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Trade The following is a list of online and real world businesses that currently accept Bitcoin. If you are looking for only real world commerce, see here New service providers are very much appreciated as they help establish the currency! Note: it still remains up to you to decide whether you trust the service provider or not. Products or services illegal in US or Japan are not fit to be listed here - such links will be removed immediately. Cite error: <ref> tags exist, but no <references/> tag was found Digital Dosh - Digital Currency - Buy Sell Trade Mine Bitcoin, Primecoin, Litecoin, Namecoin - Buy Bitcoins Locally How to Use Buffers in Node.js - Why Buffers? Pure javascript, while great with unicode-encoded strings, does not handle straight binary data very well. This is fine on the browser, where most data is in the form of strings. However, node.js servers have to also deal with TCP streams and reading and writing to the filesystem, both which make it necessary to deal with purely binary streams of data. One way to handle this problem is to just use strings anyway, which is exactly what Node.js did at first. Don't use binary strings. What Are Buffers? Buffers are instances of the Buffer class in node, which is designed to handle raw binary data. Where You See Buffers: In the wild, buffers are usually seen in the context of binary data coming from streams, such as fs.createReadStream. Usage: Creating Buffers: There are a few ways to create new buffers: var buffer = new Buffer(8); This buffer is uninitialized and contains 8 bytes. var buffer = new Buffer([ 8, 6, 7, 5, 3, 0, 9]); This initializes the buffer to the contents of this array.

Майнинг Litecoin В данной статье мы рассмотрим тему майнинга Litecoin. Для начала нам нужен Litecoin кошелёк в который мы будем переводить намайненые монеты. Идём по ссылке на официальную страницу разработки проекта и скачиваем клиент в удобном для нас виде. Пока идёт синхронизация - давайте ознакомимся с самим майнингом. Посмотреть ориентировочную скорость своего процессора или видеокарты при майнинге Litecoin можно в этой таблице. В данном случае нам нужна программа Minerd, для этого переходим по ссылке и скачиваем еe. Список пулов, поддерживающих лайткоин, можно найти в этой таблице, мы рассмотрим майнинг на примере пула Регистрируемся: Заметьте, здесь нужно указать пин-код который будет нужен для изменения настроек и вывода монет на кошелёк. Также здесь можно посмотреть краткую статистику по воркерам: После регистрации нам нужно запустить майнер. minerd.exe --url --threads=N --userpass Username.1:pass Когда намайнили достаточно, можно вывести монеты на кошелёк:

Presentation Software | Interactive Presentation Apps | FlowVella CoinBr Invest your hard earned bitcoins and use the most advanced bitcoin futures platform now. offers you 24-hour easy and affordable access to the Bitcoin stock exchange. Check out the screenshots yourself. Register here and fund the account with at least 0.1 BTC to activate it. Fees All MPEx fees are already included. Referral program You can get your invitation code or referral URL after you deposit at least 0.1 BTC - check your profile page. Disclaimer Service is under active development and there are no guarantees except our best effort. Want to cooperate? We offer licensing the code and consultancy/development for mutual benefit of both CoinBr and your project.

Sidechains And Lightning, The New New Bitcoin The great thing about Bitcoin, for a tech columnist like me, is that it’s simultaneously over-the-top cinematic and technically dense. Richard Branson recently hosted a “Blockchain Summit” at his private Caribbean island. There’s a Bitcoin Jet. At the same time, 2015 has seen the release of a whole slew of technically gnarly–and technically fascinating–proposals built atop the Bitcoin blockchain. In case you’ve been living in a Faraday cage: a blockchain is a distributed peer-to-peer ledger system, (generally) safeguarded by cryptographic proof-of-work, initially devised by a mysterious entity called Satoshi Nakamoto … who released Bitcoin, the world’s first blockchain network/protocol/application/currency, in 2009. To most people, Bitcoin itself is already deeply esoteric (and many still find it risible.) Sidechains Elements Alpha The distributed Bitcoin mining network performs quadrillions of calculations every second that maintain the integrity of its blockchain. The Lightning Network

Light Table by Chris Granger Kickstarter Collections Projects We Love Trending Nearly Funded Just Launched Everything Categories On Our Radar LiteCoin Annotary | Highlight and Annotate Web Pages, Share Notes, Research Smarter PRODUCT Functions The reliability of the Bitcoin system is assured primarily by encryption. The system's main vulnerability is the Bitcoin wallet, created as a file on the computer. If a hacker (or a computer virus) gains access to the computer and can read this file, he (it) will be able to transfer all the money to his (its) anonymous account where it will be nearly impossible to find. It will also be impossible to prove to anyone that you did not voluntarily transfer the money to your own anonymous account. Our Bitcoincard, a stand-alone device that in effect acts as an electronic wallet, can be used to hide the wallet in a safe place (outside the computer, making it inaccessible to hackers). It is worth noting in this regard that: In essence, Bitcoincards are Bitcoin clients and support the following operations: Gateways Bitcoincards only interact with the outside world (the Bitcoin system) through the radio. Any number of gateways and servers can co-exist in the system. Tech specs Proprietary

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