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Rosa Menkman

Rosa Menkman
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Anonymous Paintings Turn Copyrighted Paintings From Google Art Project Into Abstract 3D Compositions It seems that Google will stop at nothing to digitize the world into virtual landscapes, from the streets near your home to the Amazon jungle, and even the NASA Kennedy Space Center. And, of course, the interiors of buildings don’t escape Google’s roving nine eyes. Though it’s not just any old interiors in the spotlight, but the interiors of the world’s biggest art museums housed in the Google Art Project. Google’s various eyeballs mean you can tour the world and its art museums without leaving the comfort of the glowing screen, but as with all technology—and something anyone who glanced at the now defunct The New Aesthetic Tumblr blog will know—machine vision isn’t without its errors and distortions. Screenshot from blurred artwork at MoMA The images in their series are the unrecognizable remnants of famous paintings, obscured because of copyright issues, and come from screengrabs of the virtual walkthroughs. @stewart23rd

Year of the Glitch yearoftheglitch: Hey, there! I’m teaching series of Glitch Art courses on Skillshare. Sign up for the Basic Databending class today.Use this link + code TUMBLR50 for a 50% discount on enrollment: (limited to the first 50 students)Glitch Art - Creating Design from Error: Databending Basics will show you how to use text editors and hex editors to make glitch art and then turn a series of glitched images into an animated GIF. Enrollment for my online class with Skillshare is open! "Electrifying Conductor - art doll sculpture, goth" by LindaAppleArt Copyright © 2009 Linda Apple“Electrifying Conductor”approx. 12 inches highWeird Family Series We all have a few “Skeletons” in the closet. Well, mine are not really skeletons but they are certainly in the strange and weird category.This is Alfred Dobbins (often known as AC-DC). Like Betty Bunny, he comes around at this time of the year and he is well known for his eerie sounds and haunting music created by his electric personality. AC-DC is mixed media. Tags fantasy, sculpture, goth, electrical, art doll, recycled art, music conductor desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait Wargaming Network General questions: What is Smash the Stack? The Smash the Stack Wargaming Network hosts several Wargames. A Wargame in our context can be described as an ethical hacking environment that supports the simulation of real world software vulnerability theories or concepts and allows for the legal execution of exploitation techniques. Software can be an Operating System, network protocol, or any userland application. How do I connect to the Wargames? To connect to any of the Wargames you need an ssh client (openssh, PuTTy, SecureCRT). user@box:$ ssh -l level1 -p2224 when you are prompted for the password enter "level1" without the quotes. How do I get the password for the next level? The password for each level is located in different places depending on the game, but it will be located in one of the following locations: ~/.pass ~/passwd /pass/ the MOTD will specify exactly where it is located for each game. I'm connected now what? Celebrate! Any OS will do. user@box:$ id blah

The Only Glitch Text Generator You'll Ever Need Here’s a new generator that allows you to ͋g̈l̑i͗t͓c̫h͉ ͂a͟n̪ỷ ͡t̖e᷿x̫t̳ ͮṣo͠ ͌i̬t̺ ᷅b͊e̸͖͙c͐oͪm̤e᷁sͭ ̦i̦n͎t͝r̿i̔c̞a͈ṫe͢l͝y̘ ̥f̸ục̴k͙eͩd̵ ̶w̓i̴t̘h͗ ̝ ̸̸̝u̸̸᷃n̸̸ͫt̸̸̹i̸̸ͤļ̸̸ ̸̸᷊i̸̸͚t̸̸᷈ ̸̸̇í̸̸s̸̸͈ ̸̸̧c̸̸͕o̸̸̫m̸̸̽p̸̸̮l̸̸̙ȇ̸̸t̸̸̙e̸̸ͮl̸̸᷊y̸̸͈ ̸̸̘u̸̸ͦn̸̸᷄ȑ̸̸e̸̸᷃ă̸̸d̸̸͛a̸̸̠b̸̸̝l̸̸̸e̸̸̅.̸̸̾ ̸̸͎F̶̞͉̅᷄̅᷀̅̅̒̅̈́̅̅̅U̸̖̅̇̅̈́̅̅̒̅̅̅ͦ̅͜N̅̐̅᷃̅́̅̒̅͐̅ͮ̅ͬ̅!̛̅ͩ̅̅͒̅̒̅ͥ̅̍̅͆̅ In recent years, artists such as Glitchr have helped popularize a certain style of “glitch text” that revolves around the use of combining diacritical marks. These marks are highly stackable, and stacking large numbers of them can lead to interesting/unexpected results. All glitch everything: ★ glitch text generator and text-art canvas (standard version — requires HTML5 and JavaScript) ★ touch-friendly glitch text generator (larger controls for touch & tablet devices; Chrome/Safari only) ★ slider-free glitch text generator (for Internet Explorer 10 and some older browsers) Tags: glitch, Glitch Art, Internet, text art

