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10 Important Questions To Ask Before Using iPads in Class

10 Important Questions To Ask Before Using iPads in Class
Digital Tools Teaching Strategies Lenny Gonzales By Terry Heick When it comes to deciding how or whether to use iPads, schools typically focus on budget issues, apps, networking logistics, check-in and check-out procedures, school and district tech-use policies, hardware precautions, and aspects of classroom management. But it’s also important to think about instructional use, and to that end, consider the following questions. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Also worth considering: How can parents, families, and local businesses be involved in procuring, managing, or integrating iPads in the classroom? These kinds of questions can help you get the most out of the iPad’s use in your classroom. This post originally appeared on TeachThought, where Terry Heick is the director of curriculum. Related Explore: iPad, Mobile Learning Related:  Teacher InfoIPAD

The Paperless Classroom New York, NY — Many tasks that used to require pen and paper are done in digital form these days. To-do lists are entered in mobile phones, e-tickets replace paper slips, personal finances are sorted on laptops and tablets. One New York City teacher is on a quest to rid her classroom of paper – thousands of pieces per year – and she’s doing it with new devices and the adoption of an education-based, social media platform. Rachel Fein, a ninth-grade social studies teacher at the High School for Arts, Imagination and Inquiry in Manhattan, convinced officials there to purchase nearly three dozen devices that enable students to get and complete assignments without touching a pencil or paper. She says it wasn’t easy and took some convincing, but this week her students unboxed 34 Google Chromebooks. A combination of the Chromebooks and Edmodo, a social learning network for teachers and students, will replace older technology and thousands of printed pages per month, Fein said.

Tablet First, Mobile Second. Editor’s note: Tadhg Kelly is a game designer with 20 years experience. He is the creator of leading game design blog What Games Are, and consults for many companies on game design and development. You can follow him on Twitter here. For the past six months I have owned the epitome of geek chic: an iPad 3 with a Logitech Ultrathin. Its appearance on a table in a conference would spark conversations. Seamless keyboard and touch-screen interaction has been a part of my workflow for a while (to the point that I now hate using laptops), but for most people tablets have basically been content devices. This perception of what tablets are used for also affects how game developers approach them. So what they tend to do is create mobile version first and then embiggen them for tablet. A tablet is not a stretched-out mobile device. Tablets do not have the same problems of thumb occlusion as mobiles. The fluidity of interaction with a tablet is also different to mobile.

The iPad – What it should and shouldn’t be for Education This blog originally started as a reflection journal as I begun a pilot program for using iPads at my school. My early posts ( check January and February posts ) were discussions of the pros and cons of iPads. As the year has gone by and I have more time to research, read other iPad articles and experiment more with apps and with the students using them more frequently, I’ve had time to reflect on what iPads are offering schools. I’m not going to debate what model of iPad program to commit to – 1:1 or shared. I’m simply going to concentrate on what I think schools should consider before committing to iPads at all. What you should use iPads for in schools Multimedia content creation I am so sick of the tech press misrepresenting the iPad purely as a content consumption device and complaining that it is not for content creation. Portable, anywhere, interactive collaborative learning The beauty of the iPad is its portability and use anywhere capability. Other But what do you think?

Is Content Creation the Next Wave of Mobile Learning? Students use their mobile devices to access course websites, syllabi, and learning management systems. They also check their grades, register for courses, and purchase textbooks. Oh, and they read, watch YouTube videos, listen to music and play Angry Birds. What they don’t do — at least, not yet — is create content. On mobile devices, the scale is decidedly tipped in favor of content consumption. And yet, in a world that is both more mobile and more creative than ever, it follows that the next wave of mobile learning — or, #mlearning if you follow the trend on Twitter — is content creation. Why use Mobile Devices to Create Content? To John Neff, staff development specialist at Moraine Valley Community College in Palos Hills, Illinois, it’s because mobile devices open up a whole new way of learning for students who have grown up with them and will continue to use them in some form for the rest of their lives. How to Find the Right Apps for Content Creation Some Things to Think About BYOD vs.

What Students Can Actually DO With An iPad Online, in workshops, and even with friends, I frequently get asked What can the iPad actually do? as a sort of challenge to the worth of the device. I would rather that they ask, What can you actually do with an iPad? So last week, in preparing for the New England Reading Association Conference and the NYSCATE Mobile Learning Summit , I decided to change my approach. However, before addressing that question, I asked not only WHY iPads but WHY Technology ? I want my students to communicate in complex and modern ways. What does this tangibly look like in the classroom? I want my students to demonstrate their knowledge of the parts of a story. Learning Objectives: In addition to learning the story elements, students learn… To write a constructive review To assess the credibility of an author or source To create a sense of visual hierarchy for their information To document their sources Project: Book Posters – students create a movie-style poster to advertise their book.

Long Island University has deployed 16,000 iPads, with more on the way Long Island University in New York has deployed at least 16,000 iPads to its students, with more on the way, according to George Baroudi, CIO, vice president of IT and chief business process improvement officer at the school. He said more than 3,000 will be arriving soon. About 275 IT managers attend to what is probably one of the largest deployments of tablets at a university in the world. “We have dealt with it and dealt with it successfully,” Baroudi said. A little more than two years, the university had yet to buy a tablet. Long Island University considered purchasing either Lenovo netbooks or iPads for the students. The university, with a total of 27,000 students started rolling out the iPads and they proved to be a big hit. “’Me too. Students have to repair their own devices, he explained, during his presentation at the CITE conference in New York earlier today. What software do students appear to be using?

9 Surprising Ways Schools Are Using iPads Around The World 10 Ways To Become A Better Online Learner 6.54K Views 0 Likes There are some quick and easy ways to become a better online learner. Whether you're taking a class or just researching, here are the DOs and DON'Ts. The 11 Best Online Colleges By Category 2.70K Views 0 Likes What are the best online colleges for each discipline? The 5 Biggest Myths About Online Learning 3.11K Views 0 Likes Online learning can carry a stigma. Mobile Learning: Resource Roundup From smartphones and tablets, to MP3 players and e-readers, today's students have a variety of mobile technologies at their fingertips. Here's a look at some mobile learning resources from Edutopia and around the Web. Join the Conversation about Mobile Learning Mobile Devices for Learning: What You Need to Know Our newest classroom guide offers tips for getting kids engaged with learning, focused on working smarter, and ready for the future. This Edutopia guide is sponsored by Google, provider of Google Apps for Education. Edutopia's Mobile Classroom Pinboard on Pinterest 50+ additional mobile resources -- what you need to know about BYOD, 1:1 programs, education apps, mobile devices and more. Mobile Learning Discussions in our Groups: Back to Top Cell Phones: Classroom Tool or Invasive Nuisance? Is the Cell Phone the New Pencil? Books of the Future -- Kindles, Nooks and other E-Readers Swipe, Tap, Flick and . . . Bringing iPads and Apps into Lesson Plans Using MP3 Players to Engage Students

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