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The Unspoken Education Conflict About Soft Skills with Infographic There are two major approaches in education. Both are stressed as foundational to the success of students now in school and later in their chosen futures. Chances are you have encountered them both and that your school places them as a priority, but rarely positions them together. I’m talking about the Data & Soft Skills. Want to listen to the article? Listen While You Plan If you’ve spent any time in education then you are familiar with the push for data-driven results and the increased attention on soft skills. Both of these approaches are fuel for intensive professional development, staff meetings, and learning communities. However, they are rarely broached in the same conversations. The reason? Let’s dig in, shall we? The drive for data in education is flanked by the support of stakeholders and teachers, both wanting to use data to create and validate the success of schools. Education has stakeholders, be that taxpayers, parents, administrators, etc. There is a mixed message here.

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