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La décoration pour les femmes

La décoration pour les femmes
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Basic Pocket TOTE How many bags do you own? Probably a lot. Maybe a better question is….how many bags have you made? Um, probably a lot. But isn’t there’s always room for one more? Similar to the KID PANTS series, I thought it would be fun to share a series of Tote bag tutorials. So, These are the bags we made at my design camp class for ALT in January. And they’re so much fun to make! They’re your standard tote bag, made from one piece of fabric, cotton or twill straps, with a simple pocket inside because I can’t stand losing my keys in there. Ready to sew? Fabrics to Use: • Heavy Cottons such as Canvas, Duck, Upholstery fabrics, Corduroy, Twill • Standard Cottons such as quilting cotton, broadcloth • Knits Or basically, you can make it from whatever you like….a painting dropcloth, a dishtowel? (Cutting your fabric this size also means you can cut 4 bags from 1 yard of 60 inch fabric or 3 bags from 45 inch fabric). First, prep your pocket. Then decide if you want any compartments in your pocket.

Créations et Savoir-faire et Marie-Claire Idées : Bienvenue sur le site du salon du loisir créatif ! Diy Décoration Bonjour les amies, aujourd’hui je vous présente un DIY pour créer un calendrier de l’avent... Bonjour les amies ! J’espère que vous avez passé un bon WE, le mien fut... Bonjour les amies, l’automne est la, les feuilles des arbres sont superbes, la campagne change... Bonjour les amies ! Bonjour les amies !

Réaliser un bracelet avec un motif très sympa 25 février 2012 6 25 /02 /février /2012 18:11 Aujourd'hui, je vous propose de fabriquer un bracelet avec un motif ultra simple, que surement beaucoup d'entre vous connaissent déjà. Il n'y a rien de compliqué, il suffit de suivre les quelques instructions suivantes. Commencez par réaliser un motif comme si vous vouliez faire un noeud de huit, sauf que vous passez 2 fois dessous. Passez encore deux fois dessous.... Faites demi tour, puis passez dessous la ganse deux fois dessus (normalement, la règle veut que l'on passe dessus, mais là, on se prépare des ganses que l'on va exploiter plus tard.), puis dessous, et dessus. Virage, puis exploitons les ganses : dessous, dessus, dessous... puis dessus, dessous, dessus, puis dessous, et c'est fini !!!! Ajustez l'ensemble, et voici le bracelet terminé. Ou le laisser en simple avec un diamètre plus important.

des p'tits riens Scrapbooking : Le monde du Scrap - Scrapbooking - Le Monde du Scrap Pallet Hacks - ScrapHacker Cheap’n'Chic Pallet Sofa Posted by on juli 13, 2012 · 12 Comments Been busy hacking around the house the last couple of days! Among other things, I’ve hacked the crap out of yet another discarded pallet, now enjoying a blissful afterlife as a neat little sofa in my kitchen with some equally neat magic storage, check it out: The project is really an easy-peasy D.I.Y, and hope [...] Pallet Hack 2.0? Posted by on januari 25, 2012 · Leave a Comment These hacks might not be the most D.I.Y friendly ones, but I´m thinking they could plant some small seeds of inspiration… Featured above here is the art by Vancouver based artist Aaron Moran (born 1986) who has a trademark hacky, and amazingly cool style (scroll down for some more glorious creations of his). Top 20: D.I.Y Spool Hacks Posted by on december 21, 2011 · 6 Comments Top 15 Pallet Bed Hacks Posted by on november 24, 2011 · 5 Comments Top-15 Pallet Sofa Ideas ScrapHacks @ the office

DIY Decor Idea: String Spheres These string spheres are genius, I tell you. Pure genius for pennies. Wrap yarn/string around balloon. Spray with fabric stiffener. Pop balloon, and voila! {images by Jasmine Star; tabletop created by JL Designs, Olive Hue, and Joyful Weddings and Events; rediscovered via Not Just a Mommy! Can’t you just see these hanging behind the altar or from the rafters? make a crocheted necklace - wise craft After a busy week of deadlines, topped off with replacing a laptop after mine died (the night before one of those big deadlines), I had a nice relaxing morning yesterday, crocheting these sweet little necklaces. Trust me when I say, these are quick and easy if you have crochet experience. And fun! Materials: Size 8 pearle cotton thread Crochet hook, Size O/1.75mm (This size gave me a loose chain, which I wanted. Craft glue Seed Beads- For the light blue necklace, I used size 8 opaque butter cream luster round Japanese seed beads. Scissors 1. 2. My necklaces are both about 30" long, and through trial and error I estimated my initial crochet chain to equal about 8 chains per inch. So, to create a necklace approximately 30" long, I rounded off the number of chain stitches I would need to 250. I wanted to add 1 bead to every 10th chain stitch. 250 divided by 10 = 25 beads. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. That's it! Let me know if you have questions.

Artemio How to Make an Oversized Friendship Bracelet In case you haven't noticed, the friendship bracelet is back. And surprisingly, nothing has really changed about it. From the fashion pictures I've seen, they're the same old bracelets I wore in grade school. So, I decided it might me nice to make an oversized version of the bracelet. Instead of using the the traditional material of embroidery thread I used cotton yarn. The method I'm using to make the bracelets is the exact same way I used to make them in the 5th grade. Supplies:Cotton yarn in various colorsScissors To get the correct length of string for you wrist, wrap the yarn around your wrist loosely three times and then add a couple more inches for good measure. Cut as many pieces as you wish to use. Line up all of the yarn. Tape loop down or hook it onto something to keep the bracelet from moving while you make it. Line up your string in the order you want your stripes to go on the left hand side. Starting with the string on the very left, tie a knot around the white string.

FiMoSaïque - Bijoux en argile polymère (Fimo)