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iPhone4 vs HTC Evo

iPhone4 vs HTC Evo
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Homeland Season 5 Finale Review: To Have and To Have Lost - Homeland Community Homeland S05E12: "A False Glimmer" For the second season in a row, Homeland came into a season finale with a load of momentum, only to subvert expectations by concentrating far more on Carrie and her relationships. Last December, it was all about Carrie's sudden road trip to meet her mother (and to a lesser extent, the dissolution of her relationship with Saul). This year, having been through the proverbial ringer yet again, Carrie reconsidered just about everything in her life—where she's been, what she's given up, and how little she's actually gained. Based on the reaction to last season's finale, I'm suspecting "A False Glimmer" will be similarly divisive, but I'm growing fond of a Homeland that turns its final episodes of the year into a referendum of all things Mathison. Of course, to get there, Homeland had to handle the pressing matter of a sarin gas terror attack, and oh boy did it. Or did she? That wasn't the only offer. To this proposition, Carrie couldn't say much.

Grimm Fall Finale Review: This Means War - Grimm Community Grimm Fall Finale Review: This Means War Grimm S05E06: "Wesen Nacht" Can we keep up this pattern of not sucking when you return in 2016, Grimm? I would love it so much because I missed this. I missed watching an episode and not wondering where my life went so wrong for its duration. I missed Monroesalie being perfect. And that ending! How did Meisner's people bring her back though? After getting burned all season long, though, I'm worried that we're going to get the old bait and switch if we return to Grimm with so much faith in it's ability to be good again. So here's the deets: pretty much everything in history that ever happened happened because of Wesen in-fighting. However, if Wesen are actually the majority, then their entire experience looks much different. – Rosalie. – LOL @ Adalind pumping Trubel for information about if her boo, Meisner, was thinking about her while running a top secret Wesen anti-terrorism task force. – "Should I take off my gun?"

Is Jack White the Last True Rock Star? She worked behind enemy lines—and was captured by the Soviets. But the U.S. government never properly credited her full credit for her heroism. After seven decades, that may be about to change. Cpt. Stephanie Czech arrived at the U.S. embassy in Berlin wearing civilian clothes, as always, and delivered the report she’d been carrying to the intelligence section. The war may have ended, but Czech was still working, undercover. Berlin was not her home base. The OSS, the precursor to the contemporary CIA, was America’s first central intelligence service, and only three years old. Czech, a Cornell graduate and the child of immigrants, who spoke Polish fluently, was a natural candidate for the budding spy service. Czech roamed the Polish countryside, spying on Soviet troop movements and gathering information on their own intelligence services. The thirty-year old captain blend easily into Polish society. “I don’t want to carry that stuff!” But there was no one else going to Warsaw.

Community School Reunion 2016 | Peatix Santa and the 'Shrooms: The Real Story Behind the "Design" of Santa Most people think of Santa Claus and the cheery red and white we decorate with at Christmas as little more than lighthearted fun and pretty colors. But the real story behind that Christmas look that takes over the Western world at this time of year is a bit… shall we say, darker. Or at least way, way more tripped-out. Read on to find out about the psychedelic and mystical roots of the Santa Claus myth and the traditional Christmas decorating scheme! When we think of Christmas in the United States, we invariably think of Santa Claus — a man in a red suit and pointy hat with white furry trim and tall black boots, and his accessories, a bag of goodies in a sleigh pulled through the sky by a team of eight flying reindeer. And it’s a clear case of the clothes making the man, for a Santa in any other outfit would most definitely not still be Santa. But when you think about it, it’s a pretty special outfit, no? But how would he get into a yurt whose door was blocked by several feet of snow?

Scott Weiland: 'This Is My Life, a Cautionary Tale. Maybe Somebody Can Learn from It.' I went through, like, a million different detoxes. I don't know how many times. I lost count. Every time we would go on tour, I would kick. Every time. I'd check into the place for a week to get cleaned up, a private hospital or facility. You want to kick. I have this dark place. I know where it comes from. The first tour I ever did strung out was to support my solo album in 1998. Copping in a strange city—partly it's an adventure, but mostly it's just, I don't know, very expensive, very problematic, nerve-racking. Probably the worst place was Washington, D.C. Dude, I fucking ran. After a probation violation in '99, I was sentenced to a year in a county-jail recovery center in East L.A. I was in over Christmas. So I taught these guys a bunch of Christmas carols with harmonies and everything. Mary and I officially got engaged from jail. After I was released, we got married. Having children showed me a whole different kind of love that I had never known. It took a year.

