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By Kirtaner - December 18, 2013 at 1:41 pm I’m happy to announce that we’ve deployed new tech to halt the chronic spam problem we’ve been experiencing over the last year. It’s now successfully blocking 100% of automated spam! There may still be a few bugs remaining, so if you’re experiencing issues posting, there’s instructions in the potential error messages to get your problem sorted out. We’ve managed to do this without resorting to an experience-ruining Captcha, which is really why it took so long to come up with a solution. A hearty middle finger to China!

Related:  imageboardimageboards/chansChanBoards 7chan Cannabis (drug) Cannabis is often consumed for its psychoactive and physiological effects, which can include heightened mood or euphoria, relaxation,[10] and an increase in appetite.[11] Unwanted side-effects can sometimes include a decrease in short-term memory, dry mouth, impaired motor skills, reddening of the eyes,[10] and feelings of paranoia or anxiety.[12] Effects Main short-term physical effects of cannabis A 2013 literature review said that exposure to marijuana had biologically-based physical, mental, behavioral and social health consequences and was "associated with diseases of the liver (particularly with co-existing hepatitis C), lungs, heart, and vasculature".[21] The medicinal value of cannabis is disputed.

Internet total verrückt: Die lustigsten Memes im Netz - Bilder Was sind Memes? Der Begriff leitet sich vom griechischen "Mimene" ("etwas Nachgemachtes") ab. Laut Wikipedia ist das Mem eine Gedankeneinheit, die sich durch Kommunikation ihrer Träger vervielfältigt. Ein Mem stellt ein Set von Informationen, Ideen und Haltungen dar, welches an Menschen übertragen und von diesen verinnerlicht und weitergegeben wird.

4chon Cannabis foods Various cannabis foods on display in Amsterdam Nomenclature[edit] There are many different names and slang terms for the recipes. Prefixes such as edibles, hash, cannabis, weed, space, cosmic, freaky, magic, special, enhanced, medicated, fabricated, buffed, stimulated, stimmed, superskunk, spiked, evolved, fortified are added to the name of the food that they are prepared with: "hash cakes," "special brownies" etc. Ingredients and effects[edit]

Mem In beiden Fällen sind bei der Weitergabe Veränderungen möglich und der Einfluss der Umwelt kann eine Verstärkung oder Unterdrückung der weiteren Verbreitung bewirken. Laut Csíkszentmihályi wird ein Mem geboren, „wenn das menschliche Nervensystem auf eine Erfahrung reagiert“.[1] Als Memetik wird das daraus abgeleitete Prinzip der Informationsweitergabe bezeichnet.[3][4] Das Mem findet seinen Niederschlag in der „Memvorlage“ (im Gehirn oder einem anderen Speichermedium) und der „Memausführung“ (zum Beispiel Kommunikation). Die Vernetzung von einander bedingenden Memen wurde von Dawkins zunächst als „koadaptiver Mem-Komplex“ („coadapted meme complex“) bezeichnet, was später zum Kunstwort Memplex zusammengezogen wurde.[5][6]

Marijuana Growing Guide Free Library Marijuana Growing Guide Free Library helps everyone learn how to grow marijuana plant hydroponics. Welcome, the spirit is to help medicinal cannabis patients and horticulturalists grow the most potent marijuana plants legally possible. Growing marijuana indoors in your own space, greenhouse or outdoor garden is not overly difficult but attention to detail is needed. Cheezburger Sites - Make the Internets a funnier place. How WeedMaps Makes More Than $400,000 a Month For most of the U.S., marijuana is an illicit pleasure. But in some states--California, Colorado, and Washington, to name a few--it's a legal vice, provided you have a medical marijuana card. The marijuana network can be daunting for the uninitiated, with offerings like Blue Dream, Strawberry Cough, and Green Crack on dispensary menus. How are patients supposed to navigate?

Browse Cannabis Enhancing plant South African Bushmen have been chewing kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) for hundreds of years to reduce stress, relieve hunger and elevate their moods. Now there are plans to market the exotic plant worldwide as a new over-the-counter drug, according to The first license ever issued to market kanna was given to the South African company HGH Pharmaceutical, who intend to sell it as a dietary supplement. "We're positioning [the product] for everyday people who are having a stressful time in the office, feeling a bit of social anxiety, tension or in a low mood," said Nigel Gericke, director of research at HGH. Though the company intends to produce their kanna product in pill form, the plant is traditionally chewed, smoked or made into a tea. When it is consumed, users are said to receive a head rush similar to the effect of smoking a cigarette, but without the risk of chemical addiction or health concerns.

Drink Marijuana Tea for a healthy heart Tea is a popular drink, and it can soothe the soul, help you sleep, and some kinds of tea are even good for a healthy heart. The popularity of tea has really risen over the last decade or so, with a lot of people choosing to drink it over things like soda, juice, or coffee. Many people may not realize that there is such a thing called marijuana tea. It is made from, you guessed it, marijuana!

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