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CCSF ESL Student Wiki All of these links should be free and not require signing in or registering. Please request to be a writer on this wiki so you can help create this resource page, add more links and organize them . Please comment on individual links and make recommendations for lessons. Comments are in *red. Low-levels: Literacy and Higher Vocabulary, reading, practice using a mouse Practice the alphabet, numbers, things in the classroom, months, fruit, vegetables, animals... new exercises each week. *This CCSF site has good matching exercises and computer mouse practice the alphabet and read short words. Words and and spelling games Vocabulary alphabet, letters, colors, numbers, dialogs, games *For kids. Vocabulary, Listening lots of vocabulary words "Change the site to Chinese, Japanese or Spanish. Beginning Low 1 and Higher *Half of the activities are free *Good for spelling and listening at any level. Read stories and take tests.

Tecnologia e a presença social TEFLtastic blog | News, views and reviews from TEFL lifer Alex Case Free Video Editing Software & Online Video Editor | Loopster Um exemplo real de observação de sala de aula O coordenador precisa adotar uma posição de colaborador, e não de fiscal, junto ao docente. Foto: Manuela Novais Um dos recursos mais valiosos que o coordenador pedagógico pode utilizar no processo de formação continuada é a observação de sala de aula. Assistir à interação entre professor e alunos no momento em que ela acontece é uma excelente maneira de coletar dados reais e, a partir deles, ter subsídios para discutir com o docente as possibilidades de intervenção. Para o coordenador, é também ocasião para verificar se a formação oferecida tem impactado efetivamente no dia-a-dia da escola e corrigir falhas. O problema é que nem sempre o professor se sente confortável com a presença do coordenador dentro da sala. Esse desconforto é fruto, principalmente, da ausência de clareza sobre o que será observado e das reais motivações da observação. Gostaria de compartilhar com você uma observação que realizei na escola em que atuo, como parte de uma formação sobre cálculo mental. Um abraço,

English Raven The idea of disintermediation ("cutting out the middle man") in terms of professional qualifications has been slowly but surely gathering steam in a variety of fields. Take a look at a range of Position Descriptions for new jobs these days and phrases along the lines of Tertiary qualifications in a relevant discipline, or equivalent experience and expertise/skills are becoming more frequent. Private companies (as we might expect) have been quicker to apply this in practice rather than rhetoric compared to educational institutions, mired as most of them are in conservative paper-reliant processes for verifying applicants' skills, but even here we are starting to see change. As university qualifications become more expensive and fail to deliver effective ROI for the people who invest their time and money in them, the idea of cutting them out of the picture partly or wholly is becoming not only more attractive, but more feasible. Branding is still important, however. A. B. 1. 2.

Podcast Directory: EFL Classroom 2.0 - Teacher Talk! Posted by ddeubel on Thursday, November 29th 2012 Recently on the EFL Classroom 2.0 blog, I posted 3 lists of 50 tasks that teachers can use in their teaching – asking students to do them and “practice” language, the skill that is language speaking/reading/writing/listening. Surprised to death at how popular these lists were! I know we all like lists but I guess I touched on a big need with teachers. Short, concise, easy to implement ideas that can easily be done in the classroom. So here are the three lists consolidated in one place. 50 tasks for the English Language Classroom 50 Tech tasks for the English Language Classroom 50 tasks using only a blank piece of paper. 50 Holiday Friendly Activities for the classroom.

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