GIF-Industrial Complex: An Inside Look One weekend afternoon in September, Mike Konczal sat down at his computer to research a blog post. Another miserable jobs report had restarted the debate about what, if anything, the Federal Reserve should do to help unemployed Americans find a job. But he knew he couldn’t do it the way the rest of the media had, a stultifying mix of acronyms and technical terms. He had an idea: You explain it with GIFs. GIFs, for the uninitiated, are animated image files that play from beginning to end, then snap back to the beginning and begin anew, ad infinitum. Konczal spent that weekend afternoon researching GIFs. What he assembled was an economic treatise unlike any other. The post, like nearly everything involving GIFs these days, proved remarkably successful. “I rarely get offers to pitch a specific story outside my narrow field of science and economics,” Konczal told me. Why GIFs, and why now? I couldn’t stop staring.

People Wire sculpture | Ayaka Ito + Randy Church People Wire sculpture is a collaboration between graphic designer and illustrator Ayaka Ito and programmer Randy Church that features, to put it simply, snapshots of shredded people. Combining each of their respective creative expertises along with a shared admiration for Rachel Ducker’s tautly wired sculptures and the defiant Flash paintings of interactive designer Erik Natzke, the two discovered a way to create an interface that integrates 3D line work into photographic compositions. Using applications like Flash and Photoshop, Ito and Church reconfigure images into interwoven portraits where the subject becomes part of the environment. Comprised of saturated strings entangled by what could have been a spontaneous breeze, each subject looks simultaneously smooth, surreal and spun. Comments are closed.

ImageMagick: Convert, Edit, Or Compose Bitmap Images The Solus Project An in-depth look at some of the new tools UE4 has to offer Veteran Unreal Engine artist Sjoerd “Hourences” De Jong recently released his first set of in-depth UE4 videos. With about 12 hours of video and downloadable example content, Sjoerd uses his latest project, Solus, to show users how to approach bigger projects in Unreal 4 and some of the various new features it has to offer. Solus Overview – Part 1 to 3 Solus Example Project Contains: My folder structure and naming conventions Some all purpose meshes and textures. The Solus Project in-depth Using the modular and easy to use modular environment assets from Solus, this video introduces you to everything you need to know to build basic environments in Unreal Engine 4. Starting from the basics, and building upon the free Solus Example project, this beginners video starts off by talking you through creating a door for Solus. Continues upon the Blueprint Introduction video.

Glitch Art Resources | Phillip Stearns This is a collection of resources I find relevant to my own creative practice concerning Glitch Art. It’s by no means complete or exhaustive, and sadly, though I am trying to include as many relevant and important figures as possible, it will be impossible for me to include them all. I will do my best to continuously update reorganize and revise this list as time goes on. Feel free to contact me regarding missing entries, questionable inclusions, or for the sake of talking about any of the items listed here. Lecture Notes STGO Makerspace – Day 1 Notes Tools Glitch Art Tutorials and File Format Resources Video “Apple Computers” by Nik Briz – PBS Off Book “Art of Glitch” – Theory / Writings (Glitch and Related Media Art Topics) Criticism Cathryn Ploehn “Not So GIFted” – Community Stuff Artists (Glitch and Related): Textiles + Glitches/Electronics: Tumblr: Glitch Music Further Reading Like this: Like Loading...