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iPhone 4S - Ask Siri to help you get things done.

iPhone 4S - Ask Siri to help you get things done.
Know the score. Ask Siri for baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer scores as well as schedules, rosters, and stats. Choose a movie. Ask Siri to get showtimes, buy tickets from Fandango, look up movie facts, play trailers, show you reviews, and more. Find a restaurant. Ask Siri to search by different criteria or a combination. Post to Facebook. Ask Siri to update your Facebook status and post a comment. Send a tweet. Twitter integration means you can ask Siri to tweet for you. Launch an app. With iOS 7, you can ask Siri to open apps. Set reminders. Tell Siri what you need to do. Send a text. Say who it’s for and how the message should read, and Siri writes and sends your text. Check the weather. Siri gives you the forecast for where you are or for anywhere you’re curious about. Find information. Ask Siri almost anything and it finds the answer using sources like Yelp and WolframAlpha. Schedule meetings. Say who, what, where, and when. Send an email. Ask Siri to write and send email.

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iOS 9 reveals Apple’s bold, beautiful anti-web vision Apple’s iOS 9 is here! In case you hadn’t heard. (Spoiler: yes, you should download it. Get the Dropbox iPhone app Sorry, there was a problem loading this page. Bring your files with you when you're on the goAdd files to your Favorites for fast, offline viewingEasily upload photos and videos to DropboxShare freely with friends and family Download for iPhone

Touchscreen Braille Writer Lets the Blind Type on a Tablet One group of people has traditionally been left out of our modern tablet revolution: the visually impaired. Our slick, button-less touchscreens are essentially useless to those who rely on touch to navigate around a computer interface, unless voice-control features are built in to the device and its OS. But a Stanford team of three has helped change that.

See the Stanford Libraries' Island in Second Life Virtual worlds, most particularly Second Life, are being used by academics worldwide for collaboration, research and education. Stanford University Libraries' Second Life island provides a new way to make the Libraries' unique collections more accessible, and also provides a set of tools to support the teaching, learning, and research needs of many different members of the Stanford community. Researchers - explore the use of virtual worlds to visualize information in new and unique ways. Faculty - hold classes and meet with students or colleagues who are not physically able to come to campus. Students - collaborate with classmates, experiment with virtual environments, and meet to discuss projects without leaving their dorms.

Apple iOS 9.2 review - all the new features One of the best things about owning an Apple product is that you get free upgrades to the latest operating system for years to come. So, with iOS 9, which is available now, you can get it for products as old as the iPhone 4S and iPad 2; of course, it's available for the newer handsets, too. Not all features are available on all phones, although the bottom of Apple's iOS 9 page explains everything. As with all operating systems, iOS is really a work in progress, with regular updates released throughout the year, building to the next version of the OS, iOS 10. Most recently, it was the launch of iOS 9.2, which introduces several bug fixes, including fixing the issue where mail attachments appear over text and where updating iOS can prevent an alarm going off. There's also the same raft of improvements to the OS.

Florida End of Course Assessment Algebra Looking for the 2015 FSA Algebra 1 EOC? Head over here! Do you put the fun in functions, or is rational the last thing you feel when you encounter a rational expression? technology - electronic aerosol technology : TTP Destined to replace traditional aerosol and trigger-spray technologies in consumer, drug delivery and pharmaceutical applications, TTP’s patented TouchSpray™ technology uses a low-cost microdevice to generate precisely controlled droplets from bulk liquids without the use of propellants. Innovative aerosol products will be packaged in compact new shapes and sizes thanks to the highly adaptable TouchSpray™ technology, which enables efficient delivery of concentrated liquids and suspensions from an un-pressurised reservoir. Electronic control provides precise and consistent droplet size and creates a spray plume with a flexible format, making the technology suitable for a wide variety of applications. It has already been proven in the medical sector for nebulisers.

Why learn German? - Why study German? - 12 Reasons to learn German - Warum Deutsch lernen? 12 great reasons why you should start learning German today So you already have some perfectly good reasons for learning German ... Maybe you want to be able to communicate with relatives, or to travel to Germany during your summer break, or prepare yourself for study in a German-speaking country. Maybe a German exchange student sparked your interest, or you have a friend who recommended it, or you just like the way the language sounds. Just in case you need some reassurance in your decision or the final push toward taking the plunge, here are 12 more solid reasons why learning German may be a good choice for you. If you first need to be convinced that you should learn a language, then read why everyone should learn a language.

iOS 9.2 on iPhone 6 Plus: Impressions and Performance The iOS 9.2 update arrived this week to deliver a series of bug fixes and new features to the iPhone 6 Plus and other Apple devices. Now that the iPhone 6 Plus is well over a year old, owners often switch from an install without a worry attitude to doing more research before upgrading. Join us for a look at the iPhone 6 Plus iOS 9.2 performance and what owners need to know about using this on this iPhone specifically. Similar to the iOS 9.1 update that arrived in October, iOS 9.2 is a substantial upgrade with new features and bug fixes for the year-old iPhone. This includes fixes for iOS 9 problems and support for using Siri in Arabic language.

Microactuator A microactuator is a microscopic servomechanism that supplies and transmits a measured amount of energy for the operation of another mechanism or system. As a general actuator, following standards have to be met. Large travelHigh precisionFast switchingLow power consumptionPower free force sustainability For microactuator, there are two in addition Principle of microactuators[edit]

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