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Digital Storytelling with Mobile Devices

Digital Storytelling with Mobile Devices

22 Rules of Story Telling every Teacher should Know about Writing is a scary task for students because it is partly a single-minded activity that calls for a lot of serious thinking and partly due to the overarching focus that has being placed on teaching writing as product and not process. Donald Murray, a writing theorist of grand calbire, is unequivocal on this, in his Write to Learn , Murray emphasizes the importance of teaching writing as a process. For him the problem with teachers of writing is that they are trained as teachers by studying a product and when they are teaching writing to their students, they basically focus their attention on what students have produced and not what they might have done. Worse than that, teachers employ all their autopsy skills to dissect students writing and in doing so they confirm students feeling of lack of self-respect for their work and for themselves. Another cause of students writing crisis is related to the new learning habits these students have developed via technology.

Pixar's 20+ Rules on Storytelling for Teachers and Students A week ago I posted here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning a poster made by Pixar in which they featured 22 rules on storytelling and it was really so informative reading all the feedback you sent me , however, today I woke up to an email from a colleague of mine teaching in the State in which he shared with me the graphic below. I was really surprised because at the time I published the first poster on Pixar rules of storytelling I did not know that such a graphic exists and going through it I found it way better than the one I initially posted earlier . I mean better in terms of layout and organization of its content. Have a look at it below and let us know what you think of it. Enjoy

Creative Writing Prompts | Creativities This page contains a list of prompts for writing classes/activities for when you need a bit of inspiration for a writing idea. I will try to update it regularly with new ideas, so keep checking back! If you have any great ideas for prompts for creative writing that you have used in class, please share them in the comments and I will add them to the list – thank you! Pictures/Photos Photos and pictures can be great writing prompts. Photos of people to think about their lives, more than one person to think about relationships. Picture Files If you are lucky enough to work in a school that keeps picture files, then use them! ELT Pics ELT pics is a great resource of photos shared by other teachers for use in class. Art Galleries Going to an art gallery is one of my favourite trips to do with students and is a great way of firing up imaginations. First/Last/Middle Lines Giving the first line or last line, or both of a story can be a great prompt. List of 100 greatest first lines from novels. Objects

Creative Writing Exercise: Character Swap n' Sketch Setup written by: Jessica Cook • edited by: Beth Taylor • updated: 2/14/2012 In this creative writing exercise, creative writing students work in small groups to create character sketches. They later use the sketches from this creative writing exercise as inspiration for writing short stories. If you teach creative writing, then you’re probably looking for ways to incorporate fun, creative exercises into your lesson plans. Creative Writing Exercises This is a series of articles that can be used for creative writing exercises and lesson plans in any English class.