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Turn Any Yard of Fabric into a Chic Beach Wrap

Turn Any Yard of Fabric into a Chic Beach Wrap
Now that you’ve picked out your perfect grill, it’s time to get yourself to the beach! When we saw this wrap in the latest Victoria’s Secret catalog we knew we had to make it, and we knew we could make it rock. Head to a fabric store or grab a scarf you never wear, and get ready to wrap it up. Materials: – 1 yard of fabric – lace trim, ribbon, shoelaces – sharp fabric scissors – sewing machine or needle and thread First, gather your materials! We employed two different methods for creating our beach dress. Cut a strip off one end of your fabric. Next, fold over the top two corners of your piece of fabric. Now it’s time to string the strip through! Sew the loop ends together and cut off any excess fabric. Repeat with the other side, and you’re done! And here’s how you put it on. Cutie patootie from any angle! We used the same method with this peacock print, but shortened the width of the fabric to create more coverage up top. ;) For our second method, we complemented fabric with lace trim.

DIY – your name bracelet « Born in 82 – Fashion and Creativity Blog This is the last DIY of 2012, and it’s definitely a project a bit ‘special, a little because these bracelets are very fashionable lately, a little’ because there are many words that you can write, not just your name. Right now I am wearing the word hope …. Questo è l’ultimo diy del 2012, ed è sicuramente un progetto un po’ speciale, un po perchè questi braccialetti vanno molto di moda ultimamente, un po’ perchè sono tante le parole che si possono scrivere, non solo il proprio nome. In questo momento ho indosso la parola hope…. This could not be defined exactly a tutorial, I’ll let you just what is the secret to make these bracelets, here’s what you need: pliers, a golden thread and a thin chain with lobster clasp, and especially a pen and notebook. And here it is the trick, write your name with a pen trying not to ever remove the pen from the paper and trying to never pass twice from the same point (not always possible). What do you say? See my shop on Etsy Cosa dite?? You may also like:

fourfour DIY: How to Make a Bow Ear Cuff The other day when I was looking around Etsy, I found this awesome ear cuff and I had to try to figure out how to make it. While something as dainty and cute as this little cuff usually isn't quite my style, (I go for loud, colorful, and over-the-top) I thought it was too cute to pass up. :) You need: -Jewelry pliers -Wire -Wire cutters Step 1: First you need to twist two pieces of wire together so that it becomes one piece of wire. Step 2: With one end of the wire hanging out, wrap the other around the widest part of the pliers to make a loop. Step 3: Switch sides and make another loop to mirror your first loop. Step 4: Bring the longest end of the wire out about 1/2'' and loop it back towards the bow. Step 5: Repeat on the other side and wrap the wire around the middle of the bow to secure everything in place. Here are my attempts before I finally got it right. :) Top view. A pretty simple project if you have the right tools. :)

3 Exercises to Strengthen the Shoulders | Page 3 Medicine Ball "Alphabet" This is a great exercise to put your shoulder muscles through a full range of motion. This one can be tough, so start out just by going partially through the alphabet, and then work your way up to the full A through Z. You'll need a medicine ball for this exercise, but don't worry if you don't have access to one. Start Start in a "relaxed stance." Maintain a slight bend to your elbows throughout this exercise. Exercise Start "drawing" the alphabet one letter at a time. When you first start doing this exercise, it's best to start with a very light weight (say one or two pounds at the most) to see how your shoulders tolerate this exercise. As with all exercise programs, always check with your physician and a certified conditioning specialist before undertaking any of these exercises. This article contains excerpts from LaRue Cook's e-Book "Creating Stronger Shoulders and Core Muscles for Power in Athletics."

Autumn DIY - Velvet Belt Summer moved on but beautiful and gold autumn is just behind the doors. So it’s time for new clothes and simple but stylish accessories like velvet belt. I found inspiration at Burberry a/w 2012 show. Perfect belt is not only for dresses and skirts but also for trench coats. Soft and very girlish with simple bow will add an extra sophisticated touch to every outfit. To make a belt You will need: - elastic band (4cm x ) - brown velvet ( x ) - needle - thread - scissors - clasp (hook and eye) - press stud Cut long piece of velvet then turn right side to the right side and sew them together. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Now You can create perfect bow. Thaaa daaa...! Perfect for the dress and for trench coat. Enjoy! Maria

