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40 Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Photo Manipulation « JinSpiration

40 Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Photo Manipulation « JinSpiration
Since our last Photoshop tutorial, Photoshop Tutorials: Compilation of some stunning text effects, we got so much positive feedback that we decided to put together another collection of tutorials concentrating on photo manipulation. In this post, you’ll find everything from Pencil Sketching Effect to Creating A Slow Motion Bullet Shot Effect in Photoshop. Now the hard part will be deciding which of these amazing tutorials you will use in your next creations. Hope you enjoy! Creating an Abstract Watercolor Wallpaper There are plenty of ways to create a Watercolor Effect in Photoshop. How to Apply Textures to Uneven Surfaces Applying texture to a flat surface, or flatly applying a texture across a whole image (as a means to age it or degrade it) is simple stuff. How to Turn Humdrum Photos into Cinematic Portraits … if you work on a project that requires a stunning shot without the stunning photography, you’ll be able to cobble something together using your mad skillz! Half robot, half frog.

Photoshopmama's OPD-Obsessive Photoshop Disorder Welcome!Be sure to visit my Website: Specs on the making of this video--Camera:Canon 5D Mark IICanon Lens EF 35mm 1:1.4 L Settings:ISO 200f2.2 @ 1/50th sec.White Balance 3100k1920x1080 at 24fps Environment:Shot on Green Screen using LED lights Audio:Voice recorded with a Vid Pro XM 55 Condenser Shot Gun MicrophoneDigital Recorder-Zoom H4nMusic Soundtrack created in Garage Band Applications used to create this project:Adobe Photoshop CC (Mac)Adobe Audition CC (Mac)Adobe After Effects CC (Mac)Adobe Premier Pro CC (Mac)Adobe Media Encoder CC (Mac)Camtasia Studio 7 by TechSmith (PC)Garage Band (Mac) Computers: iMac 27-inch (Late 2012)OSX v10.93.4GHz Intel Core i732 GB RAM 1600 MHz DDR3 - 1T Hard DriveGraphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2048MB&HP Model 5200tWindows Vista Ultimate SP2Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q965 @ 3.00 GHz8 GB RAM - 1T Hard DriveHP w2338h Wide LCD MonitorGraphics ATI RadeonHD 4800 Show less

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Awesome Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop This is a list of the most useful default Photoshop keyboard shortcuts that you can use them to speed up your workflow. Some of them are rarely mentioned, some are more common and some are only available in Photoshop CS5. I hope everyone will find some new and useful shortcuts in this article. So let"s get started! 1. Command/Ctrl + Space + Click and Drag Left or Right. 2. Alt + Shift + Right Click (Win) or Control + Option + Cmd + Click (Mac). 3. Hold Down H + Click, Reposition View and Let Go of the Mouse to Zoom Back). 4. Ctrl + Alt + Right Click (Win) or Control + Option + Click (Mac). 5. Hold Down Shift. 6. Hold Down Command/Ctrl. 7. Shift + Ctrl + Space (Win) or Shift + Command + Space (Mac). 8. Hit Tab. 9. Space and Then Arrow Keys. 10. Command/Ctrl + Shift + . or , you can use it for selected text. 11. Command/Ctrl + Shift + K. 12. Alt/Option + Left and Right Arrow Keys. 13. Alt/Option + Up and Down Arrow Keys. 14. Alt/Option + Shift + Up and Down Arrow Keys. 15. 16. 17. 18.

FineArt Igualada - Del 6 al 22 de març 2015 Photoshop Tutorials In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create an emotional scene using photo-manipulation skills. You’ll learn how to play with color, blend using adjustment layers and brush, add texture, work with lighting effect and more. Read More In this tutorial I’ll show you how to paint a woman portrait from scratch. You’ll learn some basic rules to form your painting, the tips to paint effectively, how to use brush and take care of the details. Read More Get ready to create an epic battle between a sea creature and a courageous pirate girl. Read More When was the last time you went to an airport? Read More Today we’re going to be taking a look at a few basic techniques to get you started using Photoshop’s blending options to give you some very nice looking results fairly quickly!

The Presidents UFO Website 70 Tutorials For Learning And Mastering Light Effects In Photoshop A collection of a range of different tutorials for learning how to master various types of lighting effects using Photoshop. There are a range of tutorials featured within the compilation which the end result can be achieved by a novice to Photoshop or even teach a guru of Photoshop a few new tips. A must bookmark resources for future reference hope you enjoy. 1. Create a Glowing Effect Scene in Photoshop This tutorial will teach you how to come up a cool glowing effects on your artworks. 2. Here’s a great effect that will bring some energy to your subject. 3. 4. in this tutorial It will cover a couple of different photoshop techniques. 5. For this tutorial you’ll need a photo that you want to manipulate and some special brush sets. 6. A great tutorial on how to create magical sparkles using Photoshop brushes. 7. A great tutorial on how to create magical sparkles using Photoshop brushes.Explosions are cool. 8. Instead of riding snow, this boarder is flying through flames. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

Blues Photography Studio Free Photoshop Video Tutorials Critically reading a paper