Download 30GB of lost cassettes from the 80s underground deliver a windfall of lost music. If you’re looking for a good way to spend the rest of your week, has unearthed a gigantic collection of cassettes from the mid-80 into the mid-90s. According to their notes, the 30GB collection was saved from the archives of and donated by former CKLN-FM radio host Myke Dyer in August 2009. Due to its size and obscurity, the collection hasn’t been properly notated but is said to include cassettes ranging from “tape experimentation, industrial, avant-garde, indie, rock, DIY, subvertainment and auto-hypnotic materials”. Head to Archive now to download the free collection. [via Electronic Beats] We’re still going through Archive’s insane collection of in-store background music, the essential Attention Kmart Shoppers.

From the Archive: Philip Levine Letter In this 1966 letter from our archive, Philip Levine writes to Elizabeth Kray, the first executive director of the Academy of American Poets, from his then-home in Barcelona about his biography—though he dismisses his life as “boring” and “superbly uneventful.” Ironically, Levine—in both his life and work—was anything but boring. As he shares with Kray, Levine had a working-class upbringing during which he took several industrial jobs and read and wrote poems in his off hours. Levine’s poetry, known for its staunch attention to narrative and frank, character-driven examinations of work, class struggles, politics, and masculinity, draws upon these experiences. Though they draw upon the ordinary occurrences of his everyday life, Levine’s poetry often spotlights the extraordinary in his examinations of his youth and hometown. see more photographs and ephemera from the archive

LOUDER THAN GOD: Blurt’s Concert Memories When have you gotten your mind blown by a band? What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve ever witnessed at a concert? Did you ever get to see a group early on before anyone realized they would one day be superstars? From the Editor: The inspiration for this article was a series of three decades’ worth of remembrances that veteran Austin-based journalist Michael Corcoran published at all last month, SXSW: 30 Years. Corcoran wound up publishing one of yours truly’s musical memories, about the time at SXSW in 2007 when I walked into a venue to see a local Austin act, Future Clouds & Radar, which was Robert Harrison’s (of Cotton Mather fame) new orchestral pop project, and exited sufficiently shattered and gingerly holding my jaw from it scraping the floor during the set. Several of our contributors combed their memory banks for some remarkably stand-out moments, while others stuck with the SXSW theme. MICHAEL TOLAND, Austin, Texas Regrets, I Have a Few: Paul Westerberg. BARRY ST.

Pagan Goddess of the Sibyl and Cybele Oracle Vortices Notes by MaatRaAh High Priest of The Goddesses The priestesses of The Great Pagan Goddess Cybele (Kybele - cave dweller) would, through a transformation by the Greeks, be confused with and eventually known as the Sibyls. The Great Goddess of Asia Minor is the oldest true Goddess known, predating the Goddesses of the Sumerian and Egyptians by at least 5,000 years. While there have been Goddess figurines found which date to 30,000 years ago, they come to us without knowledge of their origin or character of the Goddess they represent. A figurine found at Çatal Hüyük, dating to 8,000 year ago, depicts the Mother Goddess squatting in the process of giving birth while flanked by two leopards. A transformation of sounds, which may well have been Sybele that early in history, appears two thousand years later in Sumer as Siburi, the Divine Barmaid who held the keys to descent into the underworld. "Can this be Dionysus? Originally only priestesses officiated before Cybele.

The White Stuff: A Timeline of Almost Every Jack White Gimmick Jack White's Third Man Records just released a three-song 7" record by Butthole Surfers frontman Gibby Haynes. But this isn't your average Butthole Surfers Valentine's Day comeback single—true to White's penchant for all things absurdly quaint, the record is printed on old medical X-rays. Everyone's favorite color-conscious rock legend may be musically minimalist, but the guy sure does pull out all the stops when it comes to merchandise. Stereogum recently detailed some of the most bizarre of White collectibles, but they missed a few (or a few dozen). We dove in and put together a timeline of all the strange knick-knacks White has concocted over the last 17 years--everything from blood-flecked business cards to the elusive Inchophone, a mini record player that spins three inch vinyl. Jack and Meg's Michigan state marriage license 1996 — Jack Gillis and Meg White get legally married. 1997 — Jack launches Third Man Upholstery with the slogan, “Your Furniture Is Not Dead.” Holga Jack (via)

Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) | Health Parameters Research The Laying-on-of-Hands Affects the Energy Flows of the Body Introduction – The Body has an Unseen Energetic Field The energy fields around the body (called the ‘biofield’) affect our health and have long been unappreciated in western medicine. Unseen energetic flows circulate around and through the body providing energy needed by our internal organs. In 1994, the National Institutes of Health established the term ‘biofield’, calling it an ensemble or matrix of different energies that extend outward from the body. The biofield is comprised of many energies associated with the life process itself. It is also important to know that human tissue is like a liquid crystal whose functioning depends on its composition as well as the energetic fields in which it resides. Can we access and improve distorted/stagnated/interrupted energy flows? Enter the ancient art of Jin Shin Jyutsu translated ‘The Creator’s Art through Compassionate Man’. A short descriptive video by a practitioner is given here. 1.