Crafts: Marvelous Grapefruit Sugar Scrub This is decidedly the best scrub I have ever made and it's just three ingredients needed. It's the perfect thing to cosset your skin with after the harshness of winter. The citrus scent will raise your spirits and have you in a spring state of mind in no time. Ingredients 1cup fine sugar- to exfoliate and as a natural humectant3/4 cup Macadamia Nut Oil - comparable to natural oil produced by your skin, great moisturizer1/2 cup dried course ground grapefruit peel - to exfoliate and aromatherapy calming & invigorating First peel 2 medium grapefruits. Then snip the peels into thin strands. Bake in the oven at 150 degrees for 30 minutes. Place in blender on grate setting if possible, about 60 seconds should get you about 1/2 cup of coarse ground peel. Now thoroughly mix the sugar and peel... Slowly pour in the oil and mix very well. It feels like heaven and leaves your skin revitalized and silken.

Double Wrap Bracelet If you read here often, you know my affinity for bracelets. I have been on a bit of a jewelry-withdrawal lately, so I figured I was due for a new bracelet. ;) This is a fun one just in time to go with your holiday sparkles because it has a bit of shine. I got most of my supplies from (They have some amazing sales coming up this weekend - I blogged about them here!) What you will need: Hemp or Cotton twine – I used a black waxed linenBeads you love – I used not quite 2 strands of 6x8mm silver crystal rondelle beadsNeedle and threadButton for your closureScissorsOptional but helpful – clipboard to hold your bracelet while you work. Cut 48″ of cord. Double your cord. Now, secure your cord somehow. To add your first bead, begin moving to the right – go over the left strand, and thread on a bead. Now, work in the other direction, moving left. Just continue this motion. At some point (or 2 or 3 points), you will run out of thread. Continue on! Then, knot it underneath.

Homemade Non-Toxic Liquid Hand Soap I have something to say. Commercial non-toxic liquid hand soap is way, way too expensive. Since switching over all of our household products to chemical free varieties, purchasing liquid hand soap is something that always makes me choke. We need easy access to soap at our sinks, but good grief all the options I found to order were crazy expensive -like around $5.00 for 12 ounces. Shame on them. Do you know how much it cost me to make an entire gallon of non-toxic, all natural, organic liquid hand soap? This may have been one of the easiest items I’ve ever made. Because of this, I plan to get on a soap box (ha!) Other recipes I’ve seen call for several ingredients I didn’t feel safe to use. Homemade Non-Toxic Liquid Hand Soap 4 ounce bar of natural soap (I used a bar of coconut oil soap from Tropical Traditions. First, heat the water in a pot, just long enough to steam: In the meantime, grate your bar of soap. Take the steaming water off the heat. Like, only $3.50 for a gallon.

How to Make a Belt from a Scarf I know we say it all the time, but you can make almost anything out of a scarf. Everything from a baby sling, to a shirt, to curtains, to art, and even camera straps — scarves can do it all. A while back, the girls in the scarf office saw a scarf belt over on Anthropologie and we knew we had to make a DIY version of our own. Supplies: - A skinny scarf — I used this leopard print skinny scarf - Scissors - Sewing machine or needle and thread - Fabric, leather, or an old belt buckle - A clasp if you do not use a belt buckle (Like the one in photo) - Fabric interfacing (Or any stiff fabric) - Iron - Pins Step 1: The first thing you need to do is take your skinny scarf and wrap it around your waist to measure and get the size of your belt. Step 2: Cut out your neon fabric in the shape in the photo. Step 3: If you use a clasp like the one we did, you can just wrap the long, sewn-up end of the neon fabric piece around the clasp and stitch it into place. Voila!

diy: Braided Bead Necklace I couldn't have predicted so many jewelry posts. What can I say? I get on kicks. I saw a necklace like this in a store but it was shorter and the braid contained different kinds of beads. I wanted it longer with one type of bead. An amount of beads, it's hard to say how many, I used about 4 more beads than this jar holds. Next, take two strands of beads and thread the two threads through one bead tip. Repeat for each pair and then repeat on the opposite end, making sure to get the knot as close to the bead tip as possible. Clamp three of the ends to one large jump ring. The braiding part is a little tricky if you don't secure your beads strands to something. *Finally, the note about the clasp.