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Cheesecake-marbled brownies

Cheesecake-marbled brownies
Rumor has it that pregnancy doesn’t just lead to swollen ankles, an insatiable need for peanut butter and a belly that causes what I will have to assume are otherwise polite people to ask if you’re having twins. Rumor has it that pregnancy quite often leads to teacup humans, and those teacup human need to be “delivered” from one world to another. Oh my god, I am going to have to birth a baby, aren’t I?! Fortunately for all of us, this is not the kind of blog where I would subject you to the details of delivery, in part because I plug my ears and say “la la I can’t hear you” when anyone brings them to my attention and in part because I’m in the practice of encouraging appetites and well… you know. I am also, or at least currently, in the practice of bribery; shameless, unapologetic, unequivocal bribery. One year ago: Braised Romano BeansTwo years ago: Apple-Yogurt CakeThree years ago: Giardiniera Cheesecake-Swirled Brownies Adapted from Gourmet, June 2007

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Red Velvet Cupcakes with Blueberry Cream Cheese Icing I blame this on the cupcake wrappers. I’m actually not kidding. It has been way too long since I shared a recipe on the blog and I thought that since 4th of July is right around the corner, it was about time I used the cute little American Flag cupcake wrappers that have been in my drawer for over a year. Chocolate Zucchini Bread Recipe After last year’s debacle, the year in which we planted 2 zucchini plants and 2 patty pans (to provide for three people), this year we thought we would approach the garden more intelligently, and plant only one zucchini and one patty pan. Hah! Once again, we’re kicking off the summer with a zucchini beast madly producing more than we can eat. Fortunately, we have recipes like this one that use lots of zucchini, and we have friends and neighbors who happily accept the baked goods made from them. This chocolate zucchini bread, for example, uses 4 whole cups of freshly grated zucchini, for two loaves.

Best Brownies Diana and I baked some brownies for her University Accounting Club bake sale 3 weeks ago. We cut and packed everything for the sale . So I decided to bake some for us a few days ago. The one for the bake sale we added butterscotch & chocolate chips and for this one I added chocolate chips, walnuts and some fudge topping. Ingredients :1/2 cup of butter (1 stick)1 cup of sugar2 eggs1 tsp of vanilla1 tsp of instant coffee1/2 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder1/2 cup of flour1/4 tsp of salt1/4 tsp of baking powder1 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips1/2 cup of chopped walnuts Fudge ingredients : Earl Grey Tea Cake With Blueberry Cream Cheese Frosting The Seventh DuchessBlogRecipesEarl Grey Tea Cake With Blueberry Cream Cheese Frosting Archives This delightful recipe was kindly shared with us by the lovely Jillian from A Better Happier St Sebastian.

Raspberry Almond Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache Kids between the ages of 3 and 7 are pretty amazing. They’re little screaming, snotting, jumping, and crashing balls of honesty. If they don’t like you, you know it. Cheesecake Brownies This is a recipe from Land O Lakes and I jazz it up a bit by adding a cheesecake topping to it. These brownies are dense with great chocolate flavor just the way we likes it. Ingredients :1/2 cup (1 stick) butter2 oz of unsweetened baking chocolate (I used 4 oz)1 1/4 cup of sugar (I used only 1 cup)2 eggs1 cup of flour1 tsp of vanilla1/2 tsp of baking powder1/4 tsp of salt For the topping :1 (8 oz) low fat cream cheese1 egg1/3 cup of sugar Red Velvet Melting Moments Time has been flying along way too fast for me. I often wonder how people manage to keep up with all the crazy amounts of things they need to balance in their lives, since I find it pretty much impossible. Inevitably one aspect of my life gets messy and neglected at some point (it usually ends up being the housework since I am a total slob). It boggles my mind that it's July already. Luckily my blog has never been the thing to be completely neglected in the last few years.

Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream Dating someone new means meeting all sorts of new people. Listen… I know I’m getting old and this isn’t my first jump into meeting the groups of friends, the work buddies, the casual friends, the bosses, the grandma, or the adopted dog of the strapping young gent that I’m dating. Sadly, all this experience has made me no less awkward and devoid of grace. I have a tendency towards embarrassing sweat, stuttering and knuckle cracking that is less than charming… Or!

Rocky Road Brownies So… you know that part in Scent of a Woman… yes, hello, 1992…. when blind Al Pacino sniffs out pretty ladies… literally… and somehow worms his way into their good graces? Have you seen Scent of a Woman staring Al Pacino and Chris O’Donnell? Of course you have. If blind Al Pacino were to sniff me out, I’m pretty sure I’d smell like these brownies. This fact is both troubling and awesome. Now I kinda want to reinact the tango scene.