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Inbound Marketing Community - Hacker News for Marketers
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The rise of omni-channel retail: definition and 5 tips | Tips & practices | Blogs | Selligent | Interactive Marketing Solutions | Marketing software Consumers increasingly embrace digital technologies and devices in all stages of their buying journey. Digital is integrated with off-line shopping behaviour and retailers are being advised they should look at omni-channel retailing. In his recent blog post on Econsultancy, Darren Hitchcock defines omni-channel retailing as "an integrated sales experience that melds the advantages of physical stores with the information-rich experience of online shopping". While omni-channel retailing is still relatively new for most retailers, it gets more attention as consumer behaviour keeps changing and retailers gain a single customer view, integrating customer and shopping data with behavioural profiling, preferences, etc. There are many tactics and ways to provide a more integrated shopping experience. 5 omni-channel retailing trends and ideas 1) Making use of social media Peer-to-peer communication is one of the most effective ways to sell something. 2) Integrating customer reviews

How to make your link building profitable Wil Reynolds told us at MozCon that we as SEOs are the ‘ugly fish of marketing’. The room laughed as we mocked those fancy traditional marketers… Wil likened us SEOs to those fish that eat shit off the bottom of the tank all day and still thrive.. The fact remains though that traditional marketers are eating our lunches and laughing at us ‘SEOs’ because we are perhaps not really doing ourselves any favours. Before you stop reading… this post isn’t another one that harps on about ditching SEO as a job title for “inbound” or “content marketing”. But, I digress. My aim with this post is to illustrate potential ways to make your link building more profitable. #1 – Be realistic but consider the bigger picture I hate pie in the sky blog posts – the ones that you can get drunk on the kool-aid of a fancy technique and then as soon as you finish reading you just alt tab back to the spreadsheet window you had open to carry on sifting through guest blogging opportunities. I want to be realistic.

Sharing Buttons & Analytics by AddShoppers This free plugin installs smart social sharing buttons that allow your visitors to easily share content on your WordPress site. These sharing buttons are tied to powerful analytics that allow you to track sharing activity and identify the influencers that are sending you traffic. The most popular social networks are included: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Wanelo, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Polyvore, and Kaboodle. NEW! Increase Traffic & Recover Lost Sales With New Retargeting Apps Win back customers that abandon your site with our brand new Social Retargeting and Facebook Retargeting apps (average ROI of 426%!). Smart Social Apps For Your WordPress Site powers the apps installed by this plugin. Social Login Our plugin integrates social login into WordPress, making it super easy for your visitors to register and login to your site! Increase User Engagement & Traffic Enable sharing through the most popular social networks and watch the increased sharing and traffic!

YouScan - Блог Inside Search SWOT Analysis for Ecommerce Companies How to conduct a SWOT analysis — strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats — is something many MBA students learn. Unfortunately, businesses frequently treat SWOT analysis like geometry — one of those things you have to learn but will never use again. But SWOT analysis offers a concrete, real-world audit of a company and a scan of its relative standing within an industry. While strengths and weaknesses are internal, they are measured on a comparative benchmark. Opportunities and threats are external — your opportunity is usually at the expense of another company in your industry. The Basics The objectives of a SWOT analysis are to build on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. A SWOT analysis takes a good deal of time. Ecommerce merchants should compare their businesses against both other online sellers and brick-and-mortar retailers. Markets change quickly and competitors may neutralize what was once an opportunity. Strengths What makes your business unique? Opportunities

One Race, Every Medalist Ever - Interactive Graphic Sources: "The Complete Book of the Olympics" by David Wallechinsky and Jaime Loucky, International Olympic Committee; Amateur Athletic Assocation; Photographs: Chang W. Lee/The New York Times, Getty Images, International Olympic Committee By KEVIN QUEALY and GRAHAM ROBERTS Usain Bolt vs. 116 years of Olympic sprinters Based on the athletes’ average speeds, if every Olympic medalist raced each other, Usain Bolt (the London version) would win, with a wide distribution of Olympians behind him. Below, where each sprinter would be when Bolt finishes his race. Usain Bolt2012 Meters behind 2012 Bolt Medals by country This chart includes medals for the United States and Australia in the "Intermediary" Games of 1906, which the I.O.C. does not formally recognize. Notable winners of the 100-meter sprint Archie Hahn United States The “Milwaukee Meteor” also won the 50-meter dash and the 200-meter dash in 1904. Jesse Owens Jim Hines Carl Lewis

Aiuto! La rete vendita pensa che i contatti “inbound” siano una rottura! Credo di aver avuto questa conversazione almeno 50 volte all’anno: “Mark, noi amiamo l’ “inbound marketing”. Abbiamo completamente ristrutturato il nostro marketing per allinearlo al modo in cui i potenziali clienti acquistano e stiamo ricevendo un numero di contatti 10 volte superiore al passato. E’ fantastico, ma la mia rete vendita non fa altro che lamentarsi di questi contatti. Dicono che rompono! "Pubblichiamo un articolo scrittto da Mark Roberge di HubSpot e gentilmente tradotto da Maria Angela Martoriello di Rossato Group". Ecco quello che succede: il vostro venditore tipo ha affinato per anni, se non per decenni, le sue abilità nell’attirare contatti “outbound”. I “problemi” che la vostra rete vendita sottolinea sono in realtà soltanto segni che evidenziano il modo in cui i contatti “inbound” agiscono, pensano e chiudono affari a differenza dei contatti “outbound”. Suggerimento #1: Non acquistare una lista di aziende nel tuo mercato target. Suggerimento #2: Non chiamare “in alto”

Link Building Resources - A Curated List Never again will you have to point an SEO newbie to multiple pages on the Web to learn link building. Just point them here, tell them to read up, and they’ll be an expert in no time (OK, maybe not an expert, but they’ll know a ton more). Like my link building strategies post, this is a work in progress, and the reason I made it is because there isn’t any definitive list of link building resources on the Web that can stand the test of time. I’m here to change that. Link Building Blogs There are a few outstanding link building blogs that regularly publish great content. Outside of these, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journal, Distilled, Wordstream,, Hobo Web, and Wordtracker all provide link building content, but not exclusively like the majority of the blogs listed above. Link Building for Beginners After spending hours upon hours searching for the best link building content for beginners, I only feel comfortable recommending these three. Link Building Tools

How To Make Your Clients Love You What does it take to be a great SEO? In these days where we’re told ‘SEO is dead’ and in difficult times where various nasty zoo animals from Google seem out to ruin our clients’ search rankings and traffic, what do we need to get ahead? Well certainly there’s a whole range of knowledge and skills we need in order to get results – on-page, off-page, technical, the list goes on. Often overlooked though are the ‘soft’ skills that we need to get things happening and to manage our clients and keep them happy punters. At the other end of that report that’s sent or the successes/failures that we achieve though, is a client and a business. A couple of the clients I’ve been dealing with recently are very small businesses and are completely reliant on income generated online. Client relationship managing is important whatever scale company you’re dealing with; I do feel however that it’s particularly important when dealing with very small businesses. Shiny Happy People Communication Explain Wrap Up