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Abbott, Edwin A., 1838-1926 About, Edmond, 1828-1885 Adams, Henry, 1838-1918 Aeschylus, 525-456 BCE Aesop, 620-560 BCE Ainsworth, William Harrison, 1805-1882 Alain-Fournier, 1886-1914 Alcott, Louisa May, 1832-1888 Allen, Ethan, 1738-1789 Allen, James, 1864-1912 Amundsen, Roald, 1872-1928 Apollonius of Perga, 262 BC-ca. 190 BC Apollonius of Rhodes, d.3rd C. Apuleius, c. 123/125-c. 180 Arbuthnot, John, 1667-1735 Archer, William, 1856-1924 Archimedes, c. 287-212 BCE Ariosto, Lodovico, 1474-1533 Aristophanes, ca.446-385 BCE Aristotle, 384-322 BCE Arnold, Matthew, 1822-1888 Aubrey, John, 1626-1697 Augustine of Hippo, 354-430 Austen, Jane, 1775-1817 Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626 Bacon, Roger, 1214? Ballantyne, R. Balzac, Honoré de, 1799-1850 Banfield, Edmund James, 1852-1923 Barbey d'Aurevilly, J. Baring-Gould, S. Barker, Jane, 1652-1732 Barlow, Thomas Worthington, 1823-1856 Barnes, William, 1801-1886 Barrett, Eaton Stannard, 1786-1820 Barrie, J. Bates, Daisy, 1859-1951 Baudelaire, Charles, 1821-1867 Baynton, Barbara, 1857-1929

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The Passing of the Aborigines, by Daisy Bates A Lifetime spent among the Natives of Australia With an Introduction by Arthur Mee First published in 1938. This web edition published by eBooks@Adelaide. » For me, Angela Eagle is part of the problem for Labour’s electability, not the solution I’m not even a Corbynista. I’m not a Trot. I’m not a member of the Socialist Workers Party. I am not a Member of Momentum. I have merely voted Labour since 1990. Can I make my brain as plastic as a child’s? – Rebecca Boyle Five years ago, in a new city and in search of a new hobby, I decided to try playing a musical instrument for the first time. I had never learned to read music; in my grade school, the optional orchestra class was offered at the same time as the optional robotics class, and I chose the latter. Understanding nothing about chords or music theory, I settled on the relatively simple mountain dulcimer, a three-stringed lap instrument from Appalachia.

Alan Macfarlane on 'modernity' and anthropology The Huxley Lecture, Royal Anthropological Institute, 2012. By ALAN MACFARLANE. THOMAS HUXLEY WAS a polymath and supporter of Darwin. Aerogramme Writers' Studio15 Ways to Write a Novel I Max Barry Every year I get asked what I think about NaNoWriMo, and I don’t know how to answer, because I don’t want to say, “I think it makes you write a bad novel.” This is kind of the point. You’re supposed to churn out 50,000 words in one month, and by the end you have a goddamn novel, one you wouldn’t have otherwise. 6 Ways To Make Sure Fear Isn't Making Your Choices For You Fear is a human emotion that comes pre-downloaded with our software. We are all afraid — with the exception of, say, Liam Neeson (who seems damn near fearless). Fear makes many seemingly innocuous decisions for us, as humans. The tricky thing about fear is that it can be so elusive, we don’t even perceive it as such. All too often, fear disguises itself as pragmatism. Fear is a skilled ventriloquist capable of reaching up your keister and controlling how you act.

calibre tips and tricks: calibre plugins: duplicate finder The next few posts will deal with some of the more useful plugins in calibre. Functionality can be added to calibre via little code snippets called "plugins". The Calibre application itself comes with and makes extensive use of plugins developed by the Calibre development team. The Calibre plugins programming interface (API) makes it possible for users to write their own plugins, that offer additional features they find useful or override the default Calibre behaviour. For a full list of available calibre plugins click here. There is a help forum on mobile read dedicated to plugins.

Roots of Unity, Scientific American Blog Network This beautiful instrument cannot be tuned. Image: Gryffindor, via Wikimedia Commons. The integers are a unique factorization domain, so we can’t tune pianos. That is the saddest thing I know about the integers. Gabriele D’Annunzio and the Free State of Fiume The modern Republic of Užupis is the most modern manifestation of a bohemian Free State, but it has certain parallels to the even more remarkable Free State of Fiume (1919-1920). Of the various anarchist enclaves that popped up during the interwar period – Makhno’s Ukraine, communes in Spain during the civil war – the legend of Fiume has the paradoxical distinction of being both the most interesting and the least wellknown. The most glamorous account comes from anarchist theorist and poet Hakim Bey who referred to the state as the ‘last Pirate Utopia’: Gabriele D’Annunzio – decadent poet, artist, musician, aesthete, womaniser, pioneer daredevil aeronautics, black magician, genius and cad – emerged from World War I as a hero with a small army at his beck and command the'Arditi.' At a loss for adventure, he decided to capture the city of Fiume from Yugoslavia and give it to Italy. The reality of the situation was more political than Bey’s whimsy suggests.

There is no language instinct – Vyvyan Evans Imagine you’re a traveller in a strange land. A local approaches you and starts jabbering away in an unfamiliar language. He seems earnest, and is pointing off somewhere.

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