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The Teacher's Quick Guide To Educational Twitter Hashtags

The Teacher's Quick Guide To Educational Twitter Hashtags
The Teacher’s Quick Guide To Educational Twitter Hashtags Added by Jeff Dunn on 2012-10-18 I heart Twitter. If you haven’t yet, follow @edudemic to keep up with what we’re doing, working on, and seeing (like last night’s tech event with GDGT in downtown Boston!). Twitter has become a massive hit in education and it’s too big to ignore. So that’s why we helped assemble the 2012 A-Z Guide To Twitter Hashtags . But that’s a very lengthy list. Want to download this graphic as a PDF? Category: Featured Tags: #edchat , guide , hashtags , infographic , resource , twitter , visualization You may also like How Teachers Are Hacking Their Own Digital Textbooks Added by Anthony DiLaura 5 days ago 17.23K Views 9 Comments 0 Likes A group of teachers have started to disrupt their own textbook options by starting up an iBooks Author Hackathon. 5 Free Apps For Classrooms With A Single iPad Added by Monica Burns 1 month ago 24.65K Views 1 Comments 0 Likes 30 Young Leaders Worth Following On Twitter 2 Comments

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Social Media in Education For Beginners The following post contains information I am sharing at the BCPVPA Connected Leaders Conference on October 19th and 20th. As we venture into the world of social media, please remember you do NOT have to figure it out on your own, nor do you need to feel pressure throughout your immersion into the online world. Take it slow, do what feels comfortable for you, and don’t be afraid to ask colleagues for help!! There are many different forms of social media, but we will focus on the following during our time together today: 1) Twitter as Professional Development Tool [En] What Teachers Need to Know about Hashtags One of the secrets behind the power of Twitter as a social media platform is hashtags. This is a distinctive feature not found in any other social networking site. If you have been following the recent American presidential campaigns you would have noticed how both of the candidates took advantage of hashtags to reach wider audiences and get their messages across . It is really pretty amazing how a single hashtag can create such a huge buzz over the web but such hashtags most of the times have a political nature or involve gossips about celebrities . As educators and teachers , hashtags can be of great help to us in both our teaching and professional growth as life long learners. I personally use certain hashtags to share and also keep track of the novelty in educational technology, I would, for instance, regularly check #edchat or #edtech to see what is trending there.

The Current State Of Literacy In America The Current State Of Technology In K-12 6.76K Views 0 Likes What is the next device most students will soon purchase? How many schools have a digital strategy? Find out in the current state of technology in K-12. Science Department – Best Practice Science Mimes I was introducing the idea about enzymes to year 10. I decided to mime the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide using catalase from liver and got the students to film me miming ( with a few props and prompt cards!) Using Digital Tools for Differentiation Direct Address to this Page: Anyone who has worked in education for any length of time knows just how important it is for teachers to create differentiated classrooms. If schools are truly working to ensure success for every student, learning experiences need to be customized and aligned to student interests, needs, and unique learning styles. The challenge, however, rests in making differentiation manageable. While few teachers doubt the importance of differentiating, many struggle to make customized learning spaces a reality.

Five-Minute Film Festival: Twitter in Education I think it's fair to say that Twitter can no longer be dismissed as a trivial passing fad. Though I had dabbled with a personal account, my entire opinion changed when I started my @VideoAmy account and dove in to the conversations educators were engaged in. While some people certainly do tweet about what they're having for breakfast, teachers, administrators, and educational organizations use Twitter in a whole different way -- making smart use of those 140 characters to share resources, wisdom, and inspiration. With the wealth of information out there, you have to cut through the noise a little to figure out how it will work best for you.

[En] Education Twitter Hashtags 50 Important Education Twitter Hashtags–With Meeting Times! Note: We are updating this list that is now going on two years old. Please suggest any revisions, additions, etc., in the comments below and we’ll make the changes. Twitter chats are a great resource for learning and networking, allowing academics from all over the world to come together on a regular basis to talk about what’s important in education. 6 Free International Learning Resources For kids today, learning from encyclopedias are a thing of the past. These days, children have a wealth of opportunities to learn about parts of the world they could only dream about visiting – and they are available any time of the day or night. Today, your child can visit websites geared toward teaching kids about journalism, global travel, foreign policy, diplomacy and safety at the click of a mouse. Some of the more interesting sites available for kids include the following. Global School Net’s mission is to link kids around the world.

PS 151 New York City uses EasyTech with ELL students Gordon Graham has spent nearly two-thirds of his 14-year teaching career in New York City’s highly diverse PS 151 , a K-5 elementary school located in Woodside, a community in Queens. In that time he has seen his school’s diversity grow with the number of immigrant families from all over the world, and with that, a significant increase in range of student abilities. Woodside was once the American hub for newly arriving Irish immigrant families. Now the numbers of immigrants from dozens of other countries has grown, creating a school comprised of a rich mix of families from Greece, Russia, China, Japan, many Hispanic nations, as well as a large African American population. This provides the teaching staff with enormous challenges, not the least of which is that most students arrive with little or no English-speaking skills.

Young people and social media: Docs examine pitfalls Many teens learn the hard way that once they hit "send," there is no such thing as an "erase" button. Pediatricians are encouraged to stay current on issues to talk to young patients aboutOne survey shows teens send about 3,400 texts a monthDoctors encourage parents to monitor their children's activities closely early onBe a good digital role model for your children Editor's note: Former CNN correspondent Pat Etheridge is a journalist specializing in children's health and family issues. She previously hosted CNN's "Parenting Today." (CNN) -- They're called "Generation M2": highly tech-savvy children ages 8 to 18, whose lives are immersed in electronic media. Now, the nation's top pediatric organization is mobilizing efforts around their well-being.

[En] Guide To Twitter Hashtags In Education What is a hashtag? A word or phrase preceded by a “#.” How do hashtags work? 3 Reasons Students Should Not Raise Their Hands A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to know that how I questioned kids in the class was not particularly effective. I always seemed to notice ‘the evident’ kid – you know the one. Big personality, or quick to answer, or fearless even if they didn’t really know. That kid. But what about the others?

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