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Here are some shots of my second mural project in Aalborg, Denmark, titled "Purity of Heart". The title of this triptych comes from the popular book by Søren Kierkegaard, Purity of Heart Is to Will One Thing. "A Providence watches over each man’s wandering through life. It provides him with two guides. The one calls him forward. The other calls him back.

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Tribute To Graffiti: 50 Beautiful Graffiti Artworks - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Street culture and graffiti are well-known for being provocative, appealing, bold and uncompromising. Originally used by gangs to mark their territory in some urban area, graffitis have now become a rich medium for unrestricted expression of ideas and statements. In fact, creative designers and artists across the globe use this form of art to deliver their message and showcase their work. Probably the most prominent graffiti artist is Banksy1, a famous pseudo-anonymous British artist whose works focus on topics such as politics, culture, and ethics. His art has appeared in cities around the world; it’s worth mentioning that Banksy does not sell photos of street graffiti or mount exhibitions of screenprints in commercial galleries.

Mural commissioned by Rapt Studio for Adobe I was commissioned by Rapt Studio of San Francisco to paint this mural for the new Adobe campus in Utah. It was exciting and an honor to be part of such a cool project, since Adobe has become such an important force in modern creativity through programs like Photoshop, and the building itself is a huge work of art. I consider myself somewhat of a traditionalist, in that I favor a classical approach to art that emphasizes drawing from life, painting from observation, studying the great masters of the past, etc. I also embrace the use of modern tools such as photography and, of course, spraypaint (although you could argue that those examples aren't really that recent considering that people were blowing pigment on cave walls over 40,000 years ago, and the camera obscura has been around since the time of Leonardo Da Vinci).

Graffiti art to boost your inspiration Graffiti (or spray paint) often regarded by others as unsightly damage or unwanted vandalism. But some times, the boring wall is supplied with a true piece of graffiti art, making it a joy for the eyes. A new game from Atari, Getting Up, is based on tagging. Seeking Poetic Expression in the Digital Age, Dennis Allain Wins Ferriss Award Seeking Poetic Expression in the Digital Age, Dennis Allain Wins Ferriss Award Dennis Allain’s work stands out as unique in the world of architectural visualization, comparable in the beauty of its light to many master landscape painters. Allain recently won the prestigious Hugh Ferriss Memorial Award as part of the American Society of Architectural Illustrators annual international exhibition “Architecture in Perspective 21” held in October 2006 in Chicago, Illinois. Architectural illustrators are often major players in real estate development projects, creating the images that bring in the financing to get projects built. According to a survey by, the demand for such services is predicted to expand making the field one of the strongest CG industries. As the field moves towards more focus on the art of visualization rather than the technical, architects like Allain are positioned well to take advantage of these trends. Allain’s image “Arthur V.

Extreme Sand Sculpting! The Sultans of Sand You saw that perfect sandcastle in your dream - it was reaching to heavens, rising from the surf's mist. It was magnificent and yet so eminently perishable. MAPFRE Complex by TSM Architects The project is a Commercial Complex where all the MAPFRE services may be found. MAPFRE is a Spanish transnational insurance company with presence all over South America. With a total built up area of 7,872.84 m2, it is composed of a Commercial Office two story building, a Medical Center with two levels, a Chapel and a six stories Columbarium building, and finally a Wake Area, plus two basements. The entrance to the complex is through a large square with slope. The chapel has been placed on the left side of the entrance, with seating for 100 people.

We declare the world as our canvas106 of the most beloved Street Art Photos - Year 2012 Click on a photo and you make it bigger and can post a comment on it. And thats some of the most beloved Street Art Photos posted in 2012 on Street Art Utopia! A member of Street Art Utopia on Facebook wrote two year ago this nice piece about the future: – My son, do you want to hear something strange? – Yes! What? 3D Graffiti Art from the Best Street Artists 10 of the World’s Best & Most Amazing 3D Street Artists Article by Urbanist, filed under Street Art & Graffiti in the Art category. 3D graffiti, whether it’s in chalk or paint, on walls or the street, represents a new way of combining the mastery of Renaissance art techniques with the gritty, ephemeral qualities of amazing street art. These 3D street artists gives graffiti a whole new meaning – one that departs from the conventional interpretation of graffiti as vandalism in the form of images and letters scrawled on public property. Artists like Kurt Wenner, Eduardo Relero and Tracy Lee Stum create street art that is so incredible it is almost impossible to pass by without being sucked in to the worlds they create on asphalt and concrete surfaces. From sidewalk sketches to wwesome wall murals, you simply must see some of their awesome work below (then check out our collection of 100+ Works of Creative and Geeky Art and Graffiti).

DAIM graffiti-art Wallpaintings on “Mein Schiff 4″ On board of Mein Schiff 4, the newest TUI cruise liner, guests can discover over 6000 works of art while enjoying their journey. In the spring of 2015 Mirko Reisser (DAIM) already created an impressive … 17. Best-in-Game Armor Set - Castle Age Wiki When Attacking: When Defending: **This is sadly out of date, Aug 18, 2012. More may be mentioned due to some items being of limited availability.

Pride&Glory Interactive office by Morpho Studio Recycled wooden boards and pallets are stacked up as furniture at this office in Kraków by Polish designers Morpho Studio (+ slideshow). Located in a former factory, the office for advertising agency Pride&Glory Interactive also features glazed meeting rooms with wooden frames and plank and batten doors. Light bulbs hang from a bunch of cables in one of the meeting rooms, while grass lines the edge of the one opposite.