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Detta var egentligen tänkt som julklapp till L, men den hann inte bli färdig. Men nu är den äntligen klar! En aktivitetstavla med massor av knappar, bultar, beslag och roliga delar. L har redan bra finmotorik, och nu kan han träna ännu mer på att öppna och stänga, skruva och pricka rätt. Skivan är en 20 mm byggplywood, som är bra att skruva i, den är lackad en gång. An activityboard for L that did not get ready for Christmas, but now it is! The board is 20 mm cheap plywood, and the fittings are found in the stash, or bought at the hardware store, the onoff switches came from a electronic store. Related:  Activités pour ÉmileCrafts

Rag Quilt Letters & Numbers Tutorial These have become an instant hit in our house! My daughter just hasn’t stopped playing with them (she’s really getting into learning her abc’s and all now). And, my husband like that these don’t hurt his feet like the wooden alphabet blocks she normally will have scattered all around the house. I have many ideas for rag letters in the future. I am going to make a Merry Christmas banner with them for sure and maybe a Happy Birthday one. What you need:-Letters to trace (Pattern Here Available for Download Now) (Made with batting in middle) Lower Case Pattern Now Available Here to Download! (Made with felt in middle) And lastly, the numbers pattern is available as well. (Made with interfacing in middle) -Scrap Fabrics for front -Fabric for back (I used vintage chenille) -Quilt batting (I used felt on the lower case letters to make it more stiff and interfacing on the numbers.) -Fabric pen -Sewing machine, scissors, etc. 1. 2. 3. 4. 6. 8.

Arts and crafts Best Play Dough Ever Homemade playdough – If ever there was a quintessential DIY this is it! Parents and children have been happily cooking up this stuff at home for decades. Today our newest contributor Kaley is sharing her favorite play dough recipe using another kid classic: Jell-O (because it just wouldn’t be an MPMK post without some sort of twist). I think you’re going to love this recipe. Kaley promises it comes out silky smooth and I could practically smell the fruity scents wafting form my computer as I read her post. What kid doesn’t love play dough? It’s super easy, inexpensive, and a perfect project for the kids to help with. You will need: white flour – 1 cupwarm water – 1 cupsalt – 2 tbspcream of tartar – 2 tbspcooking oil – 2 tbspJello – 1 3oz pack Click through for full instructions. Mix all of the ingredients together in a small saucepan. Even though it makes for a longer process and a lot more clean up, let the little ones do the measuring and mixing. This recipe makes a lot of play dough.

Alphabet board This is what I have come up with since our fridge isn't magnetic. The kids LOVE IT! (yes, my kids are naked AGAIN). I got an alphabet poster for a teaching store and used rubber cement to paste it to the metal. The oil pan had a grease coating on it which came off with SimpleGreen. Katherine cleaning Easy and fun DIY Aren't we always looking for a creative way to work on shapes and letters? I know I am! A little while ago I made my daughter this activity box and she fell in love with it. So I made one for her friend who is also working on letters and shapes these days. Excuse the iPhone pic. In the photo above is a cute little pencil box that I decorated with stickers. Open it up and.... there are around 15 - 20 craft sticks in assorted colors. I placed Velcro circles at the end of each stick, on both sides. The sticks can be arranged to make letters... and shapes.... Such a simple concept, yet a great deal of fun. This idea was shared with me back in 2007 by the amazing Miss Gene. Happy Playing & Exploring! Please note (as stated in my disclaimer) that all activities on this blog are intended to be executed under adult supervision. We linked up with

Pregnancy, Baby and Parenting blog by Hellobee Dinosaur eggs erupting bath fun Jake and Cate have really been into the dinosaur play, so I made them a fun erupting dinosaur bath for them to play in. I put together some dinosaur eggs with dinosaurs in them for them to erupt in the bath along with some volcano play. You can also do this fun activity in a Dinosaur sensory bin as well. Materials: Baking soda Hair conditioner( you can also just use a small amount of water to get it damp as well) Instant coffee (dry) Vinegar Small dinosaurs How to make dinosaur eggs: Mix 2 cups baking soda, 1/4 cup of hair conditioner or 2 teaspoons of water, and 1/2 cup of dry instant coffee. The dinosaur feet are cut out of craft foam. Use vinegar to make the eggs and volcano erupt. You can see after they played the water looked like swamp water. We haven't done a lot of messy baths cause the kids have sensitive skin, but they had a lot of fun with this bath. While they were playing I read a couple of our favorite dinosaur books as well.

Sticky Window Art The other night I saw these two great activities while Blog hopping (Time For Play and Mom Tried It) and my brain kind of mashed them both together and we ended up with this sticky window activity (sorry to put 'mashed' and 'brain' in the same sentence but it's an accurate description, trust me).I was pretty sure Bubble would be into it but I didnt anticipate how much. She was still playing with it for almost an hour after I'd lost interest and wandered away, and made me promise about a thousand times (I wish I was exaggerating!) before she went to bed that I wouldn't take it down. I think I'll leave it up until the sticky is gone because there are countless possibilities with this activity. * clear contact* scissors* sticky tape* a window* anything you like to decorate with(we used coloured matchsticks, bottle tops and pattypans) Cut a large square of clear contact and tape it to your window with the sticky side out. An aeroplane. Bubble sticking on a pattypan sun. A windmill.

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