing the high influx of asylum seekers. The funding comes from the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF). In all three cases, the funding will be used to address the immediate needs of asylum seekers, mainly for accommodation and provision of food. This brings the overall amount of emergency funding awarded to EU Member States this year to over €222 million (from both the AMIF and ISF emergency funds). The Commission's emergency funding comes on top of the basic allocations under the AMIF national programme, where Sweden will receive € 118.5 million, Finland will receive €23.48 million and Belgium will receive € 89.25 million to finance migration related actions in 2014-20.

Terminology Extraction Introduction Terminology is the sum of the terms which identify a specific topic. Extracting terminology is the process of extracting terminology from a text. The idea is to compare the frequency of words in a given document with their frequency in the language. Personal Care - Good looking forward As a specialist in ingredients and concepts for effective skin, hair and body care products, Evonik Personal Care combines scientific excellence with passion. That means we always work according to the highest ethical and scientific principles – and we always put our hearts into our work. We call our approach: The Soul & Science of Beauty. It includes three aspects: foresight, responsibility and realization. TEGO® Solve 61 – Our new naturally derived solubilizer for lipophilic & natural oils. TEGO® Solve 61 is a high performance PEG-free solubilizer developed for the incorporation of lipophilic components into water-based formulations.

Medical Device Regulation In Canada: A Primer Medical devices are monitored through annual licence renewals. Image courtesy of Health Canada. Medical devices areused in the diagnosis,treatment, mitigation orprevention of a medicalcondition. They include avast range of equipment,from a simplethermometer or tonguedepressor to highlysophisticated magneticresonance imaging (MRI)machines or roboticallyassisted surgicalequipment. collectif47 Filter Stream Select the types of content you would like to see. Montreuil, Ile-de-France, France

PARLEMENT EUROPEEN - Réponse à question E-005065-15 Toxicity of food products on the European market Approximately 3% of the food products on the European market have been found to contain pesticides in an amount that exceeds the legal limit, and in half of those cases, even when measurement uncertainties were taken into account, the amount recorded was much higher than that permitted. These statistics are among the findings of the 2013 annual report on pesticide residues in food recently published by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which, over the course of that year, tested 81 000 food samples taken from 27 EU Member States. Even though the percentage of samples found to exceed the legal limits has fallen compared to 2010 (when the same tests were conducted), the findings are still not at all reassuring for consumers, who remain at risk from short-term food poisoning.

Pattern Pattern is a web mining module for the Python programming language. It has tools for data mining (Google, Twitter and Wikipedia API, a web crawler, a HTML DOM parser), natural language processing (part-of-speech taggers, n-gram search, sentiment analysis, WordNet), machine learning (vector space model, clustering, SVM), network analysis and <canvas> visualization. The module is free, well-document and bundled with 50+ examples and 350+ unit tests. Download

About Oat Ingredients, llc is the exclusive US Distributor of OatWell® natural ingredients, now being offered by CreaNutrition®-Swedish Oat Fiber to the North American market. CreaNutrition - Swedish Oat Fiber (SOF) The Nordic climate and long hours of daylight during the harvest season provide an optimal environment for all natural, non-GMO and high quality oats of Scandinavia.

Prostate Biopsy and Treatment 3D Imaging and Navigation for Prostate Biopsy Incorporating the following features and advantages over existing technology, Artemis provides several imaging enhancements to standard 2D ultrasound. Automatically converts your 2D monochromatic ultrasound image to an enhanced 3D color image you can then manipulate to plan and manage the patient biopsy process Greatly increases your ability to examine the prostate for abnormalities or suspicious areas which may need sampling Advanced needle navigation and tracking you are able to view in real-time Sophisticated recording of actual biopsy sites sampled; sites can be revisited at any time View and overlay previous prostate gland volumes and biopsy locations

Trans Artists DutchCulture|TransArtists is the platform stimulating and strengthening artists' mobility in the Netherlands and internationally. We combine and share expertise, and we offer tools and services on artist-in-residence programs and related issues. Here you can find all about facts, use and value of international AiR programs as well as other cultural opportunities for artists to stay and work elsewhere. The starting point of our work is the artists' perspective. PARLEMENT EUROPEEN - Réponse à question E-007889-16 Notifying national agencies of shipments of animal origin, unprocessed vegetables and unprocessed fruits Legislation has recently been passed in Wales that requires all shops and businesses serving or selling food to display, at the entrance, a certificate of inspection by the local authorities regarding food hygiene and environmental health. Hygiene inspections for businesses that handle foods were introduced in Great Britain in November 2010 and entrusted to local authorities, in collaboration with the Food Standards Agency, which publishes all inspection results on its website, including those relating to businesses that decide not to display their results to the public. Until a few days ago, displaying this certificate was voluntary throughout the whole of Great Britain. This has now been made compulsory, but only in Wales.

100 days of web mining In this experiment, we collected Google News stories at regular 1-hour intervals between November 22, 2010, and March 8, 2011, resulting in a set of 6,405 news stories. We grouped these per day and then determined the top daily keywords using tf-idf, a measurement of a word's uniqueness or importance. For example: if the word news is mentioned every day, it is not particularly unique at any single given day.

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