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Tribute To Graffiti: 50 Beautiful Graffiti Artworks - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Street culture and graffiti are well-known for being provocative, appealing, bold and uncompromising. Originally used by gangs to mark their territory in some urban area, graffitis have now become a rich medium for unrestricted expression of ideas and statements. In fact, creative designers and artists across the globe use this form of art to deliver their message and showcase their work. Probably the most prominent graffiti artist is Banksy1, a famous pseudo-anonymous British artist whose works focus on topics such as politics, culture, and ethics. His art has appeared in cities around the world; it’s worth mentioning that Banksy does not sell photos of street graffiti or mount exhibitions of screenprints in commercial galleries. In this episode of Monday Inspiration series we are presenting a tribute to street art and graffiti — over 50 examples of beautiful and impressive graffiti artworks. Graffiti Art Michael.jh3 Mrzer4 Deuce 75 zevs6 imminentdisaster7 Banksy8 Marquis Lewis9

Les passants snobent des pochoirs de Banksy en vente à New York Par Francetv info Mis à jour le , publié le Le graffeur Banksy s'est emparé, pour tout le mois d'octobre, des rues de New York, où il dissémine des œuvres à intervalle régulier. Sur le marché, "les œuvres de l'artiste valent, pour certaines, plusieurs dizaines de milliers de dollars", rappelle Vanity Fair. Bodhi Etymology[edit] Bodhi is an abstract noun formed from the verbal root budh (to awake, become aware, notice, know or understand) corresponding to the verbs bujjhati (Pāli) and bodhati or budhyate (Sanskrit). Soteriological meaning[edit] The soteriological goal of Indian religions is liberation or moksha (also called mukti). Liberation is simultaneously freedom from suffering and the endless round of existences. Within the Sramanic traditions one who has attained liberation is called an arhat (Sanskrit; Pali: arahant), an honorific term meaning "worthy" acknowledging the skill and effort required to overcome the obstacles to the goal of nirvana. According to the Buddha[citation needed] the path to liberation is one of progressively coming out of delusion (Pali: Moha). Buddha's awakening[edit] In the suttapitaka, the Buddhist canon as preserved in the Theravada-tradition, a number of texts can be found in which Gautama Buddha tells about his own awakening. The Buddhist Path[edit] Mahayana[edit]

Graffiti art to boost your inspiration Graffiti (or spray paint) often regarded by others as unsightly damage or unwanted vandalism. But some times, the boring wall is supplied with a true piece of graffiti art, making it a joy for the eyes. A new game from Atari, Getting Up, is based on tagging. I made a collection of pictures showing these fine spray paint creations. Please take note that I'm not showing any graffiti tags or space spray paint in this article. Beautiful graffiti art Click on the images to enlarge. Sources Actually, the last one indeed is a tag. I still can't believe some of them are actually graffiti. Tags: graffiti art photoshop design inspiration Interested in this topic?

Newarty's, la galerie d'Art Urbain en ligne | Tableaux, graffiti, street art. - Newarty's - Galerie d'Art Urbain In conversation with The Dalai Lama Dharamsala: He was recognised as the fourteenth Dalai Lama when he was just two-years-old, and today he is 75. As millions of his followers across the globe commemorate his special day, the Dalai Lama says his successor need not be a reincarnation, but someone appointed by him during his life time. Speaking to NDTV exclusively at his monastry in Dharamsala, the Tibetan leader said that a Dalai Lama chosen by China would have no moral legitimacy. Here's the full transcript of the interview: NDTV: He is easily one of the world's most respected and more importantly, the most loved political and spiritual leaders. He was only 2 years old when he was recognized as the future Dalai Lama, in fact, the 14th Dalai Lama, only 6-years-old when he began his monastry education. The Dalai Lama: I think sufficient sleep and... NDTV: I never get enough of that, I think that's the problem. The Dalai Lama: As a Buddhist monk there is no dinner but a very heavy breakfast and lunch so sufficient food.

Keith Michael Johnson's Soap Bubble Shows! All City Blog | Graffiti News France The Story Of Tibet "Conversation with the Dalai Lama" - Thomas Laird One day during an interview, the Dalai Lama had just raised one arm Straight above his head to make a point (he can be very animated when he speaks)—suddenly the windows in the room rattled with a distant loud explosion. Everyone in the room except the Dalai Lama was startled, and we all jumped in our seats and laughed nervously. The Dalai Lama smiled at us. At the sound of the explosion, he had paused with his arm raised, his finger pointed straight. Experimentation by Western researchers has confirmed that meditation masters can control such involuntary physiological responses and that most of us do not have this control. During blocks of interviews scattered over the year, we outlined the essence of thousands of years of Tibetan history and myth.

Kurt Wenner - Master Artist and Architect Street Painting La tour Paris 13 : du street-art à grande échelle Les parisiens ont complètement intégré à leur quotidien cette grosse goutte rose fluo qui descend le long de la façade du numéro 5 de la rue Fulton, dans le XIIIème arrondissement. La fameuse Tour Paris 13, qui doit être prochainement détruite pour laisser la place à un entrepreneur immobilier. Provisoirement, le lieux a trouvé une nouvelle vocation à l’initiative de l’une des figures du quartier : Mehdi Ben Cheikh, le patron de la galerie Itinérrance, à qui l’on doit déjà toute une série de portraits hors les murs en façade des immeubles qui bordent les quais de Seine. Un projet mené en secret En attendant le passage des pelleteuses et des bulldozers d’ici la fin du mois d’octobre, une centaine d'artistes venus du monde entier ont investi la tour, à sa demande, pour y mener en secret un projet de Street art complètement hors normes : 4500 m2 de surface disponible, 36 appartements, de quatre à cinq pièces, répartis sur 9 étages. Le résultat est spectaculaire. Des visites VIP