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This Bride Will Be 11th to Wear a 120-Year-Old Wedding Gown Abigail Kingston was never going to wear any old white gown to her wedding. To keep up with family tradition, the 30-year-old from Bethlehem, Pa., will grace her Oct. 17 nuptials in a 120-year-old silk-satin dress that hasn't been worn since 1991. The dress was debuted in 1895 by Kingston's great-great grandmother, Mary Lowry Warren, and ten different brides on her mother's side of the family have now walked down the aisle wearing it, according to local news site The sentiment behind the Victorian-era gown is what matters most to the family. The gown had to be shipped to Kingston by a far-flung great aunt, who wore it herself in 1960, but was in a sorry state when it finally arrived — the satin was stained brown and the material was filled with holes. "Who would think anything would last that long?" Since then, the sleeves have been replaced and the holes patched up after 200 hours of extremely detailed work by bridal designer Deborah LoPresti. []

This Is How To Flat Lay The Shit Out Of Your Holidays Huge Sinkhole Swallows Tents and an RV on Australian Beach An enormous sinkhole opened up on a prime tourist beach in Australia over the weekend, swallowing an RV, a car, a trailer and some tents as vacationers fled in terror. The 200 m by 50 m chasm suddenly appeared at Inskip Point on Queensland's famed Fraser Island on Saturday evening, local media reports. Around 300 campers had to be evacuated from the area though no one was hurt. "People were basically on the edge of it with their van, trying to madly get their vans out," camper Sylvia Murray told ABC news. “I thought we were goners for sure, was truly scary how fast it came into our camp site and swallowed it up,” Melanie Wotherspoon, another camper, wrote in a Facebook post, according to Brisbane tabloid newspaper, the Courier-Mail. Sinkholes form when rocks are dissolved by water with acidic properties and can also be caused by earthquakes. Caption Settings Dialog Beginning of dialog window. TIME Explains: Sinkholes This is a modal window